Is Joel Embiid a more skilled big man than Shaq? | First Take

  • Published on: 02 March 2021
  • Is Joel Embiid a more skilled big man than Shaq? | First Take
    Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman debate whether Joel Embiid is a more skilled big man than Shaquille O'Neal.
    0:00 Max makes the case for Embiid over Shaq.
    1:15 Stephen A. calls out Embiid for failing to live up to his potential until this season with Doc Rivers as the Philadelphia 76ers' head coach.
    5:00 Max reflects on Embiid's MVP-caliber season.
    #FirstTake #NBA

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  • Runtime : 6:46
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  • ESPN
    ESPN   2 months ago

    0:00​ Max makes the case for Embiid over Shaq.1:15​ Stephen A. calls out Embiid for failing to live up to his potential until this season with Doc Rivers as the Philadelphia 76ers' head coach. 5:00​ Max reflects on Embiid's MVP-caliber season.

  • The Patriot TB12
    The Patriot TB12   5 days ago

    Yes, Embiid is more skilled. I'd say Shaq would dominate in the paint. Post, box outs and rebounds.

    KINGandDUCK   3 weeks ago

    Technically, Giannis and Durant are big men. He arguably may be more skilled than Giannis but definitely not Durant 🏀

  • Kelvin Suen
    Kelvin Suen   3 weeks ago

    Embiid is not just a post-up player. He can shoot the ball and crossover other big guys. He is like a slower but bulkier version of Kevin Durrant.

  • Deaner Beamer
    Deaner Beamer   4 weeks ago

    Shaq wouldn't argue about who's more skilled but who's more dominant. Embiid is baby food for Shaq. Period.

  • Michael Kearney
    Michael Kearney   4 weeks ago

    Shaq had no skill whatsoever. He was a power player. That's it

  • un knowed
    un knowed   4 weeks ago

    No rings Shaq 4x times champ

  • Stanley Nowak
    Stanley Nowak   4 weeks ago

    Max,Huh, isn't Patrick Ewing a better legit seven-footer than Embiid? What about Wilt Chaimberlan? Max stick to boxing.

  • william galloway
    william galloway   1 months ago

    I promise Max is on this show just to be, because Max confuses himself when he talk. Then he really never answers the questions that are asked, but when he answers the questions he gives you a ten page research paper that has nothing to do with the main ideal that their searching lol. Don’t get me wrong I’d take him over Ryan Hollins any day of the week twice on Sunday lol

  • Jesse Chen
    Jesse Chen   1 months ago

    Joel is MUCH more skilled. However, Shaq was just unstoppable. Shaq couldn’t do as much as Joel (handles, shooting, free throws, etc.) but the things he could do, he did them WELL and no one could stop him. And he made it to the top NBA scoring leaders being a garbage free throw shooter and not being a three point shooter. Most dominant ever.

  • Zach Gonzales
    Zach Gonzales   1 months ago

    Shaq and the Magic were also the only team to knock Michael Jordan and the Bulls out of the playoffs in the 90s.

  • Marcus Murrell
    Marcus Murrell   1 months ago

    Steven A. Can be a real dickhead at times!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marcus Murrell
    Marcus Murrell   1 months ago


  • Damian Jackson
    Damian Jackson   1 months ago

    More skill? Yes. More dominant? No. Joel this year has been dominant for sure but he does it in a different way. He will score outside and inside and get to the line and sink a high percentage of fts. Shaq was more give me the ball down low and get out the way. If you dont send someone else im dunking on this dudes head or jump hooking over the top of em. Shaq will always be the most physically dominant player in nba history for that reason.

  • prophet DJS
    prophet DJS   1 months ago

    Yeah he's definitely more skilled than Shaq, this guy can step back & hit threes which is impressive, but Shaq was just straight out dominant, & he's a 4 time champion.

  • Ah
    Ah   1 months ago

    Shaq was so dominant that he’s the reason there were so many great power forwards in the 00s. Guys like KG and Dirk have both stated they didn’t wanna play the 5 so they wouldn’t have to guard Shaq. And they’re just as tall as him

  • Richard Mills
    Richard Mills   1 months ago

    No, he’s a better shooter but that’s itShaw was a better rebounder and had better footwork

  • Brandon Young
    Brandon Young   1 months ago

    Sometimes I can't tell if these guys hate each other or not lol

  • Rory B. Smith
    Rory B. Smith   1 months ago

    I think Stephen A. had one too many espressos.

  • Puro Machete
    Puro Machete   1 months ago

    This is easy. Embiid is more skilled, but Shaquille was more DOMINANT! Shaquille instill fear in his opponent. No one could guard him. it's still too early to compare though.

  • Ryan Semen
    Ryan Semen   1 months ago

    The sharp lycra lately hug because car disappointedly fire mid a purple north. joyous, smart paper

  • Chuck DeAngelo
    Chuck DeAngelo   1 months ago

    All Shaq could do was push close to the basket and dunk. Never understood why he's considered great. He out muscled everyone else, he didn't out play anyone.

  • dv n7
    dv n7   1 months ago

    What about Yao Ming??????

  • Elinson Berroa
    Elinson Berroa   1 months ago

    No way. Shaq is Shaq. No other big man is better than Shaq. NBA played defense specially different to Shaq in compared to others big man

  • Xeiryl's Fun Time
    Xeiryl's Fun Time   1 months ago

    No Embid and Gobert are soft if you compare them to shaq its disrespecting for shaq shaq will bulldozer everyone down low and count it and one all centers in this new era you cant compare them to shaq unless they are going also to bulldozer everyone it that down low area and make an and1 all the time...


    SHAQ BETTER THAN JOEL EMBIID SHAQ DESERVES RESPECT😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Aesir
    Aesir   1 months ago

    Stephen A almost always just spout ideas not directly related to what was being debated

  • Kee
    Kee   1 months ago

    Skilled embiid in the paint shaq💯

  • Dullahan
    Dullahan   1 months ago

    yeah, embiid is more skilled, but would you take embiid over shaq on your team? yeah didn't think so.

  • James Theorine
    James Theorine   1 months ago

    Shaq would of bodied the kid. He might have a better mid range but The Diesel didn't need that stuff. Hall of Fame. Embid isn't in that conversation.

  • Arian Profit
    Arian Profit   1 months ago

    If Embiid had Shaq posted up on him, his skill would be gone...that’s where dominance takes over. Shaq wins. If Dreams on Embiid he’d get to your head and not let you get to his. Spin around you. Slam over you. Fade away. Embiid would get blocked and stolen from Dream.