Our Favorite Trios in NBA History | Through The Wire Podcast

  • Published on: 16 May 2020
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  • RJizzle2000
    RJizzle2000   3 months ago

    8 months later.....shit still hurts 😞💀

  • Jhay Monroe
    Jhay Monroe   11 months ago

    in defense of derrick and the blazers, you have to remember that for most of the games against the warriors they were leading and/or were blowing them out, until the end of the game, without nurkic

    TOPSHOT2FR   11 months ago

    Crazy to me they picked David West over Roy Hibbert as that Pacers "big 3" they forget how dominant Hibbert was and im talking DOMINANT

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson   12 months ago


  • Jay Jay
    Jay Jay   12 months ago

    Jason kidd, Kenyon Martin and Richard Jefferson. K Mart use to get some nasty dunks off j kidd passes

  • Martin Kiss
    Martin Kiss   12 months ago

    Tim Duncan, Manu Ginóbili, Tony Parker

  • Nik Christensen
    Nik Christensen   12 months ago

    Bro i love the ending when they started talking abt there basketball career

  • PeakReacts
    PeakReacts   12 months ago

    Brandon Roy, Lamarcus Aldridge, and Greg Olden. Short lives but went 50-12 when playing together...

  • Jo
    Jo   12 months ago

    Yoo y’all should make a whole episode of basketball stories

  • Carso
    Carso   12 months ago

    I’m a huge kings fan and I am going to be honest. Peja choked so much. Look at the playoffs he was such a great regular season player nd shouldn’t be forgotten but no D and choked

  • Nobel Bisrat
    Nobel Bisrat   12 months ago

    what a chance to be with you , I'd gladly risk it all.

  • Goff47
    Goff47   12 months ago

    y’all should do a fantasy draft and make a starting 5

  • Lamaan Haq
    Lamaan Haq   12 months ago

    All 4 of yall are just amazing

  • Drew Welk
    Drew Welk   12 months ago

    Bleacher report needs to chill with the ads

  • The Prophet
    The Prophet   12 months ago

    No on said allen houston ewing and sprewell

  • Eitan Nahon
    Eitan Nahon   12 months ago

    Best trio on the Portland for Darrick, Roy, Aldridge, and Greg Oden

  • Mason Montez
    Mason Montez   12 months ago

    You guys always talk about basketball but it’s like the freshmen or jv team. Did y’all ever actually like make varsity 😂

  • Yosssi
    Yosssi   12 months ago

    Why isn’t this on Spotify Cmon 😭😭😭😭

  • Rambo Slice
    Rambo Slice   12 months ago

    Y’all should do NBA Stars or greats that you’re not that big of a fan not necessarily overrated tho

  • Jaaamil
    Jaaamil   12 months ago

    Ads every 2 minutes is crazy

  • Will Clements
    Will Clements   12 months ago

    I hope they cancel the season if they don’t it fuck up future seasons and only one city and no fans is wack af..... I guarantee they will rig it if not canceled ..... I do not bet much but it’s easy money

  • Jack Sweeney
    Jack Sweeney   12 months ago

    this podcast and peer to peer podcast are carrying me through 2020

  • Daniel
    Daniel   12 months ago

    Chill with the ads

  • Jan Mat
    Jan Mat   12 months ago

    my best trio: durant, harden, russ

  • akfromthesuburbs
    akfromthesuburbs   12 months ago

    is it just me cus I can't see yall NBA highlights or teams best plays...

  • yo yo
    yo yo   12 months ago

    I got a soft spot for the 2002-03 Warriors. Gilbert Arenas, Jason Richardson, Antawn Jamison. We only won like 30 something games, but they were fun as hell to watch.

  • rizzyls
    rizzyls   12 months ago

    My fav trios1. Gsw- Baron Davis, Jason Richardson , Stephen Jackson2. Nola hornets- cp3, David west, Tyson Chandler3. ATL hawks- iso Joe, josh Smith, Al horford4. Bos celtics- the truth, Jesus, big ticket5. Nj nets- VC, J Kidd, RJHonorable mention Gilbert arenas, Antwan Jamison, Caron butler

  • SIlver Sword
    SIlver Sword   12 months ago

    questions for the comment section or the pod???1. Who has the most runner up MVP seasons without ever winning an MVPA. George GervinB. Jerry WestC. Bernard KingD. Clyde Drexler2. How many MVP players have averaged less than 18 points A. 2B. 5C. 6D. 83. Also i noticed that you guys tend to not speak a lot about older players but some stuff that went on back then is really cool like how Kareem averaged 28.8, 14.5, 4.1, FG 51% as a rookie and a suggested segment could be past vs present players like James Harden vs Elgin Baylor or Mark Price vs Kemba Walker