Minecraft Hardcore, But It Has Realistic Physics

  • Published on: 17 February 2021
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    In this Minecraft video I play on a world, but physics are ultra realistic. Suddenly mining blocks is different, explosions have changed, and gravity affects blocks. This is a great mod, and I'm going to beat Minecraft on Hardcore Mode with these crazy physics.

    Realistic Physics Mod Download: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/physics-mod

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  • Runtime : 10:30
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  • Prescious Espaldon
    Prescious Espaldon   5 days ago

    bruh i got this mod and my pc is getting hot like it was on fire itwas about to explode

  • GTKO
    GTKO   1 weeks ago

    When it says realistic until you watch it stone breaks but a little cube comes out of the rubble

  • Aaron FC
    Aaron FC   1 weeks ago

    a cant believe he wanted 2 Million Subs in this vid and now he wants 3 million. I love the hardcore vids.

  • mEMeS
    mEMeS   2 weeks ago

    You can make mobs radgoll in the settings. Pls make a video of that

  • Elaine Thomas
    Elaine Thomas   2 weeks ago

    you should find a realistic mod with nucular bombs

  • Victor Lee
    Victor Lee   3 weeks ago

    SB737 is my third favourite gamer. The first I like Preston, second Wisp

  • Dandre Haggard
    Dandre Haggard   1 months ago

    You must get the mod where everything is 100 times faster.. And by the way your vids is awesome... <3

  • John Loi
    John Loi   1 months ago

    Music in this video:Windmill Isle (Day) from Sonic Unleashed.

  • Kyle Mallillin
    Kyle Mallillin   1 months ago

    Realistic physics but the water isn’t realistic like wow

  • Irrelevant Fool
    Irrelevant Fool   1 months ago

    Blacking a piece of the flooring on a structure definitely would not collapse the entire thing, nor would breaking a chest lol, but it’s still cool. Just wouldn’t call it realistic

    XxTHUNDERxX   1 months ago

    Mincraft becomes very good physics like this it will be T 13+

  • kitkat Oscy
    kitkat Oscy   1 months ago

    spawns in“It looks normal but everything is realistic though.”mines a tree with fist

  • sharon rivera
    sharon rivera   1 months ago

    Thats a good one so whwn mining your cant spent many tine

  • Lemon_ piG
    Lemon_ piG   1 months ago

    SB: is attacked by a baby zombie on fire that put him on half-heartalso SB: :-l

  • ennard
    ennard   1 months ago

    Try Perfect Fluids mod because water here is not realistic

  • KravyGray
    KravyGray   1 months ago

    it is jut one cut on the sheep then died

  • Kille16
    Kille16   1 months ago

    You can make collapsing blocks off in the settings

  • Bubblethekiwi_playz
    Bubblethekiwi_playz   1 months ago

    Me when watching other minecraft vids and them finding a ship:"TaKeS tHe FoOd"VRS SB:Finds treasure >:)

  • HunterX
    HunterX   1 months ago

    You should play IRLcraft mod its hard hehe

  • Ty Kai
    Ty Kai   1 months ago

    It literally BLEW my mind that there’s a secret way to make sis stew and it works on PE and Pocket!

  • gamingkurt9
    gamingkurt9   1 months ago

    Why hardcore thoLike sure like sure you will die butWE LIKE FORNITE WE LIKE FORNITESB WILL NEVER DIE DONT WORRYYYY"HIS PROOO

  • Tiky
    Tiky   1 months ago

    the ender is a girl I'm pretty sure