3 Hours of Dark & Powerful Viking Music | Raw & Primal Norse Mix

  • Published on: 13 January 2021
  • Viking music Spotify playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1OsrazmlIfFJkZvm3sFOio?si=Zkq9llfhT1yIAY3r3tSrLQ

    Welcome to THE BIGGEST viking music mix on youtube.

    I use this music selection during my workouts. Tap back into your pure primal power during your lifts with this bone-chilling viking music mix.

    It also fits very nicely in Skyrim as combat music. I decided to remake my Dark Era mod into RAGNAROK: Viking Battle Music. This is the full playlist. ENJOY!!

    0:00 Incarnate By Blood
    1:25 Danheim & Sigurbodi - Hausarunir
    5:33 Danheim - Berserkir & Ulfhednar (Mashup)
    8:41 Heldom - Myrkr
    12:23 Wardruna - Tyr
    17:56 Marcin Przybyłowicz - Skellige Monster Hunting Combat
    20:42 Danheim - Ivar's Revenge & Ivar's Wrath (Mashup)
    23:43 Danheim & Heldom - Blodfest
    27:14 Danheim - Blotjarl
    30:25 Sowulo - Brego In Breoste
    35:31 Munknorr - Dagaz
    40:08 Danheim - Atgeir
    43:13 Danheim - Fella
    46:14 Danheim - Framganga
    49:35 Danheim - Glitnir
    52:42 Danheim - Gripir
    56:31 Danheim - Gungnir
    1:03:01 Danheim - Hefna
    1:07:53 Danheim - Holmgang
    1:11:08 Pawl D Beats - Berserker
    1:14:28 Danheim - Hrungnir
    1:17:45 Pawl D Beats - Ivar The Boneless
    1:21:38 Danheim - Munarvágr
    1:28:37 Runfell - Aelles Fate
    1:32:25 Danheim - Surt
    1:36:02 Munknorr - Thurisaz
    1:39:59 Luc St-Pierre - Bastion Of The Forgotten
    1:42:59 Danheim - Tyr
    1:46:39 Munknörr - Uruz
    1:50:55 Danheim - Vaftrudner
    1:55:11 Pawl D Beats - Skeggold
    1:58:30 Adam Skorupa - Round-Shielded Invaders
    2:02:13 Pawl D Beats - War Drums
    2:05:17 Adam Skorupa - Hear Our Call
    2:07:57 Sowulo - Hamama Mamawo (Wulfwiga)
    2:15:52 Danheim - Runar
    2:26:01 Pawl D Beats - The Great Heathen Army
    2:29:25 Zergananda - The Hunt
    2:33:46 Danheim - Forn Elding
    2:37:47 Adam Skorupa - Gravedancers of Odin
    2:41:55 Danheim - Vegan
    2:44:36 Danheim & Heldom - Undergang
    2:52:00 Running
    2:54:38 Danheim & Sigurbodi - Angerbodi
    2:58:34 Danheim - Tyrfing

    The tracks composed by Adam Skorupa are part of Ancestor’s Legacy's soundtrack developed by Destructive Creations and published by 1C Etertainment.
    This mix wouldn't be possible without the permission of these talented producers. Thank you!

    Video Credits:
    ''Ancestors Legacy - Original Soundtrack Medley'' by Destructive Creations
    © Destructive Creations
  • Runtime : 3:2:3


  • zeljko pejinovic
    zeljko pejinovic   8 months ago

    LETS SEE WHO IS GONNA VACCINATE ME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • chris beckerman
    chris beckerman   1 weeks ago

    Well damn this music made my lights flicker in my house ( and no that is not a joke my lights really did flicker )

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  • Aviilokín K'shi
    Aviilokín K'shi   3 weeks ago

    I'm an aspiring martial artist, but I had to deal with a lot of discrimination in my life. I had difficulty finding the emotional motivational energy to ramain steadfast upon my path. The channels that offer this Viking warrior music help me regain the power that I have lost. I can keep my discipline with your Gift. Thank you.

  • Zokas Brengrad
    Zokas Brengrad   3 weeks ago

    Astounding how Manny people believe in something that You cant see these days. In days past it was called religiom nowadays its pandemia.

  • Torz Ruad Jarn
    Torz Ruad Jarn   3 weeks ago

    Everytime I hear the beautiful music, that my ancestors would have made... it keeps me grounded, strong and I know the Allfather & the gods are watching me.

  • Carlos Juan
    Carlos Juan   3 weeks ago

    Let´s stand up, and bring BILL GATES TO JUSTICE!!

  • Demon GOD
    Demon GOD   1 months ago

    Keeping my demons in check exercising and getting ready for work tomorrow

  • Stephen Bouw
    Stephen Bouw   1 months ago

    The Axe of The Huntsman in NorseI call upon the voice of ash and AshArise the call of the skin of my drumsTo arise the voice of my druidicRhunes of spinning Quatrains of visions in days future pastFrom the underworld underneathThe forest floor of VelenciaI take flight to bring your destructionOut of the void I crawl up from the pit of marionis to destroy Maroni and his golden invention of blasphemy against Yeshua DaVita.

  • Michelle Bruton
    Michelle Bruton   1 months ago

    What the Frigg !!! my son told me he was going fishing .. not raiding and pillaging !! guess he won't be home in time for dinner then

  • Axel Holzbein
    Axel Holzbein   1 months ago

    Arne Stata Hüne da..Auf Deutsch war der Hüne da!Old German bud this ist Skandinavia.Not the Same..Bud the Same Past (Vergangenheit)

  • Gerald Meachem
    Gerald Meachem   1 months ago

    At around 2:43, the track should be Vega, not Vegan. haha, or maybe that was supposed to be a joke! Vegan vikings.

  • 18 Bees
    18 Bees   1 months ago

    This makes great halloween music!!!

  • GoofyGamers
    GoofyGamers   2 months ago

    A wise, scarred woman searches for a soul to embrace her scars instead of trying to cover them. A warrior at heart. The body, a vessel of power and a mind that overflows with knowledge. Not many viking lye near here. So the mind ponders, the heart wanders in the wild embracing itself.

  • zeljko pejinovic
    zeljko pejinovic   2 months ago

    can we use this music against politic idiots who are trying to devide humans vaccinated against unvaccinated ?

  • Olefile Goitseone Ishmael. Motebe

    Listened to this while meditating. Opened my eyes to a full grown beard an 🪓 in my hand and a wolf by my side. 5 minutes later my neighbors house was mine.

  • Yoan Emag
    Yoan Emag   2 months ago

    What is the track at 1:25:00 ? Ths is not Danheim - Munarvagr

  • Jo Nielsen
    Jo Nielsen   2 months ago

    Great collection of music- thank you/tak skal du have/Tapadh leat/Dankeschön

  • Jude Grim
    Jude Grim   3 months ago

    Is he counting in Viking speak?⚔️

  • MaliceMike
    MaliceMike   3 months ago

    Really vibed when he said ahhhhhhh vuuuuu ahhhhhhhh

  • Juliana Tabares
    Juliana Tabares   4 months ago

    we would love to use some of this music to promote our Nordic and Celtic stories can you please help us to know where we can buy the rights?

  • massive idiot
    massive idiot   4 months ago

    I'm south korean but why viking music is so cool?

  • 7125 DBG
    7125 DBG   4 months ago

    i figured it was just going to be a bunch of Danheim

  • Khiruji
    Khiruji   4 months ago

    This is my track for drawing sessions!