What Your Fortnite Skin Says Of You..

  • Published on: 21 February 2021
  • What Your Fortnite Skin Says About You.. This #Fortnite video contains Fortnite skins, sweaty Fortnite skins and tryhard Fortnite skins! Subscribe for more #Bancily content!

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  • Runtime : 8:58
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  • Bancily
    Bancily   1 weeks ago

    What's your main skin? 'll tell you what it says about you if it wasn't on the list.

  • Carter Hudson
    Carter Hudson   22 minuts ago

    YOU LEFT OUT GINGY BOIO, also I only have the default and auroa skin on your list I dont like auroa but i got gifted so ye... Ive pretty much got gifted everything i have besides season 9 battlepass i got that one my self

  • GamingwithJP Gg
    GamingwithJP Gg   45 minuts ago

    My friend the dummy me the Manic and my brother The whole white super hero

  • Nikk King
    Nikk King   7 hours ago

    I'm literally scarlet commander. All my friends say I have crazy aim and I always want to win. My edits and builds are fairly decent so I win in most fights

  • pbc hype
    pbc hype   10 hours ago

    I’m the soccer one but I don’t play as much as I used to once you have played for 4 years than you would understand of not playing for a while and plus the game is becoming worse that bringing stuff we didn’t want but just pretend to be happy

  • FaZe_ mmf
    FaZe_ mmf   13 hours ago

    And purple skull that’s my main skin what’s that?

  • AgentWuT
    AgentWuT   17 hours ago

    I'm not into anime in factI never even watched a single anime series

  • 3Ree
    3Ree   20 hours ago

    I mean, ive watched it 5:53

  • Phasma FN
    Phasma FN   20 hours ago

    Anyone i see wearing the new soccer skin is ass

  • LJS0607
    LJS0607   21 hours ago

    dude the aura skin is such an accurate description of me Ive change by binds 10 times

  • Efficient
    Efficient   22 hours ago

    Wow the master chief one is exactly me it literally felt like you were just talking about me 😂

  • mr. me
    mr. me   1 days ago

    0:44 you earned a sub with the jojos bizarre adventure yuda yuda2:25 did u hack me cuz that's me

  • Hendrik Veeris
    Hendrik Veeris   1 days ago

    Yo im scarlet commander i have god aim on controlla but i do quad edits aswell. Those who didnt ask just dont read this okay?

  • Xqezv
    Xqezv   1 days ago

    Bancily: Travis Scott Mongraal: I feel a disturbance in the force

  • E25N
    E25N   1 days ago

    omg i love halo and i wear master chief constantly, and that is the perfect discription. I am actually better at warzone haha

  • Five_Skates
    Five_Skates   1 days ago

    mine is terminator because i’ve known terminator predator, alien for a very long time so yea

  • XRival
    XRival   1 days ago

    I just wear peely because it makes everyone start playing like I'm a bot

  • Damien Vargas
    Damien Vargas   1 days ago

    why was number 34 so on point he just said everything i did

  • wnnalis cioov
    wnnalis cioov   1 days ago

    not me scrolling through the whole video to see if my skin is in there

  • Koax K
    Koax K   1 days ago

    But what about nog ops?

  • BeanieBoi
    BeanieBoi   1 days ago

    for ikonik its not the only exclusive I have but the only one I wear. And my friends don't care about the skins I have

  • Watergoblin Is sus
    Watergoblin Is sus   1 days ago

    Wow scarlet comander but not scarlet defender? Dang bruh thats sad

  • Watergoblin Is sus
    Watergoblin Is sus   1 days ago

    I love anime but the anime bitch skin is the worst skin get it out of the game pls

  • VissionFN
    VissionFN   1 days ago


  • Dark k
    Dark k   1 days ago

    When I had my switch I was the best out of my friends using dark bomber. Now that it broke I was forced to switch to mobile and suck so I rock the brite bomber now

  • Corpse Husband
    Corpse Husband   1 days ago

    Honestly i play the OG default because it remineds me of the good old days of fortnite

  • FBI
    FBI   1 days ago

    What about my main it’s doggo lol and a lot of people are surprised I place in competitive