The Complete Compilation of John Stockton's Greatest Stories Told By NBA Players & Legends

  • Published on: 22 March 2021
  • The Complete Compilation of John Stockton's Greatest Stories Told By NBA Players & Legends


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  • Runtime : 22:59
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  • John Arrington
    John Arrington   8 months ago

    These are easily the best NBA videos on YouTube.

  • sure why not
    sure why not   2 days ago

    5:29 three of the dumbest bozo's I've ever heard. These clowns can't walk and chew gum at the same time

  • Dylan Novazcek
    Dylan Novazcek   3 days ago

    The best sleeper team on the original NBA Jam is Utah with John and Karl all day long👌🏻 Just something no one mentions.

  • JHaleSLC
    JHaleSLC   3 days ago

    The Paiste Gangster is legend, he set picks on Shaq, he didn't care who you were or what you did, he owned you!

  • Troy Nelson
    Troy Nelson   4 days ago

    My God dude, your channel series is legit thanks.

  • Steven Zellers
    Steven Zellers   1 weeks ago

    Yo. Gary saying that to his face. What a tribute!

  • butchhaight
    butchhaight   1 weeks ago

    I had season tickets to the Jazz for 10 yrs. I used to watch Stockton nail defenders shoes to the floor repeatedly.It would blow me away to watch how he could reach out and grab a hard pass with one of his spider like hands then pass it off all in the same movement. He just knew where someone was going to be or he had to have had this 265* peripheral vision. It was Such a pleasure to watch him and Malone click,

  • Zac Moore
    Zac Moore   1 weeks ago

    Its a testament to Stockton that almost every all time great point guard calls John Stockton the greatest ever. You can say whatever you want as a commentator, a fan, even an NBA player who played a different position...but when legendary point guards call you the greatest, that means something.

  • Rene Gonzalez
    Rene Gonzalez   1 weeks ago

    John Stockton was tough and smart and never talked trash, the man is the greatest point guard ever

  • JL Glover
    JL Glover   1 weeks ago

    Man, I watched Stockton for every one of his 19 years. Never a contract dispute, never off the court drama, never anything but tough, hard-nosed b-ball. Broke the mold on this dude!

  • timmy chang
    timmy chang   2 weeks ago

    Stockton understood the many aspect that made NBA a great sport. As a player Stockton didn't receive any freebies, even with that dedicated training he was at most competitive. However, that's all Stockton needed an average mind n body, everything else was effort or some like to call it heart. Let's not call it well he gave it all or he made the best of what he Stockton didn't play catch up or try to emulate someone, he was the player that others had to catch up to..n he was the player to be emulated or simply Stockton set the standards of a point guard at his skill potential. Remember his a point guard, a position traditionally had to possess insight acumen of the game.--so to efficiently execute the play call. In life man,, it's all about perspective n Stockton enjoyed the privilege of having to play the game. In so much Stockton believe one earn the passage to play in a bigger than life arena, one respect the game. Another words one do not act as if the game some how did not exist prior to your arrival. Or the game is less if you are not in it.

  • Shuvojit1092
    Shuvojit1092   2 weeks ago

    "Stockton to Malone" and you know what happens next

  • Aric Stroop
    Aric Stroop   2 weeks ago

    Love how Malone is always giving credit to stock

  • Tim Knapp
    Tim Knapp   2 weeks ago

    The first and the greatest Gonzaga basketball player to play in the NBA.

  • ᄋᄆᄋ ᄆᄋᄆ
    ᄋᄆᄋ ᄆᄋᄆ   2 weeks ago

    That's the toughest we don't have in today's game. All those guys were tough as nails.Todays, if player has a hang nail, they would sit out.

  • Elijah Sabo
    Elijah Sabo   2 weeks ago

    I met John Stockton today at LCSC activity center and what an experience I won't forget.

  • M V
    M V   2 weeks ago

    Every time someone calls Chris Paul "point god" it shows their ignorance because he's not even close to Stockton's level as a true point guard.

  • Dirty Burg77
    Dirty Burg77   2 weeks ago

    Didn’t enjoy the 47 ads, but overall this is a solid video, good shit bro!

  • PISCES.2020
    PISCES.2020   2 weeks ago

    He's good but enough😃😃😃, no CHAMPIONSHIP RING🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Jason GraYes
    Jason GraYes   3 weeks ago

    Its amazing how so many of those dudes are bullshittin you. They know full well that hE wasnt the 'dirty' one. 100. ahem: 16:00 He just set legal picks on the big men and they hAted that.

  • Wat
    Wat   3 weeks ago

    "Personal space law." In other words, if you were in the toilet doing your thang, John Stockton would take the urinal next to you.

  • dezstepz 24
    dezstepz 24   4 weeks ago

    My best of all time point, is Stockton.

  • Matt Trosien
    Matt Trosien   1 months ago

    Ben wallace and or Rodman needs episodes

  • Spencer Hussey
    Spencer Hussey   1 months ago

    John Stockton is the greatest point guard of all time hands down!

  • JBird831988
    JBird831988   1 months ago

    I would love to see Lebron, Jordan, Nash , and Magic

  • Benjamin Huggins
    Benjamin Huggins   1 months ago

    I loved Stockton. His mental toughness and determination wasn't matched by anyone. You couldn't get under his skin for anything

  • Darren Stone
    Darren Stone   1 months ago

    I met John Stockton a few years ago in an airport. I heard someone ask me ask me a question and I turned around and it was John Stockton. I had about a 5 minute conversation with him. He was a great guy and I'll always remember that.

  • LordDeath
    LordDeath   1 months ago

    Steve Kerr looked 50 even in his 20’s 😭😭

  • Hans Velasco
    Hans Velasco   1 months ago

    John Stockton, is a player who learned to play with all his limitations and still excelled. he can't dribble using his left to save his life, but he still was able to control and lead a team day in and day out.

  • Zeek Motion
    Zeek Motion   1 months ago

    When I played my first official basketball game, my local team asked me to choose the number of my shirt, this was super important for me... Of course... I picked the number 12, I'm still proud of that choice.