• Published on: 24 June 2021
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  • Runtime : 16:8


  • SSundee
    SSundee   5 months ago

    Get my FOOT DRAGON! Click here to download because it's free and free is lit and dab: https://dragoncity.onelink.me/DDHl/SSundee

  • English Laboratory
    English Laboratory   12 hours ago

    Can we have the evil item imposter mod. he can make crewmates fall asleep on the bed freeze crewmates in the refrigerator toast them in the toaster and the imposter gets stronger and the crew gets weaker

    SK GOLF   16 hours ago

    Anyone notice the foot role dragon was fighting the socksfor1 dragon

  • Impasta
    Impasta   1 days ago

    And If Your Not Line?

  • Elizabeth W
    Elizabeth W   2 days ago

    I PLAY DRAGON CITY sad news i get get foot dragon

  • Donna Mostiller
    Donna Mostiller   2 days ago

    Make a Garfield one where he can scratch and send out all his minions make a video like that

  • Flaming Springtrap
    Flaming Springtrap   3 days ago

    Nope, this doesn't stop me from drinking chocolate milk(no joke is allowed with the word chocolate milk)

  • K squad
    K squad   4 days ago

    I don’t like chocolate

  • Ant Gibson
    Ant Gibson   4 days ago

    eats candy x99* sundee would get more likes* aka ein

  • James Quale
    James Quale   4 days ago

    During the Foot Role Dragon’s fight (first/ during ssunde’s voice-over) he was fighting the SocksFor1 dragon. 🕶 vs 🧦

  • Sannidhi's Gaming World

    Me:eating candySsundee:stop eating candy that kills you!Me:throughs candy in the trash

  • No Thing
    No Thing   6 days ago

    But the like button turned black

  • Core Fish
    Core Fish   6 days ago

    In This Mod The Golden Ticket Goes To Death

  • Gunk
    Gunk   1 weeks ago


  • Korbin Dallas
    Korbin Dallas   1 weeks ago

    I watched a really warm clothes it’s still scary for me

  • Laurie Varbel
    Laurie Varbel   1 weeks ago

    You should do the fat mod if you get super fat you can escape and them you basically bomb into the wall if you get too skinny you will die

  • An idiot
    An idiot   1 weeks ago

    BRO DID I HEARD SSUNDEE SAID THE F WORD? but idc I still love his videos

  • Kenlee McElheny
    Kenlee McElheny   1 weeks ago

    Did anyone else see that dead fat kid next to the chocolate lake?