Smart Rocket League Players vs Mechanical Players (who's better?)

  • Published on: 21 February 2021
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    Rocket League is all about your rank... but you also have to worry about 2 main playing characteristics; Game sense and mechanics. Most players have a mix of both but there are some people who are more of only one those types. I wanted to find out which is more important and what better way than forcing players to 1v1. So we will see platinums, diamonds, grand champs and even supersonic legends face off against their opposite. Will Mechanics or Game Sense prove to be more important?

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    1:40 Platinum Match
    4:46 Diamond Match
    7:35 Grand Champ Match
    10:57 Supersonic Legend Match

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  • CBell
    CBell   1 weeks ago

    I thought the smarter players would've won all of these games. Hope you enjoyed the video and thanks again for today's sponsor! Check them out below:🎯Download or Play FRAG PRO Shooter for free: $6 worth of free rewards! X1 gold chest 🎉 + 500 coins 💰 + 50 diamonds 💎+ 1 special offer 🎁 only for you!

  • Stephen Schmidt
    Stephen Schmidt   6 minuts ago

    Please pick me for your next video! I’m a plat 1 in twos and threes I am more smart than mechanical, while in game I tend to focus more on positioning and not double committing then going for crazy passes or air dribbles. When in custom training I go for packs that improve shot consistency and for difficult saves then for crazy mechanics

  • CycloneRunner
    CycloneRunner   7 minuts ago

    Dude those SSL are trash, i havent played the game but i can still clap them🤡

  • Tae Edmunds
    Tae Edmunds   17 minuts ago

    Bro I’m silver 3 and I’m probably way better than that “smart” plat

  • Fanatico
    Fanatico   18 minuts ago

    Don't want to be that guy, but the mechanics guy that is ssl definitely doesn't play 1s a lot

  • Roc Strypsteen
    Roc Strypsteen   21 minuts ago

    Why compare people with the same rank? Rank is based on how good you are so of course they are both equal. Maybe next time compare people on there play time?

  • Arachyboomz
    Arachyboomz   47 minuts ago

    Man id love to try this. 30yo high plat low diamondish player. Def more mechanical tho. Have so many hours in free play

  • Lee Hanning
    Lee Hanning   49 minuts ago

    I'm plat, but I feel like I'm better than the 2 diamonds that played. I could definitely do better, I'm more mechanically skilled and I feel like it would just be too ez.

  • Christofire
    Christofire   58 minuts ago

    Tbh I’m generally confused how I’m the rank I am lol

  • Dara Oum
    Dara Oum   1 hours ago

    i know im porbably late but can u pls put me in one of ur vids im plat 2 and i think im decent

    BEASTSAI 69   1 hours ago

    Hi cbell big fan I be in the 2v2 or 3v3 I am smart when playing and I am a OG subscriber

  • Infinity_OnYT
    Infinity_OnYT   1 hours ago

    Id like to participate honestly i focus on game sence rather than mechanicsIm euPs4Gold rank

  • Elnes
    Elnes   1 hours ago

    "Ahhh I can do better" :P

  • Cracked Zac
    Cracked Zac   2 hours ago

    Turbopulsa vs jstn would be the epitome of this comparison. And neither main ones, or play a lot of them at all, making it a very fair comparison

  • XL31Gaming
    XL31Gaming   4 hours ago

    Yoooo I’m c1 with I’d say good mechanics but I’m also smart like I can change depending on the situation and I want to play in this rly bad lmao

  • H1gh_Five
    H1gh_Five   4 hours ago

    Cbell- “If you want to be in any of these videos”Me- “i volunteer as tribute”

  • Fuad Rahman
    Fuad Rahman   4 hours ago

    At a low rank, “smart” doesn’t exist. They simply have bad mechanics... smart only starts at GC I’d say

  • Vykros
    Vykros   5 hours ago

    flip reset in diamond yeah right lmao

  • Morse Designs
    Morse Designs   5 hours ago

    I believe that I can do better in the Plat ranked area. I’m definitely a smarter player over a mechanical. But I don’t also practice some key mechanics for my rank

  • Multiplier8
    Multiplier8   6 hours ago

    I would say I am a smarter player I would hope to god I am in the 3v3

  • ynrs quel
    ynrs quel   6 hours ago

    Exion: scores flashy shot nd most likely clipped itBoltin: and I took the personal

  • sam smedley
    sam smedley   6 hours ago

    I'm c1 and a smart player lemme in video

    STU TZI   6 hours ago

    Lol I’m champion and I’m like rly better than them

  • CanOfBeans
    CanOfBeans   6 hours ago


  • ツmAtu
    ツmAtu   6 hours ago

    I wiah i could be in one of his videos

  • Theo Symons
    Theo Symons   7 hours ago

    These guys are GC? I’m a mechanical champ and could school them both💪

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha   7 hours ago

    Oh i am both and i am plat I really enjoy these videos

  • D10 Football
    D10 Football   7 hours ago

    0:01 umm where is the non of the above option?

  • JEsterCW
    JEsterCW   8 hours ago

    are all these players and their ranks equal in 1s? or the ranks were based on all normal playlist ? (2s/3s/1s)

  • 2LPfan
    2LPfan   8 hours ago

    I would like to represent the smart players I am only g3.

  • Aviety
    Aviety   9 hours ago

    I’m willing to do that. I’m a ‘Smart’ from low plat / high gold.