THE SAND - A Hilariously Bad Horror Movie

  • Published on: 23 November 2020
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  • Runtime : 23:38
  • Elvis the Alien ElvistheAlien satire the sand movie review review elvis the alien movie review elvisthealien the sand sand


  • Jerry Suaste
    Jerry Suaste   11 months ago


  • Jon Lasaga
    Jon Lasaga   4 hours ago

    You actually can knock yourself out falling over fun fact. In fact I knew someone who straight up died from just falling over. They were riding a motorcycle and not even moving and it started to tip over and took them with it and they hit their head on the ground and died because they werent wearing a helmet.

  • Gaias Rebirth
    Gaias Rebirth   17 hours ago

    I these cases I wonder how people can write something like this and think its good... like what where the monster rules on this one?

  • Maru Maru
    Maru Maru   1 days ago

    Never be near a massive egg... but if u have to, u might be cautious about it

  • Maru Maru
    Maru Maru   1 days ago

    Filmi gerçekten sevmiş gibi anlatmış hahah

  • Brett Prior
    Brett Prior   2 days ago

    In all fairness...the idea was that it was growing as it ate. It got more powerful, ate things faster, grew the tentacles then began using them. . . Twas the idea. Bad movie still, all around.... but uhhh... that twas the idea.

  • Moffe Liten
    Moffe Liten   3 days ago

    Why can't they just walk away from the beach? If they did that, we didn't have this awful movie.

  • uzumaki house
    uzumaki house   4 days ago

    pov: you came to the comments to see if jerry commented

  • The FoxWolf
    The FoxWolf   1 weeks ago

    The writers for this movie: “What if Tremors sucked?” The producers: Yes

  • Terra Hikyuu
    Terra Hikyuu   1 weeks ago

    I was thinking about watching this movie but you've just saved me from wasting my time. I'd rather rewatch Tremors, it's a much better movie

  • trut1000
    trut1000   1 weeks ago

    Too much fatshaming. Not necessary, nor funny.

  • Network System
    Network System   1 weeks ago

    Why would this be something Araki would make up as a JJBA arc but better done?

  • xsterawesome
    xsterawesome   1 weeks ago

    Disclaimer: I've never seen this movie and this video is my first exposure to it. I think it's not using the tentacles could be explained by the fact is barely a day old, I think it's just growing and learning, the tentacles may start out as pubic hairs and slowly (or quickly depending on how you think about it) turn into big tentacles. perhaps if the movie was better written that would explain that, or maybe the director wants you to think about it yourself? The same goes for what it chooses to grab, it may not have been aware that people were on the surfboard, or that the cop (who was the only person wearing shoes in the entire movie) was wearing shoes. As for them taking forever to open the trunk, or figure out to wrap towels around their feet, do you really think the kind of people attending a party like this and falling asleep in a convertible with the top down in the middle of a beach are that bright? Honestly, I feel like if the movie was rewritten, recast, had better special effects, and had a little bit of thought put into it, it could have had the bones of a really good movie. Also, I think nearly the entire movie taking place on a tiny patch of beach was a dumb idea as well, I feel like it would have done better if it maybe took place on a private island resort or something, they could have spent the entire movie trying to figure out how to get off the island (devise a plan to get to a boat on a dock to find out the battery doesn't work etc.), maybe it wasn't in the budget? I really think a big plothole is that no one came looking for the cop all day who presumably had a patrol route that someone would have checked out when he didn't show up at the end of the day, But I digress. TLDR: I really think this movie is a case of good idea, bad execution, but, the execution was so bad in this case that some people mistake the movie for a bad idea altogether. There's my 373-word mini-essay.

  • chocolate coffee
    chocolate coffee   1 weeks ago

    I went and watched this with my friends a few moments into the video.Its incredibly painful to watch

  • Samuel Smith
    Samuel Smith   1 weeks ago

    they look like the nematodes from spongebob

  • Hiei
    Hiei   1 weeks ago

    concept was okay lol

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat   1 weeks ago

    The only person I remember is Gilbert. Gilbert is the fat guy stuck in the trash can. RIP Gilbert. I don't even remember how he got in the trash can. I just felt bad for him and only him xD

  • Fitterniti
    Fitterniti   1 weeks ago

    I know this is tired and cliché but. ANAKIN SKYVADER would NOT survive this movie. 🤣

  • Aaron Storon
    Aaron Storon   1 weeks ago

    This was the first Elvis video I ever watched!

  • Lowlife
    Lowlife   1 weeks ago

    Is there a behind the scenes I need to see🤣🤣

  • Mark Herman
    Mark Herman   2 weeks ago

    I'm in the middle of a push-up when I hear, "...and the beach starts like, eating people?". Jesus.🏥

  • Mania Red
    Mania Red   2 weeks ago

    to be fair, if my friends said "yo don't touch the sand! it's killing people!" I'd trust them, mainly because I'd rather trust them than be killed by sand.

  • BrittnyS23
    BrittnyS23   2 weeks ago

    I would have never heard of this movie if not for this review. Every mention of the guy stuffed in the barrel, makes me laugh so hard I spit on my screen and keyboardWould you ever review Bad Ben on Amazon?

  • The Daily Heflin
    The Daily Heflin   2 weeks ago

    You haven't seen bad until you see Axe 'Em or Snakes on a Train. 3.8 for this film is bad, but not as bad as those two.

  • Latex
    Latex   2 weeks ago

    I can watch this guy talk for so long

  • Turtle Shell
    Turtle Shell   2 weeks ago

    Please watch killer mosquitos (2018) and make a video about itYOU CANT BLOCK ME FROM COMMENTING THIS IN EVERY VIDEO ELVIS I ALWAYS WILL HAVE A SPARE ACCOUNT

  • RyuZxA
    RyuZxA   2 weeks ago

    2:13 Ngl that guy look like Owl City

  • Gregory Benway
    Gregory Benway   2 weeks ago

    I mean the Cthulu nut did look pretty close to a ball of Ambergris, a piece that size would be worth millions