Who's Your MVP? | The Inside the NBA Crew Get Into Heated Debate Over MVP Candidates | NBA on TNT

  • Published on: 14 January 2022
  • Chuck, Shaq, Kenny and EJ talk MVP frontrunners and the debate heats up 👀

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  • Runtime : 7:20
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  • Yale Michael
    Yale Michael   1 hours ago

    Take Lebron out of the Lakers and they fall to bottom of the west 🤷🏽

  • Yale Michael
    Yale Michael   1 hours ago

    MVP caliber players this season - Embiid, Giannis, Jokic, Luka, Lebron & DeRozen

  • JAM
    JAM   2 hours ago

    Westbrook should never have won the MVP. That was Kawhi's year.

    VULGARxRM   3 hours ago

    Shaq is consistently wrong, but I love him for sticking with his dumb points

  • 444 Santana
    444 Santana   5 hours ago

    If Jokic has Jamal Murray Denver would be leading the west.

  • SilentG
    SilentG   7 hours ago

    Jokic is about to set a record for player efficiency in a season and without him the nuggets are one of the worst teams in the nba. MVP

  • M G’s
    M G’s   8 hours ago

    Shaq is right plus this winning narative has only become a thing ever since Lebron was snubbed during the Lakers championship year

  • dolita windo
    dolita windo   15 hours ago

    Shaq literally turned and fought against his own argument there. And what makes it so funny is that silent moment of realization they all had.

  • Micheal jordan
    Micheal jordan   16 hours ago

    Name me another player who’s lost both there 2 and 3rd best player and is keeping there team competing. Nikola jokic is averaging like 26ppg 14rpg 7apg. he’s singlehandedly killing teams. They know the nuggets game plan and still can’t stop him. He runs there whole offense and is 2 best rebounder in the league. Last year I wasn’t sure but what’s he’s doing this year is crazy. 4more rpg ontop of what he did last year with no help.Kd/steph were hot early on but gotta be jokic/Giannis/embiid. Team would be no where without them. lebrons definitely earned some mvp praise as well with theese last few 30 point games

  • Da Truth Iz
    Da Truth Iz   16 hours ago

    I swear Shaq hates Joel embiid don't know what it is but he hates him

  • Eamon Moore
    Eamon Moore   17 hours ago

    None of them watch a lot of current NBA games fr except Ernie.

  • James
    James   20 hours ago

    LeBron 😤

  • WNDR Music
    WNDR Music   22 hours ago

    Not one time was Lebron mentioned in this conversation... You guys have lost all credibility. Period. In fact I would never even watch this program again. Absolutely ridiculous 🤣

  • Darrell Thomas
    Darrell Thomas   23 hours ago

    How Kenny gon mention Cole Anthony before LeGoat James🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️WORST ANALYST EVER

  • OverTimeAngel
    OverTimeAngel   1 days ago

    Giannis is on the same level as his competitors offensively if not then HIGHER (he’s the most double teamed player in the league still I believe) and he’s LIGHT YEARS ahead defensively on ALL OF THEM

  • Tom La Pont
    Tom La Pont   1 days ago

    Finally someone understands what MVP actually means. Shaq is right. It's supposed to be an individual award for the player most valuable to their team. I don't know when it became a team award and all about wins but it's like that in the NFL and with the Heisman too. Why even call it MVP if it's all about team wins?

  • John Palmer
    John Palmer   1 days ago

    Kenny and Charles made the correct point to Shaq. Outside of Westbrook's historic Triple Double season (the second ever and the first in almost 50 years) where the Thunder finished 6th, every other MVP has been on at least a Top 4 team. Notice Westbrook didn't win another MVP despite having even better Triple Double seasons after that?

  • kb b
    kb b   1 days ago

    As a Georgia Tech grad the UGA helmet is killing me. Filming this in ATL is just disrespectful lol

  • Kevin Thomas
    Kevin Thomas   1 days ago

    If Giannis wins the MVP and DPOY again, were does that put him in the All Time list....??

  • Ciggie Smalls
    Ciggie Smalls   1 days ago

    Jokic Giannis Embiid all #1 Steph Caruso Doncic all #2

  • James Sgian
    James Sgian   1 days ago

    Joker has highest PER in history of NBA by more than 2 points. No contest.

  • Viruz X
    Viruz X   1 days ago

    Steph on the bench what a clown🤣

  • Todro
    Todro   1 days ago

    people that take jokic over giannis is trippin

  • Erlis Kodra
    Erlis Kodra   1 days ago

    How this turn into a vanilla ice roast