He Cut a $1,000 Card! #shorts

  • Published on: 03 May 2021
  • Twitch: Anthonyssenpai
  • Runtime : 39


  • Robert Barrientos
    Robert Barrientos   58 minuts ago

    You need to stop playing with yourself and go hit the gym lol

  • Lil ScratchNSniff
    Lil ScratchNSniff   1 hours ago

    Nice. I'm sure there no kids out there that would've died to have those packs. C'mon. Juat give em away, mak. Video bat it. You'll get same amount of views. Who cares 8f you're doing it for right reasons. Dudes self worth obv depends on his social blade stats *tear. Sry I just get pist bc all these adults ruining the fun of pokemon for kids n non selfish people. Like buying up all the cards. Ya. I'm fucking triggered. Idc. Go fly a kite.

  • Ingosm The Person
    Ingosm The Person   1 hours ago

    If i hear this song once more against my will i will invade russia during the winter

  • Shota Todoroki
    Shota Todoroki   1 hours ago


  • DBgetsblocks
    DBgetsblocks   2 hours ago

    So this is why I can't do my old hobbie of buying a pack after work because feins like this buying out all the packs to sell them or cut

  • DoggoShō
    DoggoShō   2 hours ago

    Your the reason store's are making the rest of have to ask for cards

  • TheMrPLewp
    TheMrPLewp   3 hours ago

    I hope pokemons were real, so that they can refuse to be around you.

  • kouha cutie
    kouha cutie   3 hours ago

    ...... i hate this man why does he keep getting rexomended to me

  • JesteR915 _
    JesteR915 _   3 hours ago

    Cutting cards in half for views while the majority of people can't even find cards. You're so cool dude 🖕

  • Fresh Ninja God / TL
    Fresh Ninja God / TL   3 hours ago

    This dude gets good pulls but the bad part is he cuts them and bend them

  • Baddie Girl Gamer
    Baddie Girl Gamer   3 hours ago


  • Ryan Ingham
    Ryan Ingham   3 hours ago

    Waste of money and pokemon cards quit being so stupid

  • fanchristpo
    fanchristpo   4 hours ago

    The Google says "why an I doing this again? "Me and others: uh we don't know because you didn't tell us

  • Bim A
    Bim A   4 hours ago

    wtf r u doing

  • btjohnns
    btjohnns   4 hours ago

    I hate this guy getting views for stupid things I hope you down voted him like me

  • Bret
    Bret   4 hours ago

    Is it just normal for Tic-Tackers to cycle between the same 3 songs?

  • warrenjohnsen124
    warrenjohnsen124   6 hours ago

    y’all are so stupid bruh 😂😂 have fun being broke at 35