Wardruna - Kvitravn (White Raven) - Official music video

  • Published on: 16 October 2020
  • Original lyrics and English translation found below.

    Video produced by Ragnarok Film // https://www.ragnarok-film.com
    You can pre-order Wardrunas upcoming album “Kvitravn” here


    Ut i skuma
    Lokkar til meg
    Kvite ramnen
    Duld og dvelande

    Høyr eg spør!
    Lend meg ei fjør
    Så skal eg verkje
    vingar kvite

    Lat oss flyga
    i vide vindar
    I hugjen veida
    Med songen seida

    Høyr eg spør!
    Lend meg vidsyn
    Lat meg skilje
    Sjå i skodda

    Høyr eg spør!
    Lær meg songen
    som deg freistar… som meg freistar
    som deg finn… som meg finn

    Vil du meg fylgja
    i all mi tid?
    Vil du meg varda
    i all mi tid?

    Gav meg vingar
    Kvite korpa
    Gav meg sjon
    Gav meg songen
    Kvite vingar
    Fylgjer meg

    White Raven

    Into twilight
    Lure you in
    White raven
    Veiled and dwelling

    Let me ask!
    Lend me a feather
    I will turn it
    into white wings

    Let us fly,
    wide on winds
    With hunting minds
    and sorcerous songs

    Let me ask!
    Lend me your wide-sight
    Let me espy,
    in fumes of fog

    Let me ask!
    Teach me the song
    that allures you… that allures me
    that finds you… that finds me

    Will you follow me
    throughout my time?
    Will you watch over me
    throughout my time?

    Gave me wings
    White raven
    Gave me foresight
    Gave me the song
    White wings
    Follows me
  • Runtime : 6:29
  • Raven Norse music shamanism animism Einar Selvik Runes kvitrafn


  • Tab R
    Tab R   1 days ago

    Einar Selvik (Lead Singer) are you single?? You are good looking man and that voice.. WOW! Nice job Wardruna! You bring out my inner shieldmaiden.

  • Джони Монтана

    просто сумасшедшая энергетика, хочется бороться за жизнь после таких треков.

  • harwi studio
    harwi studio   3 days ago

    Wardruna,this is not song that common people listen today. But i love this kind of music.This is like Gems !The music and visualizations are amazing!Thank you!

  • Front Man
    Front Man   3 days ago

    I just want to grab my ax and go raiding.

  • Kath von G
    Kath von G   3 days ago

    Dla mojego kochanego Brata Dawida 🖤 💔jestem pewna, że słyszy i słucha 🖤

  • Sven Tveskæg
    Sven Tveskæg   3 days ago

    Best tunes ever my brother Valhalla is calling ⚔️må Odin bære dig for evigt hilsen dine naboer i Danmark skål🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰

  • Henrick Ragon
    Henrick Ragon   3 days ago

    Je viens de découvrir, j'adore ! 😍 Ça fait vibrer mon ADN... mes origines pas si lointaines.

  • Chris Venter
    Chris Venter   4 days ago

    Unreal!! Makes me wanna move to where ever they are

  • Clapton Dennis
    Clapton Dennis   4 days ago

    Is it a bird? Yep, is it a plaine? No... what a masterpiece, the Video is stunning, the music well played and the lyrics make me wanna move to Norway. That's a big step, but I could be crazy enough to do it, sometimes I guess you have to be.

  • Mar I
    Mar I   4 days ago

    Bravo, vraiment, très puissant, mes racines nordiques vibrent profondément !

  • madouria
    madouria   4 days ago


  • Per Loco
    Per Loco   4 days ago

    That was the best idea to leave this satanic gorgoroth and start something new, something awesome, pure magic and masterpiecie!

  • xXRandom Red RebelXx

    This song shakes and awakes my soul and sends chills threw out my body I love this song.❤️❤️

  • David Woods
    David Woods   5 days ago

    I see more Crow's then Raven's . Crow's have always been with me . Totems.

  • 249sawgnr
    249sawgnr   5 days ago

    This song and video would do well with VR

  • Оля Жерикова

    джитсу ворона(не прикасается к земле а прикасается к цвету)

  • Оля Жерикова

    у нас такое молодое население не слушайте стариков извращённых вот мама научила вас кушать и пить и гулять.

  • Оля Жерикова

    большая ворона уши чужие похоже на цитадель халф лайф 2.0.38..

  • live-n-love
    live-n-love   6 days ago

    Mighty is the white raven of old..shines and is mightier than All

  • Chris Peters
    Chris Peters   1 weeks ago

    So sad it's been over a year without a new song I hope you people can unfuq yourselves


    Oh!!!! Amazing!!!! Like Great Song 👌 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=_dbcSQR3LWMhttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=uwKdMFK-phc

  • Paul A
    Paul A   1 weeks ago

    I want an 4k version, the music and 4k nature will blow my mind 100x more! I will donate if there is a 4k version. I love nature and this song!

  • Friedemann Bliß
    Friedemann Bliß   1 weeks ago

    Your Music is phantastic. Thankyou. Yonna hears it too. Nice.

  • Joan Kry
    Joan Kry   1 weeks ago

    Prawdziwa muzyka robi z ciałem to, co robi wardruna, dudni o żebra, biegnie prądem wzdłuż kręgosłupa, wymusza ruch, nie wspominając w ogóle co robi z jaźnią

  • Kseniya Fedorova
    Kseniya Fedorova   1 weeks ago

    Классно, чувствую корни где то здесь.....

  • mr. KАН
    mr. KАН   1 weeks ago

    Красивый клип,мощно и душевно..Скол братья и сёстры!

  • Eloquent Sarcasm
    Eloquent Sarcasm   1 weeks ago

    The videos to these songs are masterworks, they tell a story every bit as powerful as the songs. Utterly amazing cinematography.

  • Jhonny Ruiz
    Jhonny Ruiz   1 weeks ago

    Saludos desde Peru 🇵🇪👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🛠