The New Mutants Official Trailer #2 REACTION!!

  • Published on: 14 January 2020
  • Eric Shane Rick Calvin and Aaron react to and discuss The New Mutants Official Trailer #2


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  • Runtime : 6:24
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  • john kubus
    john kubus   10 months ago

    Sooo are you guys gonna react to this at some part?

  • XL
    XL   1 years ago

    Magik is Colossus sister πŸ’‘

  • The Masked Gamer
    The Masked Gamer   1 years ago

    The antagonist of this movie is going to be Demon Bear and Smiley Man

  • OhTheiiRxny
    OhTheiiRxny   1 years ago

    It feels like the russian girl might be psylockes sister or relative the one from X-Men apocalypse with the purple sword arm....

  • The Green King
    The Green King   1 years ago

    The New Mutants you see on the movie their names are Wolfsbane Mirage Magik Cannonball & Sunspot in the movie is going to be based on the Demon Bear arc from the comics

  • abcdefghi2749
    abcdefghi2749   1 years ago

    It's tied to the New Mutants comic book storyline , the demon bear Saga.

  • Exploration Of Visual Arts & Ideas

    Guys these aren't new mutants to the franchise they've been around for a very long time. Their comics existed before the first X-Factor and X-Force comics back in the late 80's. If anything the New Mutants is an old team. Cannonball, Dani, and Wolfsbane were of the original New Mutant roster before being shipped to other X-teams.

  • Jason Todd
    Jason Todd   1 years ago

    Looks like they may have combined the characters of Sunspot and Magma

  • SanJi
    SanJi   1 years ago

    The new mutants is actually interesting story ,it is also base on comics , i had just read it

  • Rasz777
    Rasz777   1 years ago the end its Magik and her magic :D

  • Tasos Tasakhs
    Tasos Tasakhs   1 years ago

    Stupid reactions from ppl that don't even knows marvels new mutants.

  • abcdefghi2749
    abcdefghi2749   1 years ago

    Read the new mutants comics. That's Colossus' sister, Cannonball, Wolfsbane, and more. It's based off of one of their best comics and a haunted asylum.

  • uptowntrigor
    uptowntrigor   1 years ago

    Ok Colossus sister and the Hell hound at the end had me. The rest I dont care about.

  • Andrew Vidmar
    Andrew Vidmar   1 years ago

    the girl that said she killes 18 men is actually colossus sister

  • Thaddeus Maximus
    Thaddeus Maximus   1 years ago

    mirage, wolfsbane, magik, sunspot, & cannonball - mostly original lineup of new mutants. seems like the movie will be based on the demon bear saga storyline

  • Poke Your Eye Man
    Poke Your Eye Man   1 years ago

    As people mentioned, the characters in the trailer are Mirage, Wolfsbane, Cannonball, Sunspot and Magik. Mirage creates illusions, Wolfsbane turns into a wolf, Cannonball propels himself and generates a shield when he does it (I heard this was changed to him having powerful punches), Sunspot absorbs sunlight for super strength (I don't remember anything about him being able to burn stuff), Magick's mutant ability is light discs that can teleport her and things but she's also a sorceress and can cast spells. Plus she has the soul armor and sword. Other members of the new mutants that weren't shown: Karma, Warlock, Magma and Cipher. The Doctor is also a mutant who can create force fields. And like people have said, the main villain seems to be the demon bear.

  • Ouroboros
    Ouroboros   1 years ago

    Anya is super fine πŸ˜πŸ˜‹

  • Benjamin Shannon
    Benjamin Shannon   1 years ago

    Fox did re shoots because it was too much a horror film then the Disney thing started during post, after all of that Feige watched the cuts and said we are going with the original cut and that's when Feige posted that the new Dr Strange wouldn't be the first horror movie in the MCU. Also when he did that it brings Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy and Charlie Heaton into the MCU fold. From a business stand point when you are starting a new phase and adding everything that has been acquired you can not let these heavy hitters go.

  • The Fatman
    The Fatman   1 years ago


  • Dayne Johnson
    Dayne Johnson   1 years ago

    Demonbear will be the villain πŸ‘ also curious who antonio banderas is playing πŸ€”

  • evan magura
    evan magura   1 years ago

    This has been pushed back for so long, Blind Wave reacted to the first trailer in 2017 😯

  • Singtingz
    Singtingz   1 years ago

    I was hoping to see a cameo from someone from the MCU like Wanda saying "What's up, doc?"

  • Gary Willig
    Gary Willig   1 years ago

    So glad they included the magical elements of Magik's powers. My biggest fear was that they'd just keep her mutant powers and leave out the fact that she's a sorceress. Seeing her armor and soulsword is a huge relief in addition to just being cool. One of the best characters Marvel ever created.

  • Hawk of Battle
    Hawk of Battle   1 years ago

    C'mon guys, I've never even picked up an X-Men comic and even I know who Magik, Wolfsbane, Cannonball and Mirage are, if even in passing only! I could kinda forgive them for not recognising Sunspot immediately, but still! For superhero/comic fans, I am disappoint.

  • Kaleiohu Lee
    Kaleiohu Lee   1 years ago

    I wonder if it means anything that it just said "Marvel" at the start, instead of "In association with Marvel." I like how isolated it seems to be, shouldn't be too hard to roll it into the MCU if it's good.

  • RinShaolin
    RinShaolin   1 years ago

    guys make sure u guys are liking the videos.. i don’t get 10k views not 1k likes ;)))) u guys got it ❀️

  • Mauro Collado
    Mauro Collado   1 years ago

    With the doctor strange movie delayed i think this now will be the first superhero horror movie. Imagine josh brolin cable's appearing after credits recruiting for x-force

  • Chad Gilliam
    Chad Gilliam   1 years ago

    Shane: "I just wanna watch LOGAN" lol same man

  • Puffnir
    Puffnir   1 years ago


  • Borsuq
    Borsuq   1 years ago

    Casting Maise Williams as Wolfsbane is about the most ridicilously amazingly fitting casting xD

  • Viro Veteruscy
    Viro Veteruscy   1 years ago

    Sunspot, Wolfsbane and Magik (favorite) I've known since I was 4 back in 1992(yes I know the other characters but I like those 3 more), looking forward to this. Still have the old New Mutants comics and loved the Inferno Saga. Don't fuck this up! OwOWould be cool to later see Cypher and Warlock someday >w>