“He Has The Pendant Clip” | Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings

  • Published on: 03 September 2021
  • Shang-Chi 🆚 the Death Dealer. Check out this epic scene from Marvel Studios' “Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings” and experience it only in theaters, now playing! Get tickets now: Fandango.com/ShangChi

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  • Runtime : 41
  • marvel comics


  • Enthralpy
    Enthralpy   7 hours ago

    I see that Kakashi vs Obito inspiration kicking in at 0:25

  • fortnite. edit kid
    fortnite. edit kid   3 days ago

    Mean I be happy if their ever karate kid. Crossover I be happy with it

    ASTAGOZ   1 weeks ago

    What if 💀 death dealer is a hero 👑

  • alex
    alex   3 weeks ago

    It would’ve been cooler if the guy took off his mask and we find out he’s a Wakandan

  • sheila
    sheila   3 weeks ago

    The plot is predictable and boring. The storyline is almost the same as other Asian films, it's just that the video editing is good.

  • Jafar Vali
    Jafar Vali   1 months ago

    Watched it 2nd time. And I enjoyed it more, one of the excellent MCU movie.

  • Ben Ar
    Ben Ar   1 months ago

    I love how a marvel origin story became one of it's best films

  • PaleoGuy
    PaleoGuy   1 months ago

    death dealer is a badass

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J   1 months ago

    Jackie Chan should have got a cameo or sumn. This is literally his fight choreography

  • Benasher Tan
    Benasher Tan   1 months ago

    They went thru so much trouble just to get together. Could have been easier if his dad sent an email

  • Mud Plays
    Mud Plays   1 months ago

    Andy Le did an amazing performance as Death Dealer!

  • Kakashi senpai
    Kakashi senpai   1 months ago

    that kunai thing is straight from kakashi vs obito fr!!

  • Jeypi
    Jeypi   1 months ago

    I love how Marvel is coming back to hand to hand combat after giving us Godlike levels of power.

  • Abilon
    Abilon   1 months ago

    saw this 2 days ago and the cinema messed up the projector... was really blurry, but i could tell that this movie is insane.

  • Artproject Six
    Artproject Six   1 months ago

    I wanted him to flip-kick the kunai like kakashi so bad

  • araara69
    araara69   1 months ago

    all these superheroes and this dude is just kung fu

  • Tony10295
    Tony10295   1 months ago

    When you realize death dealer is a youtuber

  • Ben Ar
    Ben Ar   1 months ago

    This movie was made for the theaters, rip to the countries where it isnt available

  • Kabuto
    Kabuto   1 months ago

    Loved this movie

  • FC Vitosha Sofia
    FC Vitosha Sofia   1 months ago

    the way Shang Chi catched the kunai kinda reminded of kakashi vs obito on naruto shippuden

  • Luis Domacena
    Luis Domacena   1 months ago

    i would kill to see captain america fight shang-chi

  • fhuzy
    fhuzy   1 months ago

    This has never been done in cinema before! Way to go marvel! Breaking new ground!

  • kk 5579
    kk 5579   1 months ago

    They made him so scary with the Chinese opera music then killed him off just like that🥴