• Published on: 30 July 2020
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    Larry Bird funny moments is a compilation of the most funny and best moments of Larry Legend throughout his nba career, interviews, commercials and more!

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  • Rufe
    Rufe   1 months ago

    Bring back Converse Weapons!!!!

  • Huong Hoa Muc
    Huong Hoa Muc   1 months ago

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  • Huong Hoa Muc
    Huong Hoa Muc   1 months ago

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    RDA RDA   2 months ago

    Legends say they're still fighting for that burger

  • Capitan Futuro
    Capitan Futuro   2 months ago

    Larry Bird was the best all-around player in NBA history.

  • CJ Rain Wu
    CJ Rain Wu   3 months ago

    When the F this Mcdonald Shot will end

  • Matthew Mehegan
    Matthew Mehegan   3 months ago

    Need to include the time Bird and Auerbach were being interviewed in the locker room by Bill Russell after a game:Red: "You two, you know what it's like to win. Me? I never won a thing."Russell: "Yeah, but you brought in the guys who did the winning."Bird: "So? You're overpaid."Russell/Auerbach: "LMFAO!!!!!"

  • Brian Jones
    Brian Jones   4 months ago

    "Thank ya Dave" Bird to Letterman, sarcastic AF after Dave reminds him of a loss. Bird and Magic loved each other, but that comment by Bird, "My goal was to try to take three of them teeth home with me at the end of the night", referring to competing against Magic and his beautiful smile. Dude was a straight killer and assassin.

  • Jeremy Kurtz
    Jeremy Kurtz   4 months ago

    5:33 Was this before or after they had each other by the neck? 😄

  • Beefy
    Beefy   4 months ago

    “Zip it Larry bird!..not you Larry bird”

  • Party Crasher
    Party Crasher   4 months ago

    Remember kids: Larry’s not white, Larry’s clear

  • Satasha Ahnberg
    Satasha Ahnberg   4 months ago

    Old Larry Bird looks like one of the lemon people in adventure time

  • Fireball
    Fireball   5 months ago

    No disrespect and not a big fan of the NBA but why does he look so old

  • hlf_coder
    hlf_coder   5 months ago

    There hasn’t been a rivalry in sports to match the 80s Celts vs Lakers since then. One of the reasons is because players are no longer faithful to a team. Both Bird and Magic played for the same team their entire career, as did many of their teammates. That’s how you get that great team basketball

  • BMD #1
    BMD #1   6 months ago

    That’s when men played in the NBA.......

  • Jon
    Jon   6 months ago

    He has a mouth of a toothless man but with teeth.

  • Scott Carroll
    Scott Carroll   6 months ago

    Larry doesn't get enough credit for that "covered wagon" joke at the Dream Team induction. That's a very high risk joke in a very high stakes event. If it doesn't come off it would be epic levels of cringe. Fortunately, he's Larry Bird and Larry Bird don't miss.

  • Science4Life
    Science4Life   6 months ago

    Man, the duck duck goose bit got me so good, I cant breath

  • Cynical_Bear
    Cynical_Bear   6 months ago

    Man, 90s kids talked about that Mc Donalds commercial for years. Just like 2000 kids talked about the Nike commercial beat that they parodied in Scary Movie 2.

  • Bryan Tapia
    Bryan Tapia   6 months ago

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  • MJN
    MJN   6 months ago

    Legends say that Larry Bird actually Hit all of those shots in the commercial

  • yotsubawashere
    yotsubawashere   6 months ago

    I never expected this guy to be one of the greatest trashtalkers in nba history

  • Chris Cox
    Chris Cox   6 months ago

    Check out the 1:18 mark and Magic mouthing Bird's "...with the MVP" Classic non-actor move. Will Smith talks about how he did the same thing for the first season of Fresh Prince. He knew everybody's else's lines and you can see him mouthing them in certain episodes. I remember this spot so well. I was a Mavs fan, and I couldn't believe Aguirre made the cut and got to be in this.

  • Robot Boyz
    Robot Boyz   6 months ago

    the dislikes are from people he shit talked

  • Jake
    Jake   6 months ago

    Holy crap i haven't seen this McDonald's commercial for 30 years. Blast from the past...

  • Matt Glass
    Matt Glass   6 months ago

    Is it just me, or does Larry look like one of those shrunken apple head dolls?

  • InformationIsTheEdge
    InformationIsTheEdge   7 months ago

    There is something really special happening when Larry Bird and Magic Johnson are on the same stage. I heard a reporter describe it like this: It's like a secret club and they are the only members.