High Elimination Solo Squad Win Gameplay Full Game Season 8 (Fortnite Ps4 Controller)

  • Published on: 30 September 2021
  • #Fortnite #SoloVsSquads #FortniteChapter3 #ad #FortniteController

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  • Runtime : 18:9
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  • Mauricio Ordaz
    Mauricio Ordaz   3 months ago

    SENSEI where are you..?😔 I need another video please,

  • cam <33
    cam <33   3 months ago

    hi sensei 🥰. also we need more videos w commentary 😂!

  • Redistylte GD
    Redistylte GD   3 months ago

    First CC SenseiYT then Buying the Battle Pass👍♥👍

  • Yoshikage Kira
    Yoshikage Kira   3 months ago

    Damn a minato profile pick and plays Fortnite😔

  • Transboyy
    Transboyy   3 months ago

    U make me so fucking laught AHAGABAHAHAKLPÖÖLJ DAMN FUCKING GOOD VID 🔥

  • lizzy
    lizzy   3 months ago

    😇good job

  • Michi Du
    Michi Du   3 months ago

    Your gameplay is crazy!! Love it.....peace

  • Virtuso!
    Virtuso!   3 months ago

    Looking for fully cracked people to help me reach contenders! Just no cursing. You will have to carry me as it's my first season of competitive! (Middle east)

  • Papiis Thiam
    Papiis Thiam   3 months ago


  • GachaKing YT
    GachaKing YT   3 months ago

    And that kids is why we call him sensei

  • Misa Hasukic
    Misa Hasukic   3 months ago

    King of the game💪👑💪👑💪👑💪👑💪

  • Chronic Xify
    Chronic Xify   3 months ago

    Don’t tell faze sway cause imma bIg fan of him but your solos squad or any comp game mode is just like faze sway but 2x better cause your commentary while you’re playing is so fumny

  • A Knight of Cybertron
    A Knight of Cybertron   3 months ago

    Speaking of his skin, anyone going to see Let There Be Carnage this weekend 💯🔥💯

    FRANKULTIMATE7   3 months ago

    I Like it how at the end SENSEI starts to act like a Psycho Serial Killer just like Carnage owner Cletus Kasady LMFAO

  • Juan
    Juan   3 months ago

    Eres un crack sensei

  • Dale Kacivi
    Dale Kacivi   3 months ago

    Congratulations for reaching level 100

  • Dale Kacivi
    Dale Kacivi   3 months ago

    Congratulations on reaching to level100