• Published on: 08 July 2021
  • Fortnite *GLITCHING* INSIDE the GROTTO - How to!
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  • Runtime : 14:5


  • Ali-A
    Ali-A   4 months ago

    If you're reading this you are awesome!

  • linx 4
    linx 4   2 weeks ago

    In the clip when the guy killed person in ufo he had a og pump

  • Sneezy
    Sneezy   3 weeks ago

    1:59 hellรณ sunn!!!!! xD He is one of my favourite youtuber

  • Jack Williams
    Jack Williams   1 months ago

    there was a way to get in the grotto in christmas of last year with the planes just boost at the last second and u would get inside

  • Hyper 635
    Hyper 635   1 months ago

    At 0:47 the person had the o.g pump

  • cal sc
    cal sc   2 months ago

    Did everyone notice that they had the opportunity pump

  • Zuri Perez lopez
    Zuri Perez lopez   2 months ago

    As we can se the guy that bully the two defaults have the og pump shotgun

  • Roblox Ray
    Roblox Ray   3 months ago

    Anyone notice he has the og pump in the fourth clip

  • Danyal Malik
    Danyal Malik   3 months ago

    When the shoots the pump it soundโ€™s like a gold and purple tac

  • dum_kid
    dum_kid   3 months ago

    um did you see the og pump

  • Doctor Doge
    Doctor Doge   3 months ago

    0:47 and 8:55 have clips of people with the OG pump.

  • Matthew Cruzat
    Matthew Cruzat   3 months ago

    lets just get to the point that on the second video it shows hes using a OG pump

  • tariq loves the prophets

    Fortnite bring back the combat shotguns in season 8 chapter 2 like comment if you agree

  • Jorge B
    Jorge B   4 months ago

    The same grotto glitch could've been done with the wolverine mythic

  • Pheolix
    Pheolix   4 months ago

    Did anyone see the guy called noobhus he was bullying the defaults but he had OG pump

  • Br R
    Br R   4 months ago

    When the person was bullying the defaults he the og pump

  • Finn Alves
    Finn Alves   4 months ago

    yo did anyone catch that in the clip with him killing the 2 defaults and then getting killed by a ufo, he had the OG pump design?!?

  • Mike Hopkins
    Mike Hopkins   4 months ago

    did anyone see the season 1 pump in one of the clips

  • Michale Osecki
    Michale Osecki   4 months ago

    There was an old way to get in to the grotto with cars just wait until it sinks the entire get in and whene it kicks you out get back in and repeat

  • Shadow Medved
    Shadow Medved   4 months ago

    I legit one pumped someone and died from that shot and that was off

  • Cam S
    Cam S   4 months ago

    Nobody talking about how the dude bullying defaults had of pump ๐Ÿคจ