SEC Shorts - BIG 12 loses Texas and Oklahoma Cast Away style

  • Published on: 23 August 2021
  • It was the news that shocked the college football world; Texas and Oklahoma announcing they would leave the desolate Big 12 for the greener pastures in the SEC. But don't expect the Big 12 to give up without a fight, at least as far as his decaying bamboo raft leash will allow.
  • Runtime : 2:45


  • _ goodwin10k
    _ goodwin10k   4 days ago

    I hate to say it but the SEC is close to having a monopoly on college football

  • Austin Schulz
    Austin Schulz   5 days ago

    They should get Cincinnati and BYU to join. Otherwise, they're done for.

  • The Comeback Kid
    The Comeback Kid   1 weeks ago

    This couldn’t be further from the truth lol. I live in Oklahoma and I’m a diehard Oklahoma state fan. Most everyone I know is great with this move lol.

  • Seth Rogers
    Seth Rogers   2 weeks ago

    My predictions: OU will show out early, drop off a bit, and then build back up... a la A&M. UT will suck, suck like a vacuum, suck to the point that Missouri, Tennessee, and maybe even S. Carolina circle UT as a win.

  • Marshall Ray
    Marshall Ray   2 weeks ago

    I know this a low budget with fast turnaround deadlines, but c'mon. "Somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico?" This was clearly taped in like 4-1/2 feet of water less than 100-feet off the coast of Biloxi. Nowhere else in the gulf is the water than dingy brown.

  • Kevin Bond
    Kevin Bond   3 weeks ago

    Playing your best game of the week at noon is beyond terrible.

  • Who Knows
    Who Knows   3 weeks ago

    OU hurts but Texas just finishes middle of the pack every year. Ready for them to get smacked by the SEC

  • Brian George
    Brian George   3 weeks ago

    Super conference!! Oh anybody but me :( 🤣🤣🤣

  • The Night Watcher
    The Night Watcher   4 weeks ago

    I actually feel sad leaving the Big 12. It’s like having to break up with someone who still loves you, but you no longer love them back, but you still have the great memories of what once was.

  • Tango
    Tango   4 weeks ago

    so will the big 12 be called the big 10 part 2 or what

  • Angry Pilot
    Angry Pilot   1 months ago

    That doo doo water, I’m thinkin Galveston.

  • Mike Schmidt
    Mike Schmidt   1 months ago

    The Texas volleyball is swimming back to Big 12 shores as we speak. Pleeeaaasee nooooo!

  • MegaMr46
    MegaMr46   1 months ago

    He needs an Oscar for that Performance

  • Jason Foster
    Jason Foster   1 months ago

    TEXAS embraces being the villain and most hated

  • 22
    22   1 months ago

    As a Texas fan… this was the laugh I needed. I’ve been sad to see the Big-12 conference fall apart and I hope these new additions keep them alive. Also should be noted Bowlsby has been a joke for years, but I do like his aggressiveness to attack for new teams… although that should’ve happened years ago but Bowlsby was too scared to piss off my Longhorns who almost single handedly bullied him into stopping expansion

  • Jason Stott
    Jason Stott   1 months ago

    Just found out about these (BYU fan, a little late to the party) I’ve watched everyone I can find. These are hilarious.

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith   1 months ago

    I love the metaphor. That one was really funny

  • Dustin Dodds
    Dustin Dodds   1 months ago

    Wtf is this dude swimming in? Doodoo brown...

  • Andrew Barron
    Andrew Barron   1 months ago

    Did the Big12 misspell 'somehwere' or was that the SEC?

  • junior third
    junior third   1 months ago

    And Texas promptly got smoked by Arkansas lol I'd say the big 12 is better off.

  • Ray W
    Ray W   1 months ago

    That water?

  • FortheLuIz
    FortheLuIz   1 months ago

    The CRINGE is strong with this channel.

  • Erin Stanger
    Erin Stanger   1 months ago

    After this past Saturday Texas maybe rethinking its desire to join the SEC. 😂WPS!

  • Katherine Knapp
    Katherine Knapp   1 months ago

    P.s. the Longhorns and the epic HORNED FROGS are in the same state so we can play and beat ut anytime we want!

  • Real life
    Real life   1 months ago

    Part 2 the waves are too strong and the balls are pushed back

  • C.W. Bookout
    C.W. Bookout   1 months ago

    Love the sinking ship reference. For all you cynical ftards, it's just a raft.

  • Nicholas Branum
    Nicholas Branum   1 months ago

    Thank god theyre gone we have a great new Big 12 w out those 2 losers. Way to go Arkansas put loser Texas in their place lol.

  • SC2point0
    SC2point0   1 months ago

    "You familiar with Crackle?" 🤣

    MLWB WIFFLE BALL   1 months ago

    Who’s here after Texas lost 21:40 against Arkansas😂😂

  • Samuel Jones
    Samuel Jones   1 months ago

    BYU, Cincinatti, UCF, Houston balls come near the Big 12The Big 12: ITS A MIRACLE!!

  • Aveeeeeee
    Aveeeeeee   1 months ago

    Texas and Oklahoma fans finally get to enjoy some real football. I honestly want them to do well and not fall off like Mizzou did. Texas A&M has had solid seasons in the SEC pretty consistently. I think if both teams convert to actually playing SEC defense then I could see BOTH of them winning a national title in the future. That's been their problem especially Oklahoma. If Baker had a better defense in his years at Oklahoma they honestly could had won a national title. This move to the SEC is the best thing to happen to both teams.