Will New Mutants Ever Be Released? - SJU

  • Published on: 27 March 2019
  • Our SJU panel talks the ongoing mystery around the release date for Fox (now Disney) X-men Universe related movie 'New Mutants and more from the world on screen! - it's SJ Universe
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    Will New Mutants Ever Be Released? - SJU

    Hosted by Dan Murrell
    Featuring Ed Greer and Billy Business

    Produced by Billy Patterson
    Tech Director: Josh "JTE" Tapia
    Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand
  • Runtime : 31:19
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  • Fandom Entertainment
    Fandom Entertainment   2 years ago

    What do you think Disney should do with New Mutants?00:59 - New Mutants Check In14:57 - Fan Question on Enjoying Movie Commentaries - Thanks for the question Nikki!24:00 - Roth/Joe announce new FANDOM Project!POOL RULESOne: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate.Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated.Three: Don’t go looking for fights.Four: “Be nice.” – Dalton from Roadhouse

  • ZenoSZN
    ZenoSZN   2 years ago

    By the time new mutants comes out it will be renamed to old mutants

  • akid4ever
    akid4ever   2 years ago

    I guess Brightburn will start up this horror comic book movie

  • GAME
    GAME   2 years ago

    New Mutants Red Box in 2021

  • Val DeNay
    Val DeNay   2 years ago

    Lmao I wasn't expecting Billy to drop some of my favorite commentaries! Cause he ain't lying about the commentary for Avengers & Age of Ultron (doesn't have to be blu ray)

  • One Opinion
    One Opinion   2 years ago

    I say bury New Mutants, let the lore around it and the whatifs float it's reputation higher than whatever the reality of it is and just move on.

  • Ooopshie
    Ooopshie   2 years ago

    The description of the the trailer says it will be in theaters August 2 2019

  • Jeffrey Moy
    Jeffrey Moy   2 years ago

    A commentary that I really like was Scott Pilgrim. Great combo of 7 different commentary tracks, but probably only 4 are worth it. I love the movie Contact and was really disappointed by the Zemekis commentary as it was pretty much a technical run through on different scenes.

  • Jeffrey Moy
    Jeffrey Moy   2 years ago

    I was looking forward to NM. Expand the universe giving us different characters and a different tone for superhero movies.

  • Robert Montoya
    Robert Montoya   2 years ago

    The new mutants sold worse than Excalibur. What a waste of time, nobody even cared when douglock died

  • Kenya Brunson
    Kenya Brunson   2 years ago

    I was looking forward to The New Mutants. Dark Phoenix... not so much.

  • Dr. Matthew Hertert
    Dr. Matthew Hertert   2 years ago

    I was new-ish to comics when New Mutants started, and I fell in love with Bill Sienciewitz (sp?) as an artist. Sadly no one else did and he got "fired," but that early run was an good comic if someone's looking for something different to read.

  • Sley
    Sley   2 years ago

    World War Z

  • Quentin Cyrus
    Quentin Cyrus   2 years ago

    They should make the best version of it possible

  • Raphael Robles
    Raphael Robles   2 years ago

    You guys are smart, and I can tell cause you use all the vocabulary words assigned to me in my English IV class in high school

  • SilverScale
    SilverScale   2 years ago

    I love you guys. :) You guys are the best. Looking forward to that documentary, Roth. :)

  • mu2thehotness
    mu2thehotness   2 years ago

    Maybe the New Mutants are held back because, Disney wants it to be part of MCU. It will be like their Deadpool or Logan, a wild card of sorts.

  • Jokerz 79
    Jokerz 79   2 years ago

    Joel Schumacher gets too much hate for the Batman movies he was hired to make kid friendly Batman films aimed at selling toys and he did. Schumacher is a great Director Original Flatliners, Lost Boys, Falling Down, a Time to Kill, 8 MM, Cousins, St. Elmo's Fire, Phone Booth, DC Cab all good to great stuff. Also while I almost walked out of Batman and Robin in 1997 it wasn't even Doc's worst movie that year that IMO was Steel.

  • p l
    p l   2 years ago

    I like the idea of the documentaries on the many various fandoms.

  • doopy85
    doopy85   2 years ago

    A delay happens in everything. Don't over think something vast as a multi verse. Director or producer, we all want badass. Fox is nervous after punisher 2. People who don't know comic reality, just want fun and intense. Death of reading and birth of audio books and YouTube.

  • Ben Close
    Ben Close   2 years ago

    The title ‘New Mutants’ is gonna be really confusing when people think it means Mutants coming to the MCU.

  • MaRveLous D R E A M
    MaRveLous D R E A M   2 years ago

    Danielle, Ed, and Joe are my favorites to listen too; so enjoyable.. But all of you are great. Love this channel.

  • An Englishman In San Diego

    The best DVD commentaries ever: the critics track for Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions. Hired in by the Wachowskis to complement the philosophers commentary track, the first film is the critics praising the creativity of the filmmakers, the brilliance of the performances... the sequels are, er, not that!! "So, you see this shot in with Tank and this woman in Zion? That's shit. And this rave scene? This is shit..." FOR TWO HOURS! TWICE! It's hilarious!!

  • Jackomack
    Jackomack   2 years ago

    Shouldn't the Twilight Fans be called TwiHards?

  • OpThomasPrime
    OpThomasPrime   2 years ago

    I'm with Ed here. Which commentary track do I tend to like more? Yes. All of them. But then, I'm a special feature junky.

  • Shane Graham Mahon
    Shane Graham Mahon   2 years ago

    As well as the fun new stuff pleeeeeeease bring back FlickBait!!!

  • Wai Lau
    Wai Lau   2 years ago

    Best movie commentary- Ghostbusters 1984 version, any John Carpenter one especially when he’s chatting with Kirk Russell. For the martial arts fans check out the Media Asia et al commentaries that has Bey Logan on it.

  • Kaylee Lockheart
    Kaylee Lockheart   2 years ago

    I like that Joe was there but didn't really say anything.

  • DJ
    DJ   2 years ago

    Lmfao Dan's Arnold impressive had me dying.

  • DJ
    DJ   2 years ago

    The director/writer commentary for the lord of the rings extended edition is really damn good. Its 3 to 4 and half hours each of Peter Jackson and his writers just explaining every damn thing and it's great. Another great one is the director commentary of the star wars prequels. You get to see where Georges head space was, even if the execution wasnt the best. Rian Johnson's commentary was very interesting too, even if I disagreed with him.

  • ybrik
    ybrik   2 years ago

    ....Is Dan wearing a shirt with his initials?

  • Cam Lucas
    Cam Lucas   2 years ago

    Feige throw it in the garbage with the rest of Fox’s X-men franchise

  • dkbif
    dkbif   2 years ago

    Taika Waititi's commentary on Thor: Ragnarok is epicly funny. I highly recommend that one.

  • Dave Anderson
    Dave Anderson   2 years ago

    "When there was only one set of foot prints, it was Percival who carried me." Ha! Classic!