Participants For Dunk, Skills & 3-Point Competitions Are Revealed For All-Star Weekend | NBA on TNT

  • Published on: 03 March 2021
  • Shaq, D-Wade, Candace and Lefkoe react to the competitors for the Dunk, Skills and 3-Point Contests.

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  • Runtime : 8:31
  • NBA on TNT NBA Inside the NBA Charles Barkley Shaq Kenny Smith Ernie Johnson All-Star All-Star Weekend


  • The Koy
    The Koy   1 months ago

    Candace worked with some magic there. Both her picks won. She must be something else...? A goddess maybe?

  • MJ Zoom
    MJ Zoom   2 months ago

    Wade would have been right had he stuck with his first choice, Candice was almost right when she picked between the two.

  • Raul Bob
    Raul Bob   2 months ago

    the dissrespect on curry

  • Yaqub Mukhtar
    Yaqub Mukhtar   2 months ago

    Never doubt a goat . Steph keeps shutting people up

  • Yaqub Mukhtar
    Yaqub Mukhtar   2 months ago

    How could you say someone else but Steph ??? Absolute disrespect to the goat shooter

  • Lorenzo Haynes
    Lorenzo Haynes   2 months ago

    Wade doesn’t have the personality to be on this show.

  • Jacob Lopez
    Jacob Lopez   2 months ago

    Who’s here after steph made all of these ppl his children

  • H TownGunz
    H TownGunz   2 months ago

    Dwade will never be a judge for what he did as a judge and ruined it lol AG shoulda won

  • Jacion Bryant
    Jacion Bryant   2 months ago

    Bulls nation Zach all star game mvp in 3 points winners

  • Jacion Bryant
    Jacion Bryant   2 months ago

    Why is dbook there if he not a all star this year

  • Jacion Bryant
    Jacion Bryant   2 months ago

    Cassius Stanley going to go crazy 46 inches vert opi topping is cool hawks should have a dunker pit John in

  • Reggie Parker
    Reggie Parker   2 months ago

    Get the best dunkers in the world to participate would be a better show

  • David Kang
    David Kang   2 months ago

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  • deez nuts
    deez nuts   2 months ago

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  • VwWwWwWwWwW
    VwWwWwWwWwW   2 months ago

    The 3-pt contest will outshine the dunk contest for sure. Love that all of the 3-pt contestants are big names and not just role players. It's weird seeing big men in the skills challenge, though. Used to be all PGs.

  • Ari Jordan
    Ari Jordan   2 months ago

    Dwade gave an actual 10 dunk a 9...he's mad because they don't want him as a judge this year lol.

  • Georgia Boy92
    Georgia Boy92   2 months ago

    NBA should've cancelled this years all star weekend, and gave Atlanta next years all star game

  • MaMz KnoXville
    MaMz KnoXville   2 months ago

    Noooo... The dunk contest participants should be1.Zion Williamson2.Russell Westbrook3.Miles Bridges4.Lebron James5.Kelly Oubre Jr6.Ja Morant

  • Jonathan Peterson
    Jonathan Peterson   2 months ago

    More excited about the judges than the dunkers. That’s not good.

  • Tim Jones
    Tim Jones   2 months ago

    New system don't throw up the scores until the end. Rank every dunk from 1st to worst. 1st gets 50 pts 2nd gets 48 pts and go from there. Whoever gets the most pts win

  • Tim Engle
    Tim Engle   2 months ago

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  • Nick Francois
    Nick Francois   2 months ago

    Dunk contest is underrated these dudes have bounce it’ll be special

  • Nigel Lewis
    Nigel Lewis   2 months ago

    The judges deserved better competition to actually judge..... Well I'm hoping it's a sleeper contest still

  • DMT
    DMT   2 months ago

    I love everything that DWade represents.

  • lazyboy97
    lazyboy97   2 months ago

    Miles Brudges should've been in the dunk contest.

  • d4rk_ekk0
    d4rk_ekk0   2 months ago

    We're just gonna act like Zion doesn't exist for the slam dunk contest? Cool

  • Mara Dirth
    Mara Dirth   2 months ago

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  • Christian Meneses
    Christian Meneses   2 months ago

    Klay Thompson should be one of the announcers or commentators for the 3pt contest

  • ImGabv
    ImGabv   2 months ago

    I swear to god if this dunk contest is trash like 2017

  • TheGoodDeacon
    TheGoodDeacon   2 months ago

    A bunch a nobody's. I have more name recognition.

  • Dalton Bryant
    Dalton Bryant   2 months ago

    They need to get rid of the dunk contest those people lame af