175 | I'm done with this!!

  • Published on: 05 May 2021
  • Voiced by @OolayTiger on Twitter

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  • Runtime : 7


  • SparkleNaga
    SparkleNaga   1 days ago

    The AgGrEsSiOnAlso that was damn hard punch in the beginning

  • Zavon
    Zavon   2 days ago

    Smashing right through face.

  • CT F34R
    CT F34R   5 days ago

    First one I’ve seen with sound

  • RazzorRyZe
    RazzorRyZe   5 days ago

    Haven't heard any sound since part : 134 to 174

  • MementoMori2070
    MementoMori2070   1 weeks ago

    Subaru duck noooo where... where is your hat I'm sure it will give you life again

  • Rowanheart
    Rowanheart   1 weeks ago

    I find it hilarious that only the duck's beak moves, not the whole face

  • Bomb DotCom
    Bomb DotCom   1 weeks ago

    I was watching these on autoplay, and forgot I had my volume almost all the way up, so the sound nearly scared the 💩 out of me

    GOOSE   1 weeks ago

    You can't just smack my autistic sibling

  • Rohin Shah
    Rohin Shah   1 weeks ago

    For some reason I always imagined she sounded like Sh0eonhead (probably because they look alike), and wow, yeah they sound very similar.

  • phasmaARCHIVES
    phasmaARCHIVES   1 weeks ago

    this is a telepurte animation. and you are a horrible, horrible duck

  • Jonathan Lasswell
    Jonathan Lasswell   2 weeks ago

    The squeek quack at the end when he flips over gets me every time.

    LORD KRONOS   2 weeks ago

    I was watching a bunch of these vids and wasnt expecting sound, actually got jumpscared

  • Happy fi5h
    Happy fi5h   2 weeks ago

    He died giggles (wtf is wrong with me)

  • ThatOneGuy 11
    ThatOneGuy 11   2 weeks ago

    Is this original audio because this sounds familiar

  • BranJohn98
    BranJohn98   2 weeks ago

    Her voice is deeper and rougher than I expected. I like it.

  • BabaYaga1338
    BabaYaga1338   2 weeks ago

    Didn't expect there to be sound kind of spooked me

  • IgnatianMystic
    IgnatianMystic   2 weeks ago

    POV: You, me, Telepurte, and the rest of the community are the girl.Youtube and their ßűłłşhïť are the duck.