THE SAND - A Hilariously Bad Horror Movie

  • Published on: 23 November 2020
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  • Runtime : 23:38
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  • sawnickthehog
    sawnickthehog   6 hours ago

    can you please review the rise of the black bat or captain battle, it would make my day bro

  • vamppooni
    vamppooni   1 days ago

    I watched this when i was like 8 free on youtube so i have much nostalgia to it 😭😭

  • Isaac
    Isaac   2 days ago

    This is the movie where the side characters are the main characters.

  • Mainevent117
    Mainevent117   2 days ago

    Okay so was the girl who had her foot grabbed by the noodles at the beginning grabbing her ankle with both hands to try and…pull herself away somehow?

  • jake thom
    jake thom   2 days ago

    17:00 I think that it needed to grow more so he has some form of super fast aging but didn't fully have them developed yet

  • Noslistic
    Noslistic   3 days ago

    Bro review sharknado it’s so bad😭😭💀🔥

  • Bobby L.
    Bobby L.   4 days ago

    I know this is an old video and no one is going to read this, but I just wanted to tell you guys that all this is, is a D Grade Rip-Off of 1980's BLOOD BEACH! Only Blood Beach is 1000 times better than this Dumpster Fire!!!

  • Goku x Sephiroth
    Goku x Sephiroth   6 days ago

    I mean, I kind of like the concept of a Lovecraftian horror that hides itself under the sand and starts dragging people to their deaths - but like... not like this...I've always thought that deserts could be a terrifying place for a horror, with the already extreme natural environment and lack of all resources, but all I can really think of is The Hills Have Eyes. This ain't it though.

    HEHECA UvU   6 days ago

    I didn't know what he meant by bad effects but when the big tentacles attack dick face guy I was like oooooo ok 👌🤣

  • KAT
    KAT   6 days ago

    13:00 and if you DON'T have towels then use the clothes you ARE wearing. This is survival, not dignity.

  • Synicality
    Synicality   1 weeks ago

    This masterpiece was made with nothing short of $32.57. You don’t need a massive budget to create a work of art.

  • White Sabbath
    White Sabbath   1 weeks ago

    Anakin Skywalker would have killed this monster without a lightsaber.

  • Mr Mando
    Mr Mando   1 weeks ago

    Jerry watching this like 👁💋👁

  • EatMyBullet 935
    EatMyBullet 935   1 weeks ago

    Pretty decent film. Me and my girlfriend just watched it and we had a good time with it. My only gripe is that the dude should have used the boards to get into the trunk...

  • 2LAG
    2LAG   1 weeks ago

    How did the barrel man die if there’s a bottom to the barrel which the monster can’t reach.

  • Dip Shit
    Dip Shit   1 weeks ago

    If i was Jerry i would shit myself seeing my name appear in the video like that

  • Vladolf Putler
    Vladolf Putler   1 weeks ago

    b00b girl shouldve been given more screen time 😁😁

  • Snarkastic Douche
    Snarkastic Douche   1 weeks ago

    This sounds a lot like "The Raft" short from "Creepshow", except terrible.

  • Ray
    Ray   1 weeks ago

    Just drive the damn car to the bodies and pick up the dudes, why tf did you get out the car

  • SargonBlade
    SargonBlade   1 weeks ago

    Mario and Luigi dream team Bros music un the sponsorInstasuscription

  • Fluffcake
    Fluffcake   1 weeks ago

    This movie looks goofy but idk if I can watch it due to the girls screaming. But also I recognize the fat dude stuck on the barrel because he's from Monday Mornings

  • AquariusLoser
    AquariusLoser   1 weeks ago

    What the hell was with the way the cop picked up his keys?? Who jams their hand into the beach like that to pick up keys?? Do you want sand in your pocket?? Because that's how you get sand in your pocket

  • Arthur Filemon
    Arthur Filemon   1 weeks ago

    @0:44 Jerry, you just won the lottery. I'd give a kidney to have him "muack" at me T_T

  • AxoGamerLover
    AxoGamerLover   1 weeks ago

    I really hate to defend this movie but umm the monster i mean the pubes grow overtime to eat people kinda like spore but worse (help!)

  • GhostGuru
    GhostGuru   1 weeks ago

    I keep forgetting Mitchel Musso is in this movie

  • DCSF1
    DCSF1   1 weeks ago

    Elvis, I request that you review Prophecy, the 1979 film (that is not to be confused with The Prophecy, the 1995 film).

  • RegionalOutlaw
    RegionalOutlaw   2 weeks ago

    The sand lives up to its name ! Horrible and itchy

  • Kizikutaa
    Kizikutaa   2 weeks ago

    Idk I think Anakin would be pretty terrified

  • Null8
    Null8   2 weeks ago

    I watched this movie because someone told be that the protagonists were dumber than Twitter, they were right

  • Richie Cuna
    Richie Cuna   2 weeks ago

    dude this movie was good and ha to you know who

  • Emilee Davis
    Emilee Davis   2 weeks ago

    Could you do Eli? It's...interesting.(It's on Netflix btw)