SEXY BEASTS - The Dating Show From My Nightmares

  • Published on: 30 July 2021
  • *weird rhino noises*

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  • Runtime : 13:37
  • Elvis the Alien ElvistheAlien satire sexy beasts sexybeasts dating show dating netflix netflix dating show


  • Hashtag Tess
    Hashtag Tess   2 days ago

    me crying CRYING because you did the dolphins smile

  • Doc Doctor
    Doc Doctor   1 weeks ago

    it's just human-actor Fantastic Mr. Fox

  • chi
    chi   2 weeks ago

    i love the panda tho shes so cute

  • candlefox99
    candlefox99   2 weeks ago

    dude i wasn't expecting the oooos at 5:31 and I'm wearing headphones i nearly pissed my pants

  • FabulousJekster
    FabulousJekster   2 weeks ago

    Please watch killer mosquitos (2018) and make a video about it

  • philly D Myers
    philly D Myers   2 weeks ago

    Oh my God the memes that become of this I can't wait to look up some of the sexy beast memes

  • Fox Foxx
    Fox Foxx   3 weeks ago

    I thought the mouse was a womenz...

  • Able
    Able   3 weeks ago

    You did gloss over that the Panda girl was obsessed with getting a baby in her the next day, tin man was smart to get voted off early. Like I want kids too but damn, she was so scary about it XD

  • Gina Tembo
    Gina Tembo   3 weeks ago

    I had two brain cells allocated for today. They just tragically died.

  • Andrew
    Andrew   3 weeks ago

    Ngl I was crying with laughter with the beaver episode

  • milk man
    milk man   3 weeks ago

    My favorite animal is milk man

  • Laben Venci
    Laben Venci   3 weeks ago

    I can see this as a big idea to revolutionize the dating show genre. Sorta have them look adorable and like cute animals but their all normal looking underneath, sorta don't judge looks concept. The most normal looking / less hottest one is under the cutest animal suit. Like the guy praying for her to be hot, give him a smack and make her just a normal looking girl and make you wanna just laugh at the guy's reaction. Rather then having these guys sorta fight for hot girls, just make it where you see them get to know eachother and develop through the episode together, where their look doesn't matter and they seem like decent people.

  • Emil P.
    Emil P.   3 weeks ago

    That "witch" costume is completely out of hand, it's literally a racially insensitive depiction of a Roma (or traveler), just look at the head dress.

  • Aurawarrior 13
    Aurawarrior 13   3 weeks ago

    So it's basically just a dating show for furries

  • Intermezzo
    Intermezzo   3 weeks ago

    So the producers of Blind Date saw The Masked Singer?

  • Honey
    Honey   3 weeks ago

    What witch made those creatures?!

  • Scrappy Doo
    Scrappy Doo   4 weeks ago

    I was going to watch the show because I was hoping the fact that nobody was going to be a stuck up people who only care about the looks, Boy was I completely wrong.

  • neon lion
    neon lion   1 months ago

    10:15 i'll have you know that a male chicken is called a COCK just saying he was done the dirtiest

  • Nuzhar Nur
    Nuzhar Nur   1 months ago

    Dude just how many patreons do you have to warrant that long an ending?

  • Samuel.
    Samuel.   1 months ago

    10:40 Elvis? You got anything you wanna say about that? Any interesting searches?

  • Asmurfoncrack
    Asmurfoncrack   1 months ago

    There’s too much shit on them. They can’t fucking see out the sides of their eyes. They don’t even want to be around anymore. I didn’t like the show but I thought it was interesting.

  • DiamondBoardingYT
    DiamondBoardingYT   1 months ago

    2:23 sounds like it should be followed up with elephant noises and a laugh-track.

  • KougaTintinFan
    KougaTintinFan   1 months ago

    You didn't show what that zombie girl looks like a without a mask. How dare you?

  • One cybertronian person

    There better be an episode where Slipknot members go on a date wearing the masks lol

  • I watch Cringe
    I watch Cringe   1 months ago

    Ass face is gonna be really relatable if i was a woman i would love the ass face