The Cloverfield UNIVERSE! (Theory) - Inside A Mind

  • Published on: 12 November 2016
  • Since the release of 10 Cloverfield Lane, it appears JJ Abrams is setting up a brand new universe for Cloverfield, and after discovering the first Cloverfield movie not too long ago, I was blown away with how big The Cloverfield Universe actually was and how much mystery still surrounds it.

    So I've been exploring the Cloverfield Universe to try and find the best way way possible to explain both Cloverfield movies (Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane).

    Enjoy, The Cloverfield Universe!

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  • decmialcoader
    decmialcoader   4 weeks ago

    I wish there were more movies like this with massive worlds built around them

  • David B
    David B   1 months ago

    Can we get a Kaiju battle game with Clover and Big Mama from Paradox?

  • Kyle boii
    Kyle boii   1 months ago

    Wow i wish they can make jaegers to stop the big monsters

  • Kyle boii
    Kyle boii   1 months ago

    Wait seabednectar might BE DRUGS THATS WHY SHES GOING CRAY CRAY

  • Kyle boii
    Kyle boii   1 months ago

    There a big monster there roght i would build an jaeger

  • Cøınpusher
    Cøınpusher   1 months ago

    I'm here after watching Lost and Looking into the Dharma Initiative. In the very beginning of Cloverfield, there's a Dharma Initiative logo in a flash. It's with the "property of..." watermark and those rgb colors. On the bottom right the logo flashes.... My question is. What and how does the Dharma connect this? Is Cloverfield in the same universe as LOST?

  • MarkE
    MarkE   2 months ago

    What do you make of what I assumed was the monster shouting in English "come get it boys, guess who's back", or something like that, when Jason, Rob and Hud were cowered in the store as the monster tore past it just after the start of its rampage? ...the audio of it was much louder than Hud's voice, who was holding the camcorder, so couldnt have been any of the 3 lads or any other person nearby!? ...that coupled with what I assumed was 'hell monster' being said at the end of the credits 🤔

  • MarkE
    MarkE   2 months ago

    Didn't Jamie have that package for weeks or months before opening it? Doesn't add up that there'd be a note attached to the sea nectar telling her to freeze it immediately if it'd sat in a package beside her all that time!?

  • Archie in doors Challis

    Hmm the cloverfield monster came from outta space after the bomb lands in the park after the bridge collapses it shows you a POD falling FROM OUTTA SPACE i did lay dormant in the ocean after landing it's not from earth


    enjoyed binged and subbed. Great work I do wonder whether Prometheus and ALIEN Covenant had this type of ARG in play but no one looked at it from angles like this and was just missed. As there was some really good Viral marketing going on at the time. Some with little oddities in them.

  • Chimp Wimp
    Chimp Wimp   3 months ago

    You missed the fact that if you look closely and the drill station sinking, you can see it shooting at the water.

  • Cart Ep
    Cart Ep   3 months ago

    I thought Cloverfield was just a one-off monster movie from the late 70s or something

  • Anthony Edwards
    Anthony Edwards   4 months ago

    To be honest, I’ve seen Cloverfield once, paradox once, none of the others, none of the extras, but all of the theory videos 😂😂😂. I’m a bigger fan of the universe than the actual movies

  • ToeTruck
    ToeTruck   4 months ago

    this is basically just what the lore of most video games is but its a movie so they had to make do

  • Joseph Krupka
    Joseph Krupka   4 months ago

    Next movie involves the grand father paradox

  • Ben Zuna
    Ben Zuna   4 months ago

    Pov:you came here because you saw the tiktok

  • Rowan Hawkes
    Rowan Hawkes   4 months ago

    this is cool but I think it should have been the first movie and that's it

  • Chetan Patel
    Chetan Patel   4 months ago

    Never thought that movies can be explained in such a detail very informative

  • Michael R Saavedra
    Michael R Saavedra   4 months ago

    So. The nectar was the blood 🩸 of the baby monster? Sounds like Illuminati.

  • Dubois's Adventures
    Dubois's Adventures   4 months ago

    Those images that you just show us where the fourth movie for Cloverfield

  • Georgia Rose
    Georgia Rose   5 months ago

    I swear the 2nd movie would've been better off as a solo movie than part of Cloverfield anthology. It would've been one of the best Psychological Thriller, the ending threw everything off so much. JJ just made a filler movie out of some story and find something that could connect it.

  • Joseph Contreras
    Joseph Contreras   5 months ago

    Have you done a background video of the dharma initiative of lost??

  • Joseph Contreras
    Joseph Contreras   5 months ago

    Slusho must be toxic in it's natural room temperature form like you have to be careful with twinkies and cupcake white filling I'm sure that stuff is toxic in its chemical form. Also what about cthulu or other elder gods??

  • Boba Fit
    Boba Fit   6 months ago

    damnnnn, i never knew all that, so much back storythat would be a good movie imo

  • Anthony B
    Anthony B   7 months ago

    4:37 it's that guy from heros

  • Brody James
    Brody James   7 months ago

    I feel bad it took me so long to come across this channel. Glad I did now though

    THE DOOM SLAYER   7 months ago

    What if we are living in one of those universes right now, waiting for it to happen? Pretty scary right?

  • DigitalChainsaw
    DigitalChainsaw   7 months ago

    Of course, because if you get a mysterious package of strange, dark brown goo that has sat NOT FROZEN for days or weeks in your home and your boyfriend tells you 1) Freeze it immediately and 2) DO NOT EAT IT, the most logical thing is to not freeze it AND eat it. Makes perfect sense.

  • Sumvs
    Sumvs   7 months ago

    Okay but tagruato's logo is two hands around a red orb. Maybe two hands of power?