When Michael Jordan BULLIED Larry Bird and Instantly REGRETTED IT

  • Published on: 22 May 2021
  • When College Michael Jordan BULLIED Larry Bird and REGRETTED IT
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  • Donald Mclaughlin
    Donald Mclaughlin   1 days ago

    The Pistons didn't shake hands because the officials called every game unwinnable. It was the biggest robbery in all of sports!

  • Mirko Antezana
    Mirko Antezana   2 days ago

    Numbers/points of Jordan and BIRD in that game Will show BIRD dominante that game.

  • EzMoney95
    EzMoney95   3 days ago

    Stupidest title ever you know Mike beat the shit out of them and bobby knight called MJ the best player he ever saw

  • DJ Rashad Hayes
    DJ Rashad Hayes   6 days ago

    What are u talkin about? Lol he scored 63 on the man. He didnt regret anything lol.

  • nicolas ocampo
    nicolas ocampo   1 weeks ago

    Larry is so underrated. So sad that whenever the conversation of all time greatest basketball players comes up, the name Larry Bird is rarely mentioned. Most of the time, he even lands OUT of the Top 5 or even out of the Top 10. The guy played awesome basketball with a bad back, bone spurs on his feet, crooked fingers because of a farm injury and the least bit of athleticism and still had a successful career.

  • NiteMare50
    NiteMare50   1 weeks ago

    My favorite Larry story is him telling everyone in the media & his teammates. "Since this is the last game of this road trip I'm gonna play it left handed." & went out & got 47 pts ALL WITH HIS LEFT HAND!!

  • Mark Simko
    Mark Simko   1 weeks ago

    Larry Bird was a talented basketball player - achieving much with limited athleticism. (Three NBA Championships). Bill Russell was the most dominant basketball player, and sports figure, in history. Two National Championships at the University of San Francisco, a final four Most Valuable Player award, an Olympic Gold Medal, 11 NBA Championships in 13 years, 8 successive NBA Championships (IN A ROW), 5 NBA regular-season MVP awards, and several NBA Finals MVP Awards. No professional sports player has achieved Bill Russell's level of success.

  • Travis Seals
    Travis Seals   1 weeks ago

    Bird was the GREATEST basketball player ever. Black Jesus even bowed down to him. Not on purpose but it HAPPENED.✌️

  • James 77
    James 77   1 weeks ago

    Magic bested Bird in the NCAA final and MBA finals. MJ was with Chicago Bulls nobodies. Bird was surrounded by hall of famers at Celtics. This is a team game idiot!

  • Joel Spaulding
    Joel Spaulding   1 weeks ago

    Sorry, Larry was NEVER bullied...by anyone. People may have talked smack and most regretted it, usually in the same game.

  • Joshua Pearson
    Joshua Pearson   1 weeks ago

    Micheal was great before the bulls became greater..the other players were a bonus they helped each other out as a team

  • pauls931
    pauls931   1 weeks ago

    Old enough to remember. Jordan was awesome from the get go. The problem is that was all and the Bulls would lose. It wasn't until Phil Jackson and Tex Winters were together with the Bulls that they made the team a winner. This happened well into Larry Bird's career where his back problems held him back... And the Celtics were already on the decline.

  • Larry Wheat
    Larry Wheat   1 weeks ago

    It was beautiful thing to see MJ fly. Thanks for a closer look. Don't care who wins, I love to see greatness.

  • Wayne Marvin
    Wayne Marvin   1 weeks ago

    Did this guy call Michael Jordan a "psychopath"? (12:29) That's a strong accusation. And uncalled for. Does he know what a psychopath is?

  • williamchick
    williamchick   1 weeks ago

    Larry was insulted when a white guy covered him. He knew he would embarrass whatever white guy tried

  • John Mackens
    John Mackens   1 weeks ago

    The thing about the Bulls beating the Lakers in the playoffs, Magic was beyond his prime. Why is Magic never considered in the GOAT debates? Magic did everything, and played every position. He belongs right up there in the discussion with MJ, Kobe, Bird, LeBron, Kareem, etc...

  • Rich Max
    Rich Max   1 weeks ago

    Bird is the only guy I know who played an entire game left handed, scored about 40, then was quoted after being asked why he used his off hand "I am saving my right hand for the Lakers".

  • Kolo Loko
    Kolo Loko   1 weeks ago

    Basketball was a white people's game which then dominated by black people. Just like rock music that came from black people's music and then dominated by white people.

  • Rice Fitzgerald
    Rice Fitzgerald   2 weeks ago

    Kobe, jordan, bird, olajuwan, pippen thats my legendary 5 and my 6th man is manu ginobli lets get it on

  • Joel Luongo
    Joel Luongo   2 weeks ago

    Well, I don't get.. how you say Jordan bested everyone except Bird. Jordan has six rings.. Bird has three rings.

  • J T
    J T   3 weeks ago

    The so called goat from so many people couldn't beat Bird in the playoffs and had an overall losing record against bird and where people say Jordan did things that Bird did not there's also things Bird did that Jordan did not

  • cowpoke02
    cowpoke02   3 weeks ago

    Forget that Bostons new rookie was Jordan's kryptonite . but he died luckily ... bigger long armed strong athletic man ... would gave old celtics rest and defense and offense... that guy don't die and Jordan has a equal competing for rings his entire career ...

  • Travis Bickle
    Travis Bickle   3 weeks ago

    As cold blooded a shooter Bird was he said his shot was never the same after he broke a knuckle on the index finger of his shooting hand in high school permanently deforming the finger and altering his shot.

  • Neon Peon
    Neon Peon   3 weeks ago

    Bird and Jordan view the game the same way. For those guys it's not about liking or hating people. That doesn't even factor into their list of priorities. To them, It's completely irrelevant weather or not someone likes them. That's why they got mutual respect for each other.

    SAN KANG   3 weeks ago

    I think Larry bird is better than LeBron James

  • Larz
    Larz   3 weeks ago

    That lay-up from Larry Legend at the 8:47 mark of video really sums up Larry Legends craftiness in his style of play. Damn I wish we could see Larry Legend Shoot without hand-checks,

  • Josh Hayes
    Josh Hayes   1 months ago

    There's a reason he's called Larry Legend!!! He's tha G.O.A.T imo...

    DAVE FOX   1 months ago

    You sure dragged out that video