3 Hours of Dark Folk - Shamanic - Norse Music by Munknörr

  • Published on: 03 February 2021
  • Three hours of Atmospheric Dark Folk - Shamanic - Norse Music.
    Join us in this musical journey to ancient times ♪♪


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    00:00 Deyja
    06:48 Ansuz
    13:00 Ostara
    18:13 Nátta
    25:28 Fylgja
    32:01 Uruz
    38:24 Odin
    42:22 Andleg Umbreyiting
    46:48 Sigel
    53:02 Vindferð
    58:57 Teiwaz
    1:05:13 The Gods
    1:09:30 Völva
    1:13:36 Vinland
    1:19:30 Cernunnos

    1:24:15 Andi
    1:31:56 Heidimdomr
    1:35:46 Eihwaz
    1:42:05 Spyrja
    1:46:59 Eldr
    1:50:57 Amarok
    1:55:09 Perth (Ft Sigurboði Grétarsson)
    2:01:18 Heimdallr
    2:07:38 Laguz
    2:13:53 Jötunheim
    2:18:04 Thurisaz
    2:21:58 Ekthyrnir
    2:27:16 Othila
    2:31:52 Einherjer

    2:34:41 Raido
    2:38:47 Nauthiz
    2:46:07 Isa
    2:53:03 Dagaz
    2:57:52 Hagalaz

    Thank you for the listening! If you like my music please subscribe to my channel for more! I really appreciate all of you for listening, sharing, commenting and rating. Composed and produced by Damián Schneider Music usage info: You can use my music freely for Non Commercial and Non Profit videos, games, etc. as long as you give me visible credit as the composer and add a link to my Youtube channel. For commercial purposes: Please direct any business related offer to: [email protected]

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  • Runtime : 3:2:38
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  • Jayne Fleming
    Jayne Fleming   1 weeks ago

    interesting music, seems to transcend cultures. Norse happens to be my own, but I hear native American in it and I see others from around the world relate. Gorgeous, lush, transporting. wonderful. Keep up the good work.

  • Bazooka Llama Productions

    always love this music, black metal and norse/pagan folk are my favorite genres...its just a pity that theyre also favored by neo nazis, making it very difficult to find new music in the genres 😂severely disappointed to lose behemoth, saor, etc, (behemoths members all played in neo nazi bands, and the writer for saors songs wrote the lyrics "white wolves fighting for blood, fighting for soil" 🙄

  • Grateful Acres
    Grateful Acres   2 weeks ago

    Just wondering why is this described as dark music?

  • randy nachtegaal
    randy nachtegaal   4 weeks ago

    This is amazing but i need more could u do a 10hr one so i can have this the whole day

  • Stephen Bouw
    Stephen Bouw   1 months ago

    A shadow crawls under the forest floorIn the stillness of shadow creates a formFrom dust and Ash arises the ship of my vesselCreated in the skin of Mistress LevaCovering the cry of my war drumsThe clouds of assention formThe dark thunderstorm of Ug and OgMagnaton from Father ValtanDraws my MuHammad uponThe anvil of RasheedAs I forge the instrument ofThe voice of DestruUpon the wind cries Mary DaVitaFor my hammer of creationWith the force of the Dome of the Rock of YeshuaI refine silver with in the realm of DungaleeFor I am the Seventh Son with seven Sons of destructionI bring the fusion of the horn of ValcaryUpon the Asgard to destroy AvalonIn ValhallaWear I reside forevermore©®™

  • Jan Michael
    Jan Michael   1 months ago

    Where exactly can I find this picture?

  • Michelle Bruton
    Michelle Bruton   1 months ago

    Love Love Love !!! Thank you Munknörr. This music calls to my Nordic and Pagan ancestory. I absolutely love the chanting and heavy drumming and the combination of African American, Nordic and Celtic sound is brilliantly done, it blends and flows so effortlessly. This is what Mother Earth sounds like. I will definitely be playing this with my next Shamanic Journey and my daily sunset rituals 💚💚

  • Miles Bowman
    Miles Bowman   1 months ago

    This is perfect for cuddle time with my girl on a cold and rainy day

  • Fnidner
    Fnidner   1 months ago

    think-ship? remember-ship?

  • VJ Hanson
    VJ Hanson   1 months ago

    Ya ever hate to click off? Music being phenomenal and all. Staying with what i like.

  • VJ Hanson
    VJ Hanson   1 months ago

    You have me captured. phenomenal music.

  • Eivar
    Eivar   1 months ago

    It'd be better without the vocals. The voice overpowers the mix

  • gazelle
    gazelle   1 months ago

    This is great music for my extra long yoga practises...a gorgeous bouquet of shamanistic and nomadic traditions..throat singing..steppe yodelling..Thank you!

  • Omar
    Omar   1 months ago

    Он просто бегал с криком об убийстве 2 часа, а теперь потерял работу!

  • Omar
    Omar   1 months ago

    Почему мы храним секреты? Моя жертва, чтобы защитить тех, кого мы любим!

  • Omar
    Omar   1 months ago

    Нам всем нужно иметь свои маленькие секреты .. Slavic Brotherhood, Our tribute!

  • GG7NZ
    GG7NZ   2 months ago

    Love You ... #ForReal

  • Steven Job
    Steven Job   2 months ago

    I travel to places I've never been, but know. I meet people I have never seen yet are familiar with. This is where the Music takes me

  • Lee Christiansen
    Lee Christiansen   2 months ago

    I'm Canadian and impressed, this kicks my ass what are doing to meet .this is wicked .my cats love it surrounding sound in the house,yeaaa!!!

  • Chris La
    Chris La   2 months ago

    We must return to the old ways.

  • Lee Christiansen
    Lee Christiansen   2 months ago

    My cats freak out .mega surrounding sound here , turn it loud .your animals willl love it .omg fck

  • will broad
    will broad   2 months ago

    More of an Ulf Soderberg fan (tidvatten 2) but this is amazing!

  • will broad
    will broad   2 months ago

    Absolutely bloody awesome. The first track sets the mood perfectly. Driving to work in North Sydney in overcast, pre storm weather on the Pacific hwy. I arrive pumped!

  • sapphireCOLT
    sapphireCOLT   2 months ago

    no1 music " MUNKNORR" yeah i love it ..

  • Enlightened
    Enlightened   2 months ago

    Okay so I am currently dancing in respect for our forefathers. #Let it flow.

  • HellenicPatriot
    HellenicPatriot   2 months ago

    As a Greek, I feel such a connection to my ancestors through such beautiful music like this! <3

  • Archie Brown
    Archie Brown   2 months ago

    What they should be telling is stop selling blue blood royals for a fraction of their true value something science cant prove because their is no winning in the game of thrones that belonged to the kings of the isles the true ancestors of modern human life its so far in the future their up their own arses chemical war fair will stop n listen