College Football "Rare" Moments

  • Published on: 11 June 2021
  • A compilation of moments that rarely occur in College Football Games. This includes events such as wacky plays, weird penalties, and many other random things that rarely occur. Some of these moments have occured multiple times, but overall they are very rare. Let me know if there are any plays that you believe I left out. Enjoy!

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

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  • Runtime : 16:29
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  • PSC Highlights
    PSC Highlights   4 months ago

    If you want to cringe watch 4:38 😬😬Edit: Just uploaded part 2! Just uploaded a third part!!

  • Jason Roddick
    Jason Roddick   9 hours ago

    Look closely at ball 1:40 in AZ vs Wash game.. That ball hits the ground and kicks up the rubber. Should have been called incomplete pass. Great video

  • carre jarod
    carre jarod   13 hours ago

    Unc Charlotte had illegal jerseys vs app state in 2020 and were never called for it... it’s so unusual that the refs didn’t know to call it.

  • Fear_Inoculum
    Fear_Inoculum   1 days ago

    As an Ole Miss fan, I'll have nightmares of that 4th and 25 for the rest of my life.

  • matthew campbell
    matthew campbell   2 days ago

    I have never heard of a one point scoring possibility. I didnt know one existed

  • Cordele
    Cordele   2 days ago

    13:02 both defenders leading with their heads, poor coaching.

  • coned
    coned   2 days ago

    1:40 pretty clearly hit the ground and not a foot.

  • __ HJG__
    __ HJG__   3 days ago

    2:58 is interesting... the following play of 3rd-and-goal from the -5 was way more interesting...

  • BiggJern
    BiggJern   3 days ago

    8:12 that was so wholesome! Even the crowd cheered haha!

  • Leafy
    Leafy   3 days ago

    Louisiana Tech has a 93 yard 3 and goal after that....

  • Padraig Murphy
    Padraig Murphy   5 days ago

    I would say Owen Wilson announcing the Delaware Villanova game is indeed pretty rare

  • Mike Maurer
    Mike Maurer   5 days ago

    7:19 wow 21 points in 25 seconds, world record right there

  • Jon Lohrenz
    Jon Lohrenz   5 days ago

    How about Nebraska Missouri 1997? Matt Davidson catching the touchdown off his teammate’s foot. It was either to force overtime or for the final touchdown in overtime.

  • Ed Niklas
    Ed Niklas   5 days ago

    Should end with "the band is on the field" play.

  • Will Wiegelman
    Will Wiegelman   5 days ago

    16:00 a moment of silence for our man who got boomsticked while not sure what was going on

  • c200d45e95
    c200d45e95   5 days ago

    3rd and goal from your own 7. LOVE IT!!

  • Darmok
    Darmok   5 days ago

    10:54 Best TD pass I have ever seen. Lots of great highlights here. Illegal jerseys--the #'s are clearly outlined. 6:50 How about illegal uniforms.

  • AzariahWolf
    AzariahWolf   6 days ago

    2:26 is a fantastic job by the official. "Folks, you probably haven't heard this one before!"

  • Cordele
    Cordele   6 days ago

    11:58 - forget about the idiot that was running the wrong way, what about the blockers from his own team blocking for him, and the other idiots that tried to tackle him.

  • Michael Benedict
    Michael Benedict   1 weeks ago

    Bruh really made Duke winning a football game a "rare moment" 💀💀💀

  • Emmanel Williams
    Emmanel Williams   1 weeks ago

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  • Kevin Bucher
    Kevin Bucher   1 weeks ago

    @2:58 why try so hard LA Tech? Save yourself for the next game

  • ChungWei Wang
    ChungWei Wang   1 weeks ago

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  • T
    T   1 weeks ago

    No matter how many times a coach tells his players to jump on a loose ball it’s in one ear and out the other…🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • White
    White   1 weeks ago

    oo what a time it was being a Badger. Only if we could play like that every year. Fuck I watched them lose two or three rose bowls in a course of what half a decade. Well deserved win for them nbs.

  • Pheonix 2
    Pheonix 2   1 weeks ago

    The one where it was deflected off of the guys foot. You can clearly see dirt / rubber material being knocked up off the ground. Non interception.

  • mwm48
    mwm48   1 weeks ago

    They are required to have contrasting colors for their uniform numbers…but that blue ass grass is perfectly ok? 🤔

  • Teddiursa92
    Teddiursa92   1 weeks ago

    they didn't show the ending to the MSU UofM game from 2015. shame