The Bizarre World Of IAmSophie - Inside A Mind

  • Published on: 09 October 2020
  • Am I Happy?
    When you're in the middle of a hurricane you don't get to stop and look around and realise...
    Am I being real?
    Am I being... Me?
  • Runtime : 41:46
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  • Micah Foley
    Micah Foley   2 weeks ago

    do you have a cat?No, i just like the bowl.

  • Skottomania
    Skottomania   2 months ago

    The guy that plays Mark looks like the same dude that played Stu in What We Do in the Shadows

  • cyncynshop
    cyncynshop   3 months ago

    Choosing women as a main character is great for baiting out hate too! Especially internet commentators often has hate for hyper feminine things or personalities. Its a brilliant move!I winder if they thought about bringing women of color but doesn't want the hate situation get out of hand.

  • Drew
    Drew   3 months ago

    Such an inspiration

  • Cian Griffin
    Cian Griffin   3 months ago

    I got scared when Lara said "nobody is upstairs"

  • Void 528
    Void 528   4 months ago

    Kid in 2030: What's a dislike???

  • gnome
    gnome   5 months ago

    19:59 music to my ears!

  • OBA
    OBA   5 months ago

    Why does this give me Alex bale vibes

  • Giovanni Alvarez
    Giovanni Alvarez   5 months ago

    Fucking stop right now Ok so I had a weird dream about the part where they're running through the house but it was people from my life and no weird ritual thing or guy behind the person who was teleporting with us now I'm super freaked out

  • superdeluxesmell
    superdeluxesmell   5 months ago

    That’s some song and dance for a pretty superficial ’commentary’. Meh

  • Big Drip Drop
    Big Drip Drop   5 months ago

    "Self proclaimed daughter of a millionaire" in the bio gives it away

  • Abhijit Patil
    Abhijit Patil   5 months ago

    boo do an inependent breakdown of mr robot easter egg or arg

  • Chance Patrick
    Chance Patrick   5 months ago

    Now i understand why her fce makes me uncomfortable, she looks like an oblivion NPCThis is really good though.

  • Renata Robles
    Renata Robles   5 months ago

    leon lush really said "guys stop bullying me" as if his fans didn't do it to all the people he covers on his channel........ sir, shut up.

  • visser sixty-nine
    visser sixty-nine   5 months ago

    There's a reason why a lot of decent commentary channels have veered away from discussing smaller creators and towards movie/TV reviews, larger creators, or anonymous screenshots. A lot of the small creators featured on commentary channels with morals are really repugnant -- homophobes, incels, and similarly nasty people. It's not justifiable, exactly, but it's a lot less shitty than making fun of someone doing something silly but ultimately harmless. This is one of my favorite videos of all time, thank you Inside A Mind <3

    BUXBE   6 months ago

    she's faking it.

  • Chris K.
    Chris K.   6 months ago

    I was so confused at the intro, I thought I clicked on the wrong video.

  • Pichuscute
    Pichuscute   6 months ago

    That actor for Lara is scarily good at crying.

  • Phileas Liebmann
    Phileas Liebmann   6 months ago

    Lmao they really played that Leon guy like the cheap kazoo he is. Commentary channels will just go for anything even remotely resembling content.

  • solo uno
    solo uno   6 months ago

    Leon being bullied? Somehow I feel incredibly happy. Probably because when it happens to these commentors, I love it

  • ehmeelia
    ehmeelia   6 months ago

    commentary people losers

  • UnpopularPolitics
    UnpopularPolitics   6 months ago

    Acting: 4/10.Script: 1/10over-inflated budget provided by nameless corporation who probably thinks youtube is the new cable tv: 100/10This shit is just bad. It's a national fucing embarrassment. eugh.

  • Ghostly Presents
    Ghostly Presents   7 months ago

    People should have spotted it when they had matching sherlock Holmes hats in the girls house.

  • milky
    milky   7 months ago

    lara's acting is so good????????

  • TheFallenAngel
    TheFallenAngel   7 months ago

    IAM, dear, I love you really, but I can barely listen to that Leon guy for one second without wanting to switch off, he's unbearable. 😂

  • purp dist
    purp dist   7 months ago

    Finally I found anither good channel to watch

  • Apple Jambers
    Apple Jambers   7 months ago

    I thought it was gonna be something like the father stringing up a fantasy world for Sophie but uh. I was completely wrong

  • beautifulchaos13
    beautifulchaos13   7 months ago

    how did anyone think this was real not to mention it’s just bad acting like wow 😳

  • TheRaptorCat
    TheRaptorCat   7 months ago

    No wonder shes such an annoying person and her make up sucksShes britishYes i know shes a character she probaply a nice person

  • The Appler
    The Appler   7 months ago

    i think there might be an interesting parallel between the game that lara plays and sophie in the game, when she begins playing it lara is in full control, choosing where to move, what to interact with, when to do the dialogue, but as the game goes on, sophie begins to take more control, having dialogue without lara, asking her to do things, moving without control input. it might be trying to make a statement about how someone's persona online takes control of them and ends up making choices for them.

  • PlayBoX 1452
    PlayBoX 1452   7 months ago

    Surprised this channel hasn’t hit one mil yet