TWRP - Starlight Brigade (feat. Dan Avidan) [Official video]

  • Published on: 23 May 2019
  • From the album "Together Through Time" available at
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    Video by Knights of the Light Table

    Producer - Patrick Stannard ►
    Director - India Swift ►
    Art Director - Michael Doig ►


    Song by TWRP
    Vocals & lyrics by Dan Avidan


    Special thanks to Roger Dean, Hayao Miyazaki, and Moebius for all of their visual inspiration.

  • Runtime : 4:9
  • anime music video synthwave twrp dan avidan game grumps ninja sex party studio ghibli roger dean


  • Ryan Perrin
    Ryan Perrin   10 hours ago

    Literally every time I watch this it makes me wish it was a movie/show. Just a gorgeous space opera ala Macross.

  • James Anderson
    James Anderson   22 hours ago

    can we get someone to animate a series about this that would be awesome.

  • Magnus
    Magnus   1 days ago

    This is exactly how I pictured this music video, wonderful

  • Jordan Parry
    Jordan Parry   2 days ago

    Not my first time here and not my last. Still love this animation and song even today, still praying for a cool af animated series based on this lol

  • skylox 40
    skylox 40   3 days ago

    This was a freaking masterpiece

  • Hommn 192
    Hommn 192   3 days ago

    I initially heard this on Spotify and loved it, but I so regret never looking it up on youtube before now

  • Gainsthorpe
    Gainsthorpe   4 days ago

    Destiny 2: Crow and his flight team use the light to break through the black fleet and end the curse on the dreaming city (2021 Colourized)

  • Ram Queenn
    Ram Queenn   4 days ago

    Sooo when is the cartoon/anime airing?

  • Wing X Custom
    Wing X Custom   4 days ago

    The best childhood animated series I never did see

  • Krystal Myth
    Krystal Myth   4 days ago

    Miss this style of anime. beautiful. Thought it was a lost art.

  • Pie Avenger
    Pie Avenger   6 days ago

    I've been listening to this song for... good lord, at least the past two, almost three years nowhaving it pop through my playlist while i'm washing cars at workbut every time i heard it while working, as soon as the line "This is my Destiny" came up, i couldn't help but sigh sadly.i didn't feel right. i was stuck in a dead-end job, and i didn't have anywhere else to go because nobody would hire me for reasons i just couldn't figure out. But for the first time today, i finally found that Starship idling nearby...i've started full time recently at a local bakery chain, and my life has only been getting better since then. i'm done washing cars, now i can actually do something that i know has an affect on peopleAt some point when i was biking home, something clicked.. and i just felt...FreeI've never biked home faster than i did today, all so i could come back here and write about how much this song has affected me.Truly and honestly, i want to thank you from the deepest pits of my heart. you are the light that keeps me going.

  • Isis Rockie
    Isis Rockie   6 days ago

    Every time I watch this I notice something new. This time, I noticed how expressive Commander Meouch is. This is so smooth and well animated! So many details! The song is a really nice listen too. This video is just so well put together, and it deserves more attention.

  • Pamedar Morton
    Pamedar Morton   6 days ago

    Clicked this with no background and when i saw ft. Dan Avidan i immediatley knew i was in for a good time

  • Jack
    Jack   1 weeks ago

    POV: you're a kid and just started playing Star Fox 64 for the first time.

  • liber gonzalez
    liber gonzalez   1 weeks ago

    Amaizing!!! Esperaba un voltron jaja pero está genial!!

  • Nessy
    Nessy   1 weeks ago

    Ugggg 4 minutes of my life gonecan I trade 400 more please for the dopamine I got from this boping song and the slapping g animation

  • TheRagnarok 3320
    TheRagnarok 3320   1 weeks ago

    Best band in the universe and Tupperware rave party need to do a collab music video !!!

  • VividLight
    VividLight   1 weeks ago

    When this comes on at work it feels fucking awesome!

  • Alisha Hawley
    Alisha Hawley   1 weeks ago

    I got some serious Nausicaa of the valley of the wind vibes off of this, and I love it!!

  • Luna
    Luna   1 weeks ago


  • Xayte
    Xayte   1 weeks ago

    Timeless animation style.

  • Edward Roach
    Edward Roach   1 weeks ago

    Using stereotypes I've made deductions on how the characters would be if this was a series:Strive: Your standard heart of gold main character, but ultimately too naive for their own goodDoctor Sung: Strong leader and ultimately pulls the whole team togetherHavve Hogan: Nice to everyone but can be brutal if he wants toCommander Meouch: Tough but friendly, older brother type characterSpace Ninja Brian: Silent but deadly, and ultimately has everyone's best intentions at heartLord Phobos: Your wingman kinda guy, good for advice and will help with most things within reasonLet me know if you agree, disagree or have any other ideas

  • coda
    coda   1 weeks ago

    this must have been loads of fun to work on

  • Noah Vallone
    Noah Vallone   1 weeks ago

    That was like the best fucking thing I’ve ever seen??? 10000000/10

  • Vida Lopez
    Vida Lopez   1 weeks ago

    That was honestly the most BEAUTIFULLY animated music video I’ve ever seen

  • SR Brant
    SR Brant   1 weeks ago

    The closest we'll get to a Destiny animated series.

  • Athalaris
    Athalaris   1 weeks ago

    I love the Pink Floyd easter egg xD

  • Timpin D.
    Timpin D.   1 weeks ago

    I like that ninja brian was one of the pilots, that’s good

  • snotskikle
    snotskikle   1 weeks ago

    Fucking furry’s ruin everything