SEC Shorts - Arkansas fan goes through It's a Wonderful Life

  • Published on: 05 October 2020
  • The streak of 20 straight SEC losses would take its toll on any fanbase and unfortunately for the Arkansas Razorbacks, their team was smack dab in the middle of that streak. With no end to the streak in sight, a disheartened Razorback fan wishes that Arkansas football never existed and much to his horror, he gets his wish.
  • Runtime : 4:33


  • Jumbles Gaming
    Jumbles Gaming   3 days ago

    As a LSU fan I think I'd like it if Arkansas didn't do football... 🤣

  • Caleb Jackson
    Caleb Jackson   1 weeks ago

    The only problem with this is 2015 Clemson would have surely beaten Ole miss 2015 for the SEC championship.

  • Kristi Evans
    Kristi Evans   3 weeks ago

    Pure. Gold. The Bobby Petrino photo on the fridge had me cryin’ 😂🤣😭

  • Shayne Mayo
    Shayne Mayo   3 weeks ago

    Well Clarence really put those damn wings to work this year. Keep flapping, my friend. Keep flapping.

  • Justin Sarvela
    Justin Sarvela   3 weeks ago

    Watching him get triggered over McFadden at LSU... LMAOOOO

  • funnytortoise
    funnytortoise   3 weeks ago

    This is the 2021 season and George must be ecstatic.

  • thelastpatriot
    thelastpatriot   3 weeks ago

    Every time SEC Shorts makes a new video an Angel gets its wings.

  • thelastpatriot
    thelastpatriot   3 weeks ago

    God has seen George and this video and now 9-27-21 the Hogs are ranked in the top 10.

  • SoarandSkor
    SoarandSkor   3 weeks ago

    This is interesting to watch right now,

  • George Anderson
    George Anderson   3 weeks ago

    Hey if we had McFadden, the first football game I ever went to wouldn’t have ended in that 3OT loss.

  • Royce Dutch Jr.
    Royce Dutch Jr.   3 weeks ago

    Who’s here after Arkansas was ranked #8 in the AP Poll

  • Jason Pratt
    Jason Pratt   3 weeks ago

    Thought the subtitlers were going to be afk this episode, but they came through in the end!

  • Lance King
    Lance King   4 weeks ago

    Now look at arkansas razorbacks. Let go hogs

  • D Gibbs
    D Gibbs   4 weeks ago

    …”and you can clearly explain the offsides penalty.” 😂🤣😂

  • SW clipz
    SW clipz   4 weeks ago

    Happy to watch Arkansas now😂😂

  • Brett Frost
    Brett Frost   1 months ago

    Now they have beaten both Texas and Texas a and m successfully completing the Texas 2 step

  • Sergeant At Arms
    Sergeant At Arms   1 months ago

    LOL Hahahahaha! I must say even as a Badgers fan and a Big10 guy this SEC shorts are good and this was 1 was Hilarious!!! HAhaha!

  • Zeebo
    Zeebo   1 months ago

    Back after the beat down they just put Texas through, happy for the Hogs fans!

  • Mike Schmidt
    Mike Schmidt   1 months ago

    Arky has come a long way since this video.