Minecraft, But Your XP = Realism...

  • Published on: 13 January 2022
  • Minecraft, But Your XP = Realism...
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  • Runtime : 20:44
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  • Devil Bread
    Devil Bread   2 hours ago

    My brain in the end literally did: puf ✨

  • Jake Calvert
    Jake Calvert   3 hours ago

    This video was a flop for me. The first level up was cool but everything else kinda looked like trash to be honest. There was a few things like the furnace and crafting bench that was better.

  • Adi's Life
    Adi's Life   3 hours ago

    Fun fact : He didn't die 😯 how is that possible

  • Oxi
    Oxi   4 hours ago

    Tell me why your thirst never came down when you did not drink anything

  • Fizdep
    Fizdep   5 hours ago

    Why he sound stupid?

  • Charlie Garrett
    Charlie Garrett   6 hours ago

    Omg......... guys....... there’s- there’s fish underwater........

  • Yasen
    Yasen   6 hours ago

    Rip computer

  • G5 Gaming
    G5 Gaming   6 hours ago

    "omg theres a fish* is that even realistic or is it just me

  • insane words
    insane words   8 hours ago

    this guy is so energetic with his videos its so nice

  • Sc0pez
    Sc0pez   8 hours ago

    That looks like a fever dream

  • D7oom Sh
    D7oom Sh   17 hours ago

    Why does the rocks at level 10 look like bedrock

  • eli Gillespie
    eli Gillespie   20 hours ago

    nestor you forgot to play in hardcore, so i hope this is a good reminder

  • EpicGamerRoblox
    EpicGamerRoblox   22 hours ago

    A nice realistic Minecraft but I am in the Beta on Minecraft

  • fouoii gyhh
    fouoii gyhh   23 hours ago

    Never fails with the videos xNestorio posts

  • Zayic
    Zayic   1 days ago

    I went on a date with DREAMS SISTER in my latest video (Dream was mad lol😂)

  • alan smithee
    alan smithee   1 days ago

    Nestor: "REALISM"The realism: "every time you mine a block the area around you explodes."