LOKI Episode 1 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Marvel Easter Eggs & Things You Missed

  • Published on: 09 June 2021
  • LOKI Episode 1 Breakdown & Ending Explained Spoiler Review | Marvel MCU Easter Eggs & Things You Missed. We review, recap and explain the first episode of Loki on Disney Plus. This contains easter eggs, theories, spoilers and a breakdown of the events and behind the scenes leaks on the Marvel property. We also discuss the TVA, Mobius M. Mobius and why Kang could be behind it all.

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    0:00 Loki Episode 1 Breakdown Intro
    0:25 Comic Book Inspiration
    1:49 The TVA Explained
    2:34 Mobius M. Mobius
    3:04 Avengers Endgame
    3:39 Episode 1 Recap
    6:38 Skrull Hidden Details
    6:59 Episode 1 Easter Eggs
    8:56 Secret Wars
    9:40 The Kree War And Thanos Detail
    9:59 The Timekeepers
    10:19 Nexus Event
    10:56 Title Card
    11:03 Obligitary Ask You To Like And Subscribe
    11:19 Mephisto!
    12:13 Kang The Conquerer?
    13:13 Court Easter Eggs And Stan Lee Cameo
    13:52 Things You Missed
    15:00 X-men
    15:18 A Cross-Examination Of Loki
    16:40 DB Cooper
    17:17 Loki's Future
    17:47 The Infinity Stones
    19:47 Episode 1 Ending
    21:28 Reaction And Review

    Now the series feels like it's going to be heavily based on several graphic novels starring the god of mischief including Vote Loki, Loki's dream and Loki: Agent Of Asgard. The latter seems like it's inspiring the basic premise of the show and in that we pickup at a point where Loki's reputation has spiralled out of control to the point he's unable to escape from it. He's the bad son, the bad brother, the worst youtuber that keeps banging on about Mephisto and one of the hated in the Marvel universe. However when he dies everything changes and he's reincarnated into a younger body. Loki becomes an Agent Of Asgard and The All Mother tells him that for every good deed he performs that a bad one from his past will be struck off the list.

    The All Mother's appear as three heads at one point and this may have been adapted into the Timekeeper monuments that we see dotted throughout this entry though they are also their own characters.

    In the book he attempts to get the sword of Sigurd which is the manifestation of truth and along the way he runs into Mephis....look I'm not even gonna go down that path again.

    He also faces off against another version of himself which this show is clearly setting up.

    Both that book and Vote Loki feature alternate versions of the character which of course plays into the idea that there are multiple variants of Loki running around.

    Now one thing that you have to understand about the incarnation that we see is that he's actually only appeared in two MCU movies at this point. Though I don't think the idea of him running through a checklist to write the wrongs of the past like how he did in Agent Of Asgard..

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  • Heavy Spoilers
    Heavy Spoilers   1 weeks ago

    points at image of devil'he did it'me - don't say it, don't think it

  • 용석진
    용석진   2 days ago

    The gabby double prudently belong because memory practically decide within a remarkable joke. frantic, hideous high castanet

  • Fredy German
    Fredy German   2 days ago

    I feel like Loki will be better than WandaVision and FAWS

  • Landa Thompson
    Landa Thompson   3 days ago

    Question. There are a bunch of Marvel Encyclopedias .... which one(s) would you recommend? Thanks n advance .... long time subscriber ....

  • John Jr Murphy
    John Jr Murphy   4 days ago

    8:22 - Maybe the common housecat is just a common housecat

  • killerjob
    killerjob   4 days ago

    MEPHISTO 👹, “ I’m going not going down that route again “ then does again and again love your commitment to your theory’s Paul

  • William Hannah
    William Hannah   4 days ago

    Loki’s aura is blue, which makes sense because he is cold and calculating. Loki’s aura is green, which makes sense because he is very jealous all the time and he likes green. Loki’s aura is yellow because he is actually quite cowardly even though he won’t admit it to himself. Loki’s aura is a rainbow because he is chaotic and likes to cross dress.Loki’s aura is red because that’s the color they happened to pick and doesn’t mean more or less than any other.

  • Internet Person
    Internet Person   4 days ago

    They could use this show to explain Terrence Howard, where his war machine is sacred timeline and then lady Loki’s shenanigans caused don cheadle

  • Zoze13
    Zoze13   5 days ago

    Didn’t mention his case number: 72089. Gotta be a comic released on July 20th 1989, no?

  • DrewEmc2
    DrewEmc2   5 days ago

    Is agent Mobius named after the mobius strip or is the mobius strip named after agent Mobius?

  • hoiy vinosa
    hoiy vinosa   5 days ago

    "Dinosaurs came before humans" laughs in Creationism

  • Izzy’s Gacha
    Izzy’s Gacha   5 days ago

    I honestly thought that this episode was so good I loved how he got to see what what would happen to him and he starts to see that his family is excepting him

  • cha cha
    cha cha   5 days ago

    I'm really excited for loki I really love the mythology behind loki and how he is still a big mystery to the modern day I really hope that they work with some myths about him to their advantage

  • Leo Lopez
    Leo Lopez   5 days ago

    When Loki sees himself being killed by Thanos, he then knows that for SURE he will not return and never be King..

  • Hunter Rose
    Hunter Rose   6 days ago

    This was the first mcu tv show I was actually looking forward to seeing.

  • Joe
    Joe   6 days ago

    Took me a sec to get what the 'Big 3' meant hahaha

  • Mikel West
    Mikel West   6 days ago

    I'm so excited for this show. The first episode was so good.

  • theRobomonster
    theRobomonster   6 days ago

    It's not that they're more powerful just that the stones only have power in their respective universe. Outside of the universe they belong and they're just pretty rocks. Though the TVA is more powerful anyways since they have mastery over time. Not just control.

  • Juan Gonzalez
    Juan Gonzalez   1 weeks ago

    When Loki was finding everything out, it was like seeing his character physically go through his arc in each movie. Him laughing at the end is a perfect reaction to his death. It was all a joke to begin with, there was no glorious purpose.

  • CyranoForever101
    CyranoForever101   1 weeks ago

    I had no clue who DB Cooper was so that whole scene made no sense to me

  • Your Majesty
    Your Majesty   1 weeks ago

    Tom is an incredible actor.This role doesn't seem demanding, yet he finds ways to give him charm and depth that other people wouldn't be able to give this antagonist.

  • Terry Birks
    Terry Birks   1 weeks ago

    theory... evil loki needs a bunch of those devices to destroy the sacred timeline

  • Will W
    Will W   1 weeks ago

    So great! Love the full breakdown! And thanks for trying to hide as much as possible for the upcoming episodes not giving into the cliché I didn’t know it thing. Super helpful to be able to go back after watching the first episode

  • Dylan Copeland
    Dylan Copeland   1 weeks ago

    Could the cat you see in episode 1 be a nod to Schrodinger's cat?

  • Ronin Raphael
    Ronin Raphael   1 weeks ago

    The moment that the kid pointed at the image of the 😈 I knew that you wouldn't be able to contain yourself 😂😂😂

  • mmpj twod
    mmpj twod   1 weeks ago

    Was thinking that the bug was the actual evil Loki, disguised as a bug.