Chris Broussard & Rob Parker - Dan Orlovsky Faces Backlash for Justin Fields Comments

  • Published on: 04 April 2021
  • THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Rob Parker react to the backlash Dan Orlovsky is facing after revealing what's being said about Justin Fields' draft stock falling. Orlovsky said the following: “One, I have heard that he is a last-guy-in, first-guy-out type of quarterback. Like, not the maniacal work ethic. I’ve even heard it compared to Justin Herbert, where it was like, ‘Dude, when Justin Herbert showed up, he was like a psychopath when it came to working and get ready for the draft.’ Or even at school, like, ‘Give me more, I want to work non-stop.’ And I’ve heard that there are issues with Justin Fields’ work ethic. . . . The second thing is . . . where is his desire to go be a great quarterback? I think that there’s a desire to be a big-time athlete, from what is expressed to me, but where is his desire to be a great quarterback? And to be great, you gotta be willing to find the things that you are not good at and just freaking grind on them.”

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  • Latisa Rahman
    Latisa Rahman   1 weeks ago


  • Sean Merrill
    Sean Merrill   2 weeks ago

    The cop in the Atlanta shootings didn’t say the guy was having a bad day. Some media outlet cut the tape of his press conference to make it look like the cop was offering his own assessment. In fact, the cop was actually asked about and repeated what the shooter himself said about why he did it. This idea that the cop was sympathizing with the shooter is a canard. He wasn’t.

  • Johnny Cage
    Johnny Cage   2 weeks ago

    Just as they said that Christian McCaffrey would not be a successful RB because he is white

  • m t g
    m t g   2 weeks ago

    Nobody talks about the overt racist stereotypes directed towards whites from the main stream media; certainly not from these two

  • Paul Monk
    Paul Monk   2 weeks ago

    Dan talk his draft down he done his part Dan is a punk

  • Many Gods
    Many Gods   2 weeks ago

    Orlovsky sucked as a QB in the nfl

  • Massive Dynamic
    Massive Dynamic   2 weeks ago

    You guys are kind. I'll just tell it! Orlovsky is a hater, who is jealous the he was a failure, as an NFL QB. He hates fields because he is the new prototype! It's that simple.

  • J Ramirez
    J Ramirez   2 weeks ago

    Dan should’ve known you can’t say anything negative ever about blacks or the mob will come after you.

  • Xray Vision
    Xray Vision   3 weeks ago

    Dan Orlovsky was the backup QB to Matthew Stafford on an 0-16 team straight garbage player straight garbage analyst

  • David Carlos
    David Carlos   3 weeks ago

    Why are people giving him flak for his comments, he is saying what people have told him... he is reporting smh. Doing his job.

  • Big Rush
    Big Rush   1 months ago

    Idk if Dan is racist or not but these conversations should add extra motivation for Justin Fields. Maybe Dan actually heard this about Fields. I'm a Buckeyes fan. Fields doesn't come across as the pumped up energy guy but to question his work ethic after everything Fields did on and off the field last season, his work ethic should speak for itself

  • Jerson Figueiredo
    Jerson Figueiredo   1 months ago

    Or, maybe he is just lazy. Black people can be lazy too, you know.

  • DM1986
    DM1986   1 months ago

    Does that make him a cornball brother

  • La Nell English
    La Nell English   1 months ago

    Justin just make every GM that passed on you regret it, that’s all you can do. Racism is alive and well.

  • Jakeem
    Jakeem   1 months ago

    So sensitive...he said that a player is allegedly not a maniacal worker...I don’t see how that’s racist

  • flch95
    flch95   1 months ago

    Why does everything have to be about race?

  • Anthony Hilton
    Anthony Hilton   1 months ago

    I believe he heard it. His honesty is costing him. Don't criticize his comments

  • Ineffable Beginning
    Ineffable Beginning   1 months ago

    I think half of these tv people we think are racists are taking advantage of real racists who will cash app money to all of the talking heads that support them. If the pendulum swung I think they will speak from the other extreme because it pays..........WILL CAIN IS A RACISTS THO LOL. I KNEW THAT THE FIRST TIME I SAW HIM ON FIRST TAKE "BEFORE" HE EVEN HAD THE CHANCE TO SPEAK

  • Ineffable Beginning
    Ineffable Beginning   1 months ago

    I've only watched a few fields games. He did look like he either was going through his reads but not aware Of the pressure or he feels the pressure and miss his reads. Most successful passing plays I see him in no one is able to rush the qb.........but I haven't seen enough to say that what I thought was true..........I do however think that its possible that he is good and going through the racist qb ringer

  • Michael Arthur
    Michael Arthur   1 months ago

    How is lazy he is the on who wanted to play in the Big 10.Typicsl racist talk about black Quarterback. Because he did not play for Georgia.

  • Matt. W
    Matt. W   1 months ago

    Commercials are making Youtube unwatchable!

  • john little
    john little   1 months ago

    As a life long lions fan I want to say pay Dan orlovsky no mind he sucks as a commentator a Qb a person named Dan he sucks at everything

  • Nikita Smith-Bey
    Nikita Smith-Bey   1 months ago

    Ppl actin like O State QBs dont have a track record of being trash NFL QBs. Troy Smith the only one in the last 20 years to have any decent success

  • G Wilder
    G Wilder   1 months ago

    Mac was drunk as hell driving around but it’s hush hush.

  • 2Bhonest 2Bhonest
    2Bhonest 2Bhonest   1 months ago

    Blacks built this country ? I thought they were left out and kept down ?

  • 2Bhonest 2Bhonest
    2Bhonest 2Bhonest   1 months ago

    Obv if your white you are not allowed to say anything negative about a black person. If you hear that they are lazy you have to ignore that and pretend you never heard it. Come on white people do better

  • Cesar Bonilla
    Cesar Bonilla   1 months ago

    Pulling the race card on Dan lol these guys are Clowns.

  • JP
    JP   1 months ago

    Attention white people. You no longer are able to have opinions on anything, especially, wait for it.......Black people. You will be deemed a racist if you do. This was your daily friendly reminder. Have a good day.

  • Shawn Smith
    Shawn Smith   1 months ago

    Fact is nobody knows where fields is going to get picked. He could very well get picked 2nd by the jets. This is LYING season and smoke screen season in the NFL. Orlovsky is stupid not to check his sources at OSU before he said he doesn’t have great work ethic. But thinking he can damage his stock from this statement is insane. All the GM’s have info on this kid that we will never find out. Media making a big deal about this with zero clue as the who is going to draft him. All I know is teams want to win in the NFL and if they think Fields give them the best chance for that they will draft him. It doesn’t matter if they are black or white.

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith   1 months ago

    I watched Justin fields at uga he was not impressive and he wasn’t clearly better than from had more talent but not clearly better

  • Fred Perez
    Fred Perez   1 months ago

    Cmon don’t make this a racial fields is as good or better than any QB in this draft

  • Ricky Cox
    Ricky Cox   1 months ago

    Never liked this guy. Racist

    I AM COACH   1 months ago

    Old trick by a team trying to get a higher pick at a lower spot....Scare off the teams who have higher draft picks.