Arrives | Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye | Disney+

  • Published on: 22 November 2021
  • This Wednesday, an Avenger arrives on Disney+! Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye starts streaming November 24.

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  • Runtime : 16
  • marvel comics


  • klloyd plata
    klloyd plata   3 weeks ago

    I'm NEVER get tired of hearing that Avengers theme song because it is just so very super amazingly unique over-the-top nostalgic.

  • MyNameIsJeff
    MyNameIsJeff   1 months ago

    0:01 notice how they removed the word Pym from the arrow. man, the lengths Marvel will go to avoid spoilers

  • loading
    loading   1 months ago

    Hey Marvel make Dylan O'brien as Cyclops pls!

  • Obani
    Obani   1 months ago


  • Camila Emily
    Camila Emily   1 months ago

    I loved the giant arrow scene it was amazing.

  • Hamad Saeed
    Hamad Saeed   1 months ago


  • Hengameh Hjh
    Hengameh Hjh   1 months ago

    kate is such a fangirl like all of us except she is also a badass

  • Gamer MTW
    Gamer MTW   1 months ago

    We want Ironman back or no one will look avengers because you maked our favourite superhero die- Ironman,captain America

  • 7amasa 2009
    7amasa 2009   1 months ago

    i was about to say joe died but i realise this is hawkeye not flash (hawkeye better)(sub if u agree)

  • Mr. Winner
    Mr. Winner   1 months ago

    I guess we’re going to forget Wanda, Vision, and Falcon are technically avengers.

  • Ben medeiros MA-MID Martial arts

    So far. It’s felt like a Kate bishop show with Hawkeye. Kinda bland so far. And the action doesn’t have the flair of Shang chi or daredevil. Yet But hope it gets better.

  • Cxlru.
    Cxlru.   1 months ago

    Spider-man, too this :0 this year is getting better and better!. Looks amazing, Keep up the amazing work Marvel!!💕💕

  • Ma Cross
    Ma Cross   1 months ago

    feels like marvel universe is getting very trashy...

  • nanoverse
    nanoverse   1 months ago

    Horrible storyline and gringeworthy comedy. Waited for this one but it's just superficially and unintentionally funny.

  • hi
    hi   1 months ago

    Me:spider man or Hawkeye who's taking the plot of marvelMarvel:no one is kid

  • Mister Saturday XIV
    Mister Saturday XIV   1 months ago

    This show makes me laugh all night and I love it so much. My favorite Avenger now have the show that he freaking need.

  • Stonewood Studios
    Stonewood Studios   1 months ago

    Can't wait for this, the trailer is awesome, but dang does that "There's an avenger in my home " sound so stitched-together😂 I mean I'm hyped for the series and I know stitching audio is common for trailers, but that was wild

  • Lord Omegatron
    Lord Omegatron   1 months ago

    Don't forget guys the avengers lost in infinity war because hawkeye wasn't in the movie.

  • Devin
    Devin   1 months ago

    "An avenger arrives"🤣 imagine how other Avengers that arrived on Disney plus before this would feel when they see this 🥲

  • Gaurav Jain
    Gaurav Jain   1 months ago

    Why every character have predecessor as female character in marvel, is that feminist decided the future of mcu? That really s***.

  • Sai Priyesh
    Sai Priyesh   1 months ago

    Hay marvel india please release this in Indian regional languages if it possible release Wanda and vision in Indian regional languages 🙏🏻

  • simply moxxie
    simply moxxie   1 months ago

    I was waiting for a lucky (hawkeye's dog) serie 😎😎😎

  • vorry
    vorry   1 months ago