Hoist the Colours (Pirates of the Caribbean) Cover

  • Published on: 25 February 2021
  • ....... I know..... I said "row", instead of "roam". It's been a long week.
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    All copyright belongs to their respective owners.
    "Hoist The Colours" Lyrics by Ted Elliott & Terry Rossio
    Music by Hans Zimmer and Gore Verbinski
    Pirates of The Caribbean Themes by Hans Zimmer
    Arranged & Performed by Colm R. McGuinness

    #PiratesOfTheCaribbean #HoistTheColours #SeaShanty
  • Runtime : 2:2
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  • Cleiton Santtos
    Cleiton Santtos   3 hours ago

    Tá maluco, se tô no cinema e ouço esse song de abertura ,tá maluco.

  • Doom State
    Doom State   6 hours ago

    How do you get your voice so deep

  • Prevdent Clínica
    Prevdent Clínica   7 hours ago

    Então essa é a versão usada no vídeo que mostra o tamanho real do sol 😁

  • Dam Nieva
    Dam Nieva   8 hours ago

    This sounds like angels coming down from heaven in judgement day.

  • Samat Rakhimov
    Samat Rakhimov   10 hours ago

    Left one - 😌😌Right one - 😠😠It's funny given the fact that's the same guy:D

  • Pfeil Chen
    Pfeil Chen   10 hours ago

    Of the many versions of this song, that i have heard, this one is clearly and by far the best, not only for the vocal qualities, but because it does justice to the actual song. Those (as of this writing) 11,7 million views are well deserved.

    ALDO DIA.M   11 hours ago

    0:31 la parte que por la que todos estamos aqui

  • Jorge Vigo
    Jorge Vigo   13 hours ago

    Para reflexionar dama y caballeros

  • Jostrell Bildan
    Jostrell Bildan   13 hours ago

    You have really deep voice or that was a edit but i love it 🤩

  • René Kober
    René Kober   14 hours ago

    They needed this in the original film scene...

  • JJ Han Salo
    JJ Han Salo   1 days ago

    0:30 a los que venían PUTOS tiktokers

  • JEED film
    JEED film   1 days ago

    I just wanna know why every guy who does this type of stuff are all Chads

  • Axolotl
    Axolotl   1 days ago

    My ass has more musical talent than you have in a year

  • Devrost
    Devrost   1 days ago

    where are all the reaction channels? why don't i find them with this song?

  • 2B
    2B   1 days ago

    apparently this song meansthe (pirate) king and his men (pirates) stole the queen (calypso) from her bed and bound her to a human bodynow they are free to sail as they please and they are proud to be pirates be it a thief or a beggar even if they get killed

    ZOY GARAGE   1 days ago

    i got goosebump when i first time wacthing this movie ...

  • Dan Witzke
    Dan Witzke   1 days ago

    Part of the ship, part of the crew

  • Alan Day
    Alan Day   2 days ago

    Colm whats your FansOnly?

  • ScxR
    ScxR   2 days ago

    If you did not get goosebumps your not a human

  • Nathaniel Gonzalo
    Nathaniel Gonzalo   2 days ago

    I think the lowest note you hit is C2, I love that note it gives me chills🥶

  • Meagan Tianna
    Meagan Tianna   2 days ago

    This is orgasmic food for ears… it sounds amazing, what a voice 🖤

  • Titis Tn
    Titis Tn   2 days ago

    I got goosebumps i swear:)))

  • J McB
    J McB   2 days ago

    Lets go Brandon

  • Davidson1873
    Davidson1873   2 days ago

    Better than the original. sorry not sorry

  • xy
    xy   2 days ago


  • Chas Kalous
    Chas Kalous   3 days ago

    I have a sudden urge to watch those movies again. Epic scene, epic cover.

  • Josh Szary
    Josh Szary   3 days ago

    He's got a voice deeper than Davy Jones' locker

  • Teteuxin
    Teteuxin   3 days ago

    Wow this cover has more views than the original song

  • JonnyBoyAris
    JonnyBoyAris   3 days ago

    Imagine this as a highschool football entrance. Other team will be on the bus in 30 seconds.