THUNDER FORCE - The Worst Superhero Movie

  • Published on: 16 April 2021
  • Thunder Farce

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  • Runtime : 11:59
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  • The Lovely Monster
    The Lovely Monster   2 hours ago

    One of the things that really made me scream at this movie was that psychopaths can't actually fall in love. So the whole crab and hammer thing is bullshit. It sounds silly but was one of the many nails in the coffin.

  • Christiaan Wertz
    Christiaan Wertz   2 days ago

    There's a better Thunder Force, its an old Shoot em' up which swears for you when you die.

  • Thrasher1293
    Thrasher1293   2 days ago

    Its annoying me shes wearing a slayer t shirt

  • George
    George   3 days ago

    So, did a worst movie come out in 2021? I need answers

  • Josomez
    Josomez   4 days ago

    Ye the biggest piece of comedy potential was to give the most absurd powers to the characters but nope. Really speaks to the creativity

  • Summer Springs
    Summer Springs   6 days ago

    Every YouTube review I have seen about this movie seem to be 100% better than the movie itself. If you haven't watched the movie yet please don't, it's an absolute waste of time and I regret watching it

  • jack taipen
    jack taipen   2 weeks ago

    ok, the plot of the movie it so bad i couldn't finish this video bruh sorry

  • ThePewPewMan
    ThePewPewMan   1 months ago

    The schools have been doing it all wrong. You gotta grab a stick and point it at bullies, and they bend to your will. HOLLYWOOD.

  • GullwingYunie
    GullwingYunie   1 months ago

    I woulda forgiven the entire movie if crabman wooped when he left the room sideways, Such a wasted gag ;3

  • Lorenzo Prejimmy
    Lorenzo Prejimmy   1 months ago

    So it is The Boys if that was a failed attempt at comedy?

  • Chuck N
    Chuck N   1 months ago

    I laughed at the rock thing, but I think it was mostly the editing and your setup lol

  • Dan Bello
    Dan Bello   1 months ago

    ......this movie makes me want to kill over 150,000 kittens....

  • Ray is cool
    Ray is cool   1 months ago

    My mom said that it was good and I say no

  • Kyle Kyleton
    Kyle Kyleton   1 months ago

    Wow that looks like a garbage fire of a movie

  • Phil L
    Phil L   1 months ago

    Netflix continues to put out some of the worst pieces of garbage ever.

  • FabulousJekster
    FabulousJekster   1 months ago

    Please watch killer mosquitos (2018) and make a video about it

  • Mathg_fit
    Mathg_fit   1 months ago

    Feminists trying to make movies

  • Henry Lakeshaw
    Henry Lakeshaw   1 months ago

    I literally say nerd all the time because its like the least offensive insult, did they really go the "no bullying" route with the word nerd?

  • the angry movie nerd
    the angry movie nerd   2 months ago

    Pick your poison this movie or Captain Marvel did not need to exist worst superhero movie ever made even worse than Captain Marvel

  • Yeti Bauer
    Yeti Bauer   2 months ago

    Wouldn't the crabs goons be called rangoons?

  • Keon Scinist
    Keon Scinist   2 months ago

    why his crab arms red orange like it's cooked?

  • Cody Jay
    Cody Jay   2 months ago

    "i guess she really cracked his shell"... (visible pain*)

  • Terrance Hopewell
    Terrance Hopewell   2 months ago

    Octavia Spencer looked so bored in the movie. Guess she needed a check 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Phant0m Sl0th
    Phant0m Sl0th   2 months ago

    Several moments of this, legit grossed me out. Good work.

  • Terrellible.TV
    Terrellible.TV   2 months ago

    Ykno ..................Melissa McCarthy in the right light can get some 🤣 maybe it's just the makeup in this movie

  • joujou264
    joujou264   2 months ago

    Poor Jason Bateman being exposed to Melissa McCarthy. Whatever he was paid for acting out a romance with her, it wasn't enough.

  • OliTheNorthMan
    OliTheNorthMan   2 months ago

    Just when i thought i couldn't hate Melissa McCarthy more i watch this...the woman is worse than amy schumer they think they're funny but they're actually the complete opposite. most obnoxious comedy

  • Angry the Clown
    Angry the Clown   2 months ago

    The Queen of eating food and falling down does it again! And I thank her. The more she does it, the less roles she'll get until she's fully typecast in a role more narrow than Adam West got and actual funny actresses get a chance she'd have otherwise robbed them of.

  • Nova Leader
    Nova Leader   2 months ago

    fun fact, an explosion underwater, if you are also underwater, would absolutely kill the shit out of you even more so than a explosion on land, dont go bomb diving kids

  • Nova Leader
    Nova Leader   2 months ago

    I really feel like some of these movies scripts are done by a machine learning program that poorly analysis trends and pop culture

  • Forgie Dusker
    Forgie Dusker   2 months ago

    the idea of only bad people getting supernatural abilities is pretty cool, and considering this movie came out after a book series did it much better, i'm a little disappointed. The Reckoners trilogy if anyone's wondering. it's a YA novel, so it's got the usual tropes, but i think the visuals would make it a good movie if ever.