THE SUICIDE SQUAD Trailer (2021) Suicide Squad 2 Movie

  • Published on: 26 March 2021
  • THE SUICIDE SQUAD Trailer (2021) Suicide Squad 2 Movie
    © 2021 - Warner
  • Runtime : 3:18
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  • Saeed Alzhrani
    Saeed Alzhrani   11 seconds ago

    فلم فاشلانصح بعدم مشاهدتهرغم الممثلين الكبا

  • AMStorm
    AMStorm   3 hours ago

    Director of this movie had watched two movies in his life: Spongebob and Alien verzus Predator

  • Zain Official
    Zain Official   8 hours ago

    It's always make me feel better when the bell rings you have a new subscriber ☺

  • Geace
    Geace   2 days ago

    I enjoyed this film more than I expected

  • ultimxte miracxler☆

    SpoilersI really hate Peacemaker and frustrated me everytime he's on screen but he's a good villain I guess. He isn't actually even evil but extremely loyal to the law that he was willing to kill his friends, which adds more flavour to his character.And he's getting revived again at the end too. Also love Cleo and Sebastian sm 💖💖💖💖

  • Etna
    Etna   3 days ago

    This is basically Guardians of the galaxy ripoff. And probably Hulk ripoff... sad movie. And anyone trying to say anything. First appearance of the GOTG is 1967, where 1sr appearance of modern SS is 1987. So yeah, it is a ripoff

  • The K_Kid
    The K_Kid   3 days ago

    suicide squad 2016>>>suicide squad 2021

  • Blackop
    Blackop   3 days ago

    This movie would be so much better with ryan renolds in it😂🤣

  • AHD
    AHD   5 days ago

    Super Movie

  • Wille
    Wille   6 days ago

    john cena is dressed like a superhero from the 90s

  • JÄ¥ßÖ¡î¡
    JÄ¥ßÖ¡î¡   1 weeks ago

    This movie was so disappointing & shockingly terrible imo. I couldn't stop thinking this is a spoof movie gone wrong. Watching other awful spoofs gone wrong like Scary Movie 4 & 5 again would be less painful than seeing this hot & steamy kaka again. HUCKTOOWIE 😙💦💩

  • Shmuffy
    Shmuffy   1 weeks ago

    This movie was fantastic I loved every damn second while watching it

  • Stqqp
    Stqqp   1 weeks ago

    Patric the Conqueror

  • always never
    always never   1 weeks ago

    I just watched this leftist shitshow of a movie. Terrible, worst thing iv seen in a long time

  • Your firend
    Your firend   1 weeks ago

    I m a fkin superhero James gun - no you are fking dead

  • Kolobikhin Andrey
    Kolobikhin Andrey   2 weeks ago

    Simply die funny in different flashmobs etc devoted to same.- No thanks! 😂👍😇🌍😇👍

  • StormCrown
    StormCrown   2 weeks ago

    Harley is amazing. I should watch this movie. That's it, bye.