I Spent $7,000 on LOST CARGO Packages

  • Published on: 13 January 2022
  • THIS is what happens when LUXURY merchandise gets SHIPPED but then gets lost or goes unclaimed... they go to an auction where other people can BUY them for SUPER cheap! I bought a HUGE mystery box to see what treasures we can find.

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    The featured auction is Erkelens & Olsen in Salt Lake City, UT - this video is not sponsored. All opinions and experiences are my own.
  • Runtime : 17:35
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  • Kathryn McGinnis
    Kathryn McGinnis   1 hours ago

    Love ya, Hope but I’d question the authenticity of all these items. China has some amazing replicas - I’ve actually bought those same Gucci slides, Hermes bags, designer sunglasses etc. They come in fully branded boxes with tags and everything. You have to ask yourself why so many luxury goods were lost (or most likely confiscated by customs). I still love my reps as much as if they were authentic but you should def get everything authenticated, especially if you plan to resell!

  • Kira Calabrese
    Kira Calabrese   1 hours ago

    I love the sitch bag my daughter love sitch 😍

  • J LT
    J LT   1 hours ago

    What auction site was this?

  • Stacey Rodriguez
    Stacey Rodriguez   1 hours ago

    Yup, I knew it a lot of it’s wasn’t authentic lol most of it doesn’t even look authentic

  • Haris
    Haris   2 hours ago

    make more videos like this please haha

  • Jana Dostalova
    Jana Dostalova   3 hours ago

    Congrats 😅😅 many of fakes 💪🏻😂😂 Louis Vuitton is scam for 100$😝

  • 1990Sel
    1990Sel   3 hours ago

    The moment she pulled out the first Louis Vuitton bag and saw the yellow card immediately I lost hope 😫. But hey, she can still make money off of good replicas!

  • nerjah_lrt
    nerjah_lrt   3 hours ago

    she spend 7.000$ for fake stuff 🥵 so sad

  • Tiffani Ferguson
    Tiffani Ferguson   3 hours ago

    Girllll, I need those Pokémon cards for my son! lol how much?!

  • Angela Cruz
    Angela Cruz   3 hours ago

    Plot twist….they all came from China from DH gate😂

  • savannah
    savannah   3 hours ago

    please post an update on the authenticity of the goods. we are all interested to know!

  • Jan Marie Brunette-Hunyady

    Replica LV tote bag. No way would LV send a bag flattened like that. Also, fake Hermes bags come with orange boxes.

  • Twitch AK
    Twitch AK   4 hours ago

    These are replicas that were basically caught by customs, it happens all the time when you order knockoffs from China and exceed the weight or order too much too often, or just random inspection especially if its like 10kg hauls. Some guy probably paid a few thousand for these as well. Why do they let this go straight to customs you ask? because no one is trying to catch a felony for selling illegal goods lol Dont ask why I know this lol.

  • Cerys Woodard
    Cerys Woodard   4 hours ago

    Can someone remind me when she posts the next video please?!

  • Lucy Arnold
    Lucy Arnold   4 hours ago

    Omg how did you you afford all of that I am so confused but love your video

  • Mia
    Mia   4 hours ago

    can i have the chain jeans and stith bag

  • fairylovr33
    fairylovr33   4 hours ago

    I am ambidextrous and I golf lefty. That thing he didn’t know what it was is a helper, putter helper. I’ve never even heard of that brand I use Taylor Made. Great box guys! I love watching these and am 100% completely inspired to try this!

  • barbara knapp
    barbara knapp   4 hours ago

    The swim trunks are the "Little Lace Dress of this Bin

  • Andi Neski
    Andi Neski   4 hours ago

    Alot of times fake sneakers will still come with the stock x stickers and printouts. These are definitely not a sure sign that the item is real!

  • Nadia Ameer
    Nadia Ameer   5 hours ago

    you dont knwwww how baddddlyyy I’m waiting for the follow up of authentication process of these products, like ahhhhhalso girlllll send me those red bottoms to wear at my graduation!!

  • Cougar
    Cougar   5 hours ago

    People are so programmed to love ugly trendy sht .

  • Christie Harcourt
    Christie Harcourt   5 hours ago

    ....hurry up with the next video please 🤣😁 I want to know if any of it was real!! Lol I'm praying so! That would be so awesome for you 💕

  • Allie Rose
    Allie Rose   5 hours ago

    I'm so jealous! I think this is the best box you've opened yet!

  • shortAngry&Menopausal

    Wear thin socks when trying shoes on. As soon as feet touch the insides they decrease in value

  • Oilerpa
    Oilerpa   5 hours ago

    I’ll take the comic books 😂😂