How To Be A Water Influencer w/ Danny Gonzalez

  • Published on: 24 November 2021
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    Danny & Nick go back to the influencer lifestyle and try to become a Water Sommelier.

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    Intro 0:00
    Water Quiz 2:57
    Martin's TikToks 6:07
    nickisnotgaming! 7:55
    Martin's TikToks Cont. 8:46
    Martin On TV 12:49
    Interview With Martin 17:06
    Water Tasting 27:50
    Outro 38:23
  • Runtime : 39:18
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  • Martin Riese
    Martin Riese   1 weeks ago

    Thank you so much for being part of the show, had so much fun. Cheers

  • HungryHedgehog
    HungryHedgehog   4 minuts ago

    Everyone knows the best water is the tap water you drink at 2am when it's cold outside. Just hits different

  • Putnam Franklin
    Putnam Franklin   16 minuts ago

    The sound editing is off between 10 and 11 minutes in btw

    SP3CTRA   2 hours ago

    I wanted to dismiss this guy as ridiculous but he dropped some real shit.

  • special k
    special k   7 hours ago

    What’s his opinions on those filters you can buy

  • special k
    special k   7 hours ago


  • special k
    special k   7 hours ago

    Water has different flavors. I WILL die on this hill

  • Lillian McEvoy
    Lillian McEvoy   9 hours ago

    I totally thought this guy was some goofy faker until the interview! He not only knows a ton about the science and water, but I was super happy to know that he somewhat of an activist, concerned about the lack of access to clean water worldwide. I worried that he’d be so privileged and rich he would have no perspective, but he actually seems pretty damn cool.

  • Rin
    Rin   10 hours ago

    He actually had a amazing point it’s weird but I sat here and listened to the full thing I was genuinely interested in what he was saying

  • Autumn Wallace
    Autumn Wallace   11 hours ago

    I live right near Lake Superior in the states. Like I can see it from my yard. And let me tell you were water snobs. There’s so many minerals in the lake we have lots of iron ore and such. OUR WATER FROM THE TAP IS SO CRISP AND GOOD. Please look into our lake and help keep it clean!!

  • Ryan W
    Ryan W   11 hours ago

    Holy shit I'm following this guy. He's so funny in a dorky way but also genuine and extremely knowledgable

  • Smurfette_Blues
    Smurfette_Blues   11 hours ago

    I love that this is making me want to buy one of these bottles to drink with my friends for a get together. Nick, this was such a surprising and cool video!

  • thursday
    thursday   11 hours ago

    i remember when we lived in belguim my dad was super interested in water and conscious abt what he was drinking

  • ThataWhat N.
    ThataWhat N.   11 hours ago

    Man can take a joke and I appreciate that.

  • Dusty Cookies
    Dusty Cookies   12 hours ago

    My family drinks tap water and we all were occasionally sick until we switched to bottled

  • Meredith S.
    Meredith S.   13 hours ago

    I finally got around to watching this video and it was super interesting!! Loved the interview, I feel like I really learned a lot of new things

  • Reba
    Reba   14 hours ago

    makes me wanna get some buddies together and go taste water

  • J R
    J R   16 hours ago

    I was on board with this until Martin literally said "oh, and this water tastes like cum!" - the deadpan reaction from danny and nick gave me so much 2nd hand embarrassment xD

  • Paige W.
    Paige W.   19 hours ago

    Wow, I love this video, the educational info, and his passion! Thanks for taking the time to connect everything

  • Jane Meier
    Jane Meier   20 hours ago

    why is everyone ur reacting to german?? like first Jeremy fragrance now this dude...Are we a weird land??

  • miep miep
    miep miep   21 hours ago

    damn i was rlly surprised abt the direction of this video. wasnt expecting to e fasçinated

  • Fleep NA
    Fleep NA   21 hours ago

    Went in for the laughs, left learning something new

    JMATHK   1 days ago

    The interview with conan is hilarious, but only cause the title is literally just "martin"

  • Too Many Opinions
    Too Many Opinions   1 days ago

    I mean, there is some truth to the idea that water with more minerals is better for you. But this guy is over the top

  • Vanessa Vu
    Vanessa Vu   1 days ago

    I found Martin a lot more interesting than listening to people talk about wine. I don’t find what he’s saying absurd at all. Water is the most important thing we consume and yet it’s so overlooked. Hope you guys do that in person tasting some day! Awesome guy

  • carbonated cosmo
    carbonated cosmo   1 days ago

    to be completely honest, i went into this expecting you guys to make fun of martin and be like "haha what's this guy talking about lmao" but i've been pleasantly surprised! this is genuinely very fascinating and informative, i've learned a lot even though i haven't even finished the video yet!

  • io
    io   1 days ago

    I got so thirsty watching this and drank so much water just now. It's just Culligan though. Not a taste fan, just like the sensation of a waterfall in my esophagus. And knowing it isn't stagnant and full of amebas

  • Crazy Owl Girl CNCOwner

    Guys, don't drink Nestle water, they steal it from our supply here in the mountains in San Bernardino, and it's technically illegal but they get away with it by paying a small fine. So yeah

  • Gracie Jo
    Gracie Jo   1 days ago

    listen,, aquafina is superior and i can’t explain why

  • Sanguine Cynic
    Sanguine Cynic   1 days ago

    You can tell this man genuinely cares about what he's talking about. I love it. And he's absolutely right about everything he says, especially his opinion of tap water being sold in bottles. Tap water is fine if it comes from the right place, but bottling it and selling it at a "premium" price is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Your left kidney
    Your left kidney   1 days ago

    First it's duck influences and now water influences? What's next? Ceiling fan influencers?

  • Nanu Nanu
    Nanu Nanu   1 days ago

    ok but I kind of love this man

  • Jose Mena
    Jose Mena   1 days ago

    Vichy Catalan tastes like garden hose water

  • Bookwitch
    Bookwitch   1 days ago

    Danny still looks greenscreened wherever he is XD

  • princessdot
    princessdot   1 days ago

    love this video itd be interesting to do a whole series interviewing niche influencers

  • aslan
    aslan   1 days ago

    tap well water is the fucking bomb