MAINSTREAM - A Terrible YouTuber Movie (Jake Paul is in it)

  • Published on: 28 May 2021
  • andrew baby whatchu doin?

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  • Runtime : 16:38
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  • Elvis The Alien
    Elvis The Alien   5 months ago


  • TheHitsubasa
    TheHitsubasa   3 days ago

    Oh no not my bby Andrew! His character is named Link? Omfg no why

  • Immolator772
    Immolator772   5 days ago

    so this movie is pretty much the backstory of Leafy.

  • Jared Bork
    Jared Bork   6 days ago

    You either have to be small, harmless and inoffensive or a giant asshole. The 2 kinds of successful youtubers.

  • Joseph Mechery
    Joseph Mechery   1 weeks ago

    well, last i checked boonk stil has 1million followers. soo............. it wont be surprising if this would really happen.

  • Yes G
    Yes G   1 weeks ago

    I would rather cut my fingers off that simply communicate with jake/ logan paul

  • Orthane
    Orthane   1 weeks ago

    >thinks phones are evil and addictive SMOKES

  • Erik Finkel
    Erik Finkel   2 weeks ago

    After watching this I believe Andrew Garfield should star in the live action DCEU Booster Gold adaptation

  • FabulousJekster
    FabulousJekster   2 weeks ago

    Please watch killer mosquitos (2018) and make a video about it

  • Giouvan
    Giouvan   2 weeks ago

    hahahaha jake paul haha funny lol :) :) :)

  • Yuki aim fanboy
    Yuki aim fanboy   2 weeks ago

    Andrew Garfield is one of the best actors ever, but him/his agent picks THE WORST scripts

  • Channeleven
    Channeleven   2 weeks ago

    To think, this was helmed by a Coppola. When you think about it, the Coppolas suck.

  • Russian Bear
    Russian Bear   2 weeks ago

    Holy shit I just realized the music in the background is conkers bad fur day

  • Thales Anastácio
    Thales Anastácio   2 weeks ago

    I mean, if dudes like the Paul brothers, Keemstar and other pieces of shit like that still have fans, No one special would probably be very famous indeed.

  • Henry the Anglerfish
    Henry the Anglerfish   2 weeks ago

    0:41“It’s more than likely going to be bad”*shows the Fred movie*?

  • _Taeggu_
    _Taeggu_   2 weeks ago


  • Katerina
    Katerina   3 weeks ago

    Hm... Esung your phone is exactly like doing crack

  • tumbleweed
    tumbleweed   3 weeks ago

    one day, Andrew will be day....

  • A Ghost.
    A Ghost.   4 weeks ago

    i feel like the johnny knoxville scenes were just candid.

  • A Ghost.
    A Ghost.   4 weeks ago

    i bet zoomers love this movie

  • unkown 34X
    unkown 34X   1 months ago

    Of course.... I searched worst modern movies, and then I found this Jake guy 😒 why I'm not surprised

  • Sea Gem
    Sea Gem   1 months ago

    The fact they casted Desmond, the little kid who's sexualization was praised by the media, who strip danced in a gay bar and got money thrown at him, then the creepy baby scene with questionable symbols nearby, and the message of the movie being "all of this is your fault for promoting this evil content" makes me think pedo elites made this.

  • Sharpe
    Sharpe   1 months ago

    I appreciate Andrew Garfield. He’s either in really great movies or he’s in mediocre to shit movies but his charisma and acting makes it somewhat bearable.

  • Guy Person
    Guy Person   1 months ago

    So wait, the whole point of this movie is to try and criticize narcissistic you tubers, that do crazier and crazier things for attention, even going as far as to disrespect their fans? And Jake Paul in particular didn’t see any problem with being in this movie? Dude is dumber than I thought.

  • Amaris Frede
    Amaris Frede   1 months ago

    8:36 Damn, haven't heard from Boyinaband for some time, hope he's alright.

  • XadowMonzter
    XadowMonzter   1 months ago

    If Jake Paul became as successful as he is, without a doubt the guy from this movie would also be successful too.

  • Brendan
    Brendan   1 months ago

    NGL ide rather watch this crap than anything bo burnham puts out. that guy is a talent-less hack. why is he hyped? Ive never had a 'comedian' make me feel so cringey and uncomfortable. never laughed once. My wife asked if we could turn it off and watch something funny.

  • Miguel Rodrigues
    Miguel Rodrigues   1 months ago

    This movie could have been amazing if the director and the written were good

  • Ash Kebora
    Ash Kebora   1 months ago

    The least believable part of this is where some rich kid would get away with getting popular on the internet with their own face and a name like "no one special" without getting figured out. Unless that was an extremely private rich family, juicy gossip like that gets around fast.

  • Rurike
    Rurike   1 months ago

    Seeing how popular Dar Man videos and clones of his have gotten so fast, shallow inspirational messages are really liked by the algerythem

  • Mary-Elizabeth Gilbert
    Mary-Elizabeth Gilbert   1 months ago

    Ever see that movie Network "I'm as mad as hell, and I ain't gonna take it anymore!" ?While watching your review, I started to remember this great movie!

  • rover
    rover   1 months ago

    I would love nothing more than Nicolas Cage youtube channel

  • YeeticusAurelius
    YeeticusAurelius   1 months ago

    A Nick Cage youtube channel would be a gold mine of memes.