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  • Published on: 05 May 2018
  • Let's fix the Cloverfield Franchise...
    The Cloverfield Franchise looked promising ever since the first two movies were released (Cloverfield and 10 Cloverfield Lane), but just recently it's had problems with it's third film that... The Cloverfield Paradox.

    Cloverfield fans were split down the middle after the second movie came out. Some wanted the two to be connected while the other half didn't. JJ Abrams tried to please both audiences by connecting the films, but not actually connecting them at the same time. It resulted in a rather boring movie that was made worse by trying to make it a Cloverfield movie.

    So today I'm gonna be talking about what I would've done with the Cloverfield franchise.

    Every fictional movie tells a story in an alternate universe to ours. But once that world is created we only see it from the perspective of one group of characters. So my idea for the Cloverfield franchise is to create an alternate world to ours, but have each film tell a different story with a different set of characters that all take place in the same world from each other.

    It'd be better than Cloverfield Paradox...
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  • Inside A Mind
    Inside A Mind   3 years ago

    I want to say thank you to everyone who commented on this giving feedback. Not only did people comment saying they liked it. But they said WHY they liked it. Same with people who didn't like it. They didn't just say they hated it, they explained WHY they thought that way. I like putting stories together and this was really helpful learning what people thought I did right, and did wrong. Thank you.

  • Nick Culver
    Nick Culver   1 weeks ago

    This would’ve been a great franchise. I agree with a previous video of yours, in which you speculate that 10CL & Cloverfield Paradox were originally written as stand alone films but were instead, adapted (very poorly) to fit in the Cloverfield multiverse.

  • C. Scott Davis
    C. Scott Davis   2 weeks ago

    "The Cloverfield Paradox" was a decent enough science fiction movie, but it didn't work as part of a "Cloverfield franchise". In fact, it didn't really have anything to do with Cloverfield at all, except for some obviously tacked‑on bits at the end. If they'd left those parts out and called it "The {something‑else‑besides‑Cloverfield} Paradox", it would've been a better movie, in my opinion.

  • Thorne Mahan
    Thorne Mahan   1 months ago

    You say you’d like to make you’re own cinematic universe- what would that look like? What would be the over all story?

  • Raiju
    Raiju   1 months ago

    Looking at the Tagruato oil rig map and imagining each one is a Cloverfield monster nest is honestly terrifying in hindsight

  • Agent Squiddy
    Agent Squiddy   2 months ago

    4th movie is confirmed... Rejoice ... We are Legion

  • T Y
    T Y   2 months ago

    If I had a billion dollars I would hire you to make these

  • darkm0n54,
    darkm0n54,   2 months ago

    i still think the paradox makes a lot of sense in cloverfield no matter how bad it is for everyone since we're already dealing aliens extraterrestrial beings in both movies it would make it very interesting instead of working with a linear timeline which is kinda boring it my opinion considering the story has already dealt sciene fiction why not branch out to different timeline/universe/reality to make it like i said interesting im not saying the ideas are bad i just think adding paradox in it and making the final movie or maybe the 4th all about T.I.D.O wave's last existing members after the 2nd movie's events final stand instead of an ex-worker for tagruato would make it even more interesting and their interaction with alien B and how the they'll add ARG element to it like maybe contacting the remaining humans that was able to survive but their message instead got send to other timelines/realities/universe and into our own universe giving us the capability to interect with that universe itself or something like that

  • Miguel Ferrandis Perez
    Miguel Ferrandis Perez   2 months ago

    I was so dissapointed when i realised in the cinema premier day that overlord had nothing to do with cloverfiled. I had some hope...

  • Mohamad Afif Azizi Zaidi

    The idea of deep sea drilling company as a cover-up reminds me of....spoilerA movie called UNDERWATER

  • // im not creative //
    // im not creative //   2 months ago

    Maybe one side Story you could make would take place in an alternate continuity where humanity had befriended the 10CL monsters

  • AbnormallyNormal //
    AbnormallyNormal //   2 months ago

    It the JJ Abrams mystery box paradox. He says an unopened mystery box is what makes it alluring, but he forgets the person that made the box is supposed to know what’s inside of it

  • x y
    x y   3 months ago

    please go and teach jj how to make a good universe

  • gojiraking1989
    gojiraking1989   4 months ago

    Do you plan on making anymore Cloverfield videos soon?

