The Cloverfield Short Film - Inside A Mind

  • Published on: 08 August 2018
  • Watch The Cloverfield Short Film Here:

    The Cloverfield Franchise has had my, and many others attention for the past few years. With brilliant films such as Cloverfield, and 10 Cloverfield Lane. However, after The Cloverfield Paradox was released it left many with mixed feelings. But now, after receiving an email from a man called, Giuseppe Mercadante, asking to take a look at his Cloverfield Short Film. It's helped me realise just how much potential the Cloverfield universe still has.

    As I explore what he has sent and told me about his Cloverfield short film. I've got the impression this could become more than just a "Fan" film providing it gets the right amount of attention.

    Hope you all enjoy this analysis on the Cloverfield Short and feel free to like and Subscribe if you enjoyed!

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  • Runtime : 11:
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  • BillyBobAngus
    BillyBobAngus   2 weeks ago

    What if Tagurato isn’t evil…what if they discovered things that somehow predicted the events of Cloverfield and 10 Lane? And the President of the company figured the only way to fight the Aliens would be to find a way to survive their toxic gas? “An antidote to the alien gas.” And dude said “It works.” That means they were using the slushee with that purpose! Tagurato isn’t evil…they’re trying to save the human race…but they can’t just tell the world “Hey! Aliens exist and they’re coming to kill us. So drink the damn slushee!!!” That would either cause mass chaos or people wouldn’t believe it and it would hurt the spread of the antidote. So…go about it through regular capitalism.


    I thought Paradox was a fantastic idea and a pretty good film, but was not fond of the acting. But could of been really AMAZING in fairness. The story itself was awesome and quite scary just to ponder on it for a while. I like movies that make me think.

  • Interstellar Knowledge
    Interstellar Knowledge   2 months ago

    I’m making my own Cloverfield short film! It will be about eight minutes and will be about the clover destroying the drilling station which was shown in the news reports part of the promotional campaign of Cloverfield!

  • Display_name
    Display_name   2 months ago

    me when i own the godzilla toy from the movie: hey...thats kinda sus

  • Evan Brubaker
    Evan Brubaker   3 months ago

    I thought Megan was kidnapped by J. Goodman’s character? Maybe that’s why the last name is different?

  • Logan Greene
    Logan Greene   4 months ago

    "Who portrays Tagruato CEO: Ganu Yoshida in this 'Cloverfield.' short film?"

  • Jesus Ramirez Romo
    Jesus Ramirez Romo   4 months ago

    This really fits into the Cloverfield unviverse waaaaaay more than Paradox

  • BlindingLight
    BlindingLight   6 months ago

    Is it strange that I just binge watched five videos on a movie franchise I have never heard of or cared about until this point

  • Yokomation Studios
    Yokomation Studios   6 months ago

    if i did a Cloverfield fan Flim,I would Try and Bring into Monsterverse, Then set up another USA vs Japan Kaiju Face off,Not Godzilla, But Gamera.

  • Kaden Overstreet
    Kaden Overstreet   7 months ago

    I hope J.J has watched this short, and decides to bring the team on to help make the next movie.

  • Piesel Datches
    Piesel Datches   8 months ago

    To everyone in this comment section, I would like to proudly announce that a direct sequel to Cloverfield is in the works.

  • Dilopho
    Dilopho   8 months ago

    Megan makes it seem like the deep sea nectar both protects you from the aliens but attracts Clover to you. That's a dynamic I could really get behind.

  • derp smith
    derp smith   8 months ago

    They just confirmed the sequel of cloverfield 2008!!!

    MEGAN   8 months ago

    🚀 Bad Robot is making a SEQUEL!!!! 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

  • foxy The pirate fox
    foxy The pirate fox   9 months ago

    I am actually making a cloverfield film this year it it is called Kaiju Fight a lot of kaijus will be in it

  • Botgamer _yt
    Botgamer _yt   9 months ago

    I hate how they had to remove Cloverfield from Netflix

  • Fortaken
    Fortaken   10 months ago

    Hello guys if you are hearing this. Who noticed the shin godzilla toy 1:38

  • Movie omlene
    Movie omlene   10 months ago

    The Cloverfield Files (2019) ᴡᴀᴛᴄʜ ɴᴏᴡ ☛> All Subtitle√™ Lorsqu'une pilule qui donne aux utilisateurs cinq minutes de super pouvoirs inattendus arrive dans les rues dela Nouvelle-Orléans, un adolescent marchand et un policier local doivent faire équipe avec un ancien soldat pour

  • shug
    shug   10 months ago

    5:39 this line reminds me of a student council pres. with silver hair

  • Fallout Guy
    Fallout Guy   12 months ago

    Cloverfield is one of the most fascinating and obscure franchises, shrouded in tons of lore and secrecy.

  • Wulf104
    Wulf104   1 years ago

    Wonder what JJ thinks

  • Jer an
    Jer an   1 years ago

    See this is what I’m missing. He said the movie overlord isn’t connected. But I feel like that injection they took that made the dead come back was seabed nectar 😯

  • Marques Moore
    Marques Moore   1 years ago

    I just got done watching pt 1 an 10 we need about 3 more movies covering clovie origins .

  • Ollie Smith
    Ollie Smith   1 years ago

    I would love the Cloverfield movies to be connected to Super 8, Stranger Things and Overlord. Doubt it but its just my hopes.

  • JrFishPro
    JrFishPro   1 years ago


  • wrestlingthewolves
    wrestlingthewolves   1 years ago

    maybe when Abrams went with the multi universe idea he was slowly nudging the fan base to expand on the cloverfield story. each fan made story is just another universe

  • Adolf Shitler
    Adolf Shitler   1 years ago

    Jj abrams already confirmed like a year ago they’re working on a 4th and it’s happening it’s supposed to be a sequel to the first movie that’ll hopefully clear more things up after paradox being a disappointment

  • ͔
    ͔   1 years ago

    3:35 does anybody else hear two songs, one is wide putin?

  • Ej M
    Ej M   1 years ago

    Loved the content and I wa to see so much more! Produce more clover field storylines!

    DB FILMS   1 years ago

    If you are a kid out there that's wanting to make a monster movie, please make cloverfield it would be a real honor.