Chuck Says Embiid & Simmons are Shaq & Kobe like - Inside the NBA | February 25, 2021 NBA Season

  • Published on: 26 February 2021
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  • Runtime : 3:15


  • cskaismful
    cskaismful   4 days ago

    Nah more like Kareem and Magic (not that theyre even close) and Embiid could be an all time great Center if he stays healthy hes got it all but Simmons is the furthest thing from Kobe that u can ever see. Hes like Magic and LeBron. Nothing like Kobe.

  • L.Pasteur
    L.Pasteur   5 days ago

    If NBA Jam had a mode where you could play Shaq & Kobe vs Embiid & Simmons, it wouldn’t be a close game.

  • BluntTalk TV
    BluntTalk TV   1 weeks ago

    This is why no one likes or listens to barkley

  • PBM
    PBM   1 weeks ago

    Simmons got Kobe hairstyle in the first title and that’s it. 🤣🤣🤣. Simmons got no jump shot and no killer.

  • Ceez B
    Ceez B   2 weeks ago

    😅 this is like saying Chuck looks like CR7

  • ImRisqi X
    ImRisqi X   2 weeks ago

    How you gonna compare Simmons to kobe bruh

  • justaguy123_
    justaguy123_   3 weeks ago

    Lmfaooooo Shaq didn’t say a word 😂😂

  • Bhinder 84
    Bhinder 84   4 weeks ago

    Simmons is shaq coz both got no jumper lol

  • Jaquil Green
    Jaquil Green   4 weeks ago

    Chuck is stupid Kobe is the goat and Shaq is top 5 or 6 idk where he is in my ranking yet

  • Marlo Haseq
    Marlo Haseq   1 months ago

    Simmons is really not Kobe like he’s more of a one of a kind player. He’s more like a buffer Rondo or a Lebron that can’t shoot.

  • mv15_
    mv15_   1 months ago

    ik kobe lookin down at them n jus shaking his head

  • Mac94bmp
    Mac94bmp   1 months ago

    The definition of disrespect is comparing arguably the worst jump shooter in the league today to the 2nd greatest 2 guard of all time that has 5 rings. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • blazingimpact1
    blazingimpact1   1 months ago

    Kenny’s so annoying... I legit always skip thru whenever he talks

  • Oumar Diallo
    Oumar Diallo   1 months ago

    Shaq holds a big old mug with 2 fingers

  • Myko
    Myko   1 months ago

    Tbh, Shaq isn’t even top 5 centers to play the game. He’s top 10 at best, yes he was dominate but he wasn’t skilled, there is a big difference.

  • Griffon
    Griffon   1 months ago

    Bruh u don’t need a shot to be good. He good a facilitator. Dw about the shot Ben. Game and enjoy. Both basketball and video games.

  • Mike Beats
    Mike Beats   1 months ago

    Chuck comparing Embiid & Simmons to the greats Shaq & Kobe smh

  • japheth To-ong
    japheth To-ong   1 months ago

    Better have a three peat before shaq and Kobe like.

  • MeatySmirk
    MeatySmirk   1 months ago

    Shaq drinking out of that big ass cup with 2 fingers in hilarious

  • Zenus
    Zenus   1 months ago

    This show always puts me in a good mood.

  • SJ Austin
    SJ Austin   1 months ago

    Y’all need to chill w coming at chuck 😂 y’all know he ain’t saying they’re at shaq and Kobe’s level. But they have the opportunity to dominate with the pick n roll game, and they truly could and should man handle their matchups cuz it’s gonna be a mismatch every time

  • Quise
    Quise   1 months ago

    What on defense? 😂😂

  • Mrcabletwitch
    Mrcabletwitch   1 months ago

    this is a fucking insult...simmons? Embiid? seriously?lolol its already too late to compare them...they're too old to even catch up to shaq+kobe

  • Sanji The Chef
    Sanji The Chef   1 months ago

    kenny: pours fuelshaq: quietkenny: lights another match just to be sureshaq: RINGS

  • lilyusi
    lilyusi   1 months ago

    If anything ben and Embiid are like magic and Kareem. Or maybe clyde and hakeem (idk maybe doesnt make sense since ben doesnt really shoot or score well)

  • Reinel Lagman
    Reinel Lagman   1 months ago

    Tmac Yao is a better comparison to shaq kobe

  • Doron Bond
    Doron Bond   1 months ago

    Chuck should be suspended and then consider replacing....

  • Downtown Raptor
    Downtown Raptor   1 months ago

    simmons is a waste. guy can't shoot and has a max contract. should not even be in the league. a terrible player. they will never win with these 2 guys. embiid is a clown frontrunner.

  • nukiepie
    nukiepie   1 months ago

    shaq was like hold my ice tea