  • Jacob Meza
    Jacob Meza   5 months ago

    This a fairly small part of the whole thing, but the only thing I don’t like is the parasites beings the other aliens creation to help destroy/weaken them. I feel like them just being parasites makes it more, realistic? Like for example, hippos and rhinos, or other wild animals live their whole life with various ticks and parasites on them, but usually they live on hardly more or less affected. It kind of makes the monster seem more grand and us more weak that the parasites it barely even notices adds to our demise

  • B C
    B C   6 months ago

    Actually i love this franchise

  • TuaToonPlay
    TuaToonPlay   6 months ago

    Tou could of known human was always an idiots also they discover things too i guess

  • CoffeePop
    CoffeePop   6 months ago

    you should know your story correctly, u dont even know things already confirmed. fuck you no offence :l

  • Darth Sparkles
    Darth Sparkles   8 months ago

    Can we just make it clear that I was born on may 19 2009 so therefore when the monster attacks I’m in the fucking hospital

  • Garrett Bourez
    Garrett Bourez   8 months ago

    Maybe, you should make our own Cloverfield story.

    DPSFSU   9 months ago

    Jamie: "Gano Yoshida" Bottoms up pals. Drink!

  • Bokkan
    Bokkan   9 months ago

    2:45 we still are

  • Average mug
    Average mug   9 months ago

    I feel that this series has gotten too complicated. I loved the first movie's feeling of the unknown. If we kept it as a giant monster with earth origins and a couple of companies that were just kinda there and not the villain, it would be a great series. What im trying to say is we should've left it at the first film.

  • TheVerluz
    TheVerluz   9 months ago

    i hope you be able to be considered by movie industries, i can just imagine good things coming out from your mind, btw nice format, your video are very well made, visualy and narrative

  • the zombie slayer
    the zombie slayer   9 months ago

    Those aren't Cloverfield monster eggs, those are gasopod eggs!!! Ps: Gasopods are from a game called subnautica.

  • Luke Allen
    Luke Allen   9 months ago

    Honestly, I think that - with how Abrams went about these "sequels" - there shouldn't be a Cloverfield "franchise." I would even argue that such a "franchise" can't even be considered a real thing that exists. Based on the fact that 10 Clovefield Lane didn't even start out as a story that was intended to connect to Cloverfield, and apparently neither was The Cloverfield Paradox, those two films shouldn't really be considered canon to the Cloverfield story in my opinion. Honestly, a franchise COULD have been built around the original Cloverfield film. Abrams did a lot to build up this world, including creating an ARG that I didn't even know about until your videos. But when he chose to turn an entirely separate film into a sequel, even trying to shoe-horn in some material into the ARG to make it make sense, he failed in a heartbreaking way. A Cloverfield franchise would have been an amazing story to create, and if perhaps Abrams would have done it the way you propose YOU would have done it, it would have been such an amazing world to immerse in. Unfortunately, BECAUSE he chose to turn unrelated scripts into Cloverfield sequels without the care the Cloverfield world deserved, the entire thing has just fallen apart.

  • Willow Hernandez
    Willow Hernandez   9 months ago

    This would still work with Paradox, just have the Paradox events overlap timelines, leading to the aliens' war

  • Edward Dakin
    Edward Dakin   10 months ago

    I would have the post apocalypse film 5th instead of 3rd, and have the WW2 movie 3rd and the film set in 2015 as 4th. Also I would not set the 5th movie on Earth but on the 10 CFL Aliens home planet. This would follow one of their ships escaping Earth, from the war with Aliens B. There would also be a group of humans who are either stowaways or captives. They would be taken to the alien planet and the group would be fugitives, on the run from the alien authorities. They would also discover how the cloverfield monster was made.

  • derp smith
    derp smith   10 months ago

    They just anounce the sequel of cloverfield 2008!!

  • Vito C
    Vito C   10 months ago

    This is the canon Cloverfield Cinematic Universe. ...or at least it was, until some idiot activated a Shepherd Particle Accelerator and gave us Cloverfield Paradox

  • Vito C
    Vito C   10 months ago

    I like how your series is also a critique on Capitalism (from the humans) and Imperialism (aliens)

  • Vito C
    Vito C   10 months ago

    If you had pitched this a studio, the executives would have likely gutted your 5 movie plan in favor of what their "focus groups" want

  • CommonCentsRob
    CommonCentsRob   10 months ago

    What is up with the playback speed on this? lol