Game of Thrones Writers for Next Star Wars Movie | SJU

  • Published on: 14 May 2019
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    Hosted by: Danielle Radford
    Featuring: Joe Starr, Spencer Gilbert & Dan Murrell
    Produced by Ryan O'Toole

    Editor-in-Chief: Roth Cornet
    Managing Editor: Eric Goldman
    Senior Producer: Billy Patterson
    Supervising Producer: Max Dionne
    Tech Director: Josh "JTE" Tapia
    Assistant Editor: Emin Bassavand
  • Runtime : 37:39
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  • Fandom Entertainment
    Fandom Entertainment   2 years ago

    Are you excited about the DB Weiss and David Benioff helmed Star Wars movie?ScreenJunkies News is now Fandom Entertainment. Same content, same team, just a new name! Don't worry, we are still us with just some new colors and stuff00:54 - NEXT STAR WARS TRILOGY FROM GOT SHOWRUNNERS12:55 - DISNEY MAKES DEAL FOR HULU19:20 - CONAN TRIAL FOLLOW UP32:07 - REMEMBERING DORIS DAY & TIM CONWAYPOOL RULESOne: Speak up and join the conversation- we encourage respectful debate.Two: Respect your community- racism, misogyny, homophobia and hate speech aren’t tolerated.Three: Don’t go looking for fights.Four: “Be nice.” – Dalton from Roadhouse

  • Penguin Pie
    Penguin Pie   2 years ago

    having watched game of thrones season 8, it's clear these two idiots have no business writing their own material.

  • Troy M
    Troy M   2 years ago

    They're good writers so long as they can copy and paste someone else's work. That doesn't make them good writers. They were utter trash at writing GOT final season and you guys were way to kind to them in this.

  • williestyle35
    williestyle35   2 years ago

    "...Hulu is basically going to become Downtown Disney ... where you can buy alcohol" Joe Starr for the win! lol

  • Joshua Lynch
    Joshua Lynch   2 years ago

    I’m still a member of Screen Junkies Plus, Joe. Just waiting for new content.

  • Michael Ng
    Michael Ng   2 years ago

    Disney is going to lose a lot of money!

  • CelestialVulpes
    CelestialVulpes   2 years ago

    Full Metal Alchemist exceed its original easily. In 2003, in anime, then there isn't are gridy prime time anime.

  • BJ3D TAC
    BJ3D TAC   2 years ago

    I don’t think these guys realize how bad GOT ends, it’s not like dumb&dumber kill the characters, it’s they make all the fans incapable of liking ANY of the characters now (maybe accept from Arya. So why are we still watching???

  • LightsOnTrees 00
    LightsOnTrees 00   2 years ago

    "We are the Borg. Your biological and technological distinctiveness will be added to our own. Resistance is futile."

  • random2ism
    random2ism   2 years ago

    These are season 8 fanbois, nothing to see here people

  • Alin Radu
    Alin Radu   2 years ago

    God- no, please no!Didnt George Lucas look at GOT at all?

  • joehipsterson
    joehipsterson   2 years ago

    Can we get Joe Starr on Smosh Games or Smosh Pit and Matt Raub or Ian Hecox on SJU for an episode or two? Hell let's just have a we survived Defy reunion party live stream with all the properties coming together Warp Zone, Clevver, Smosh, Screen Junkies. It'd be a fun time

  • mubin modi
    mubin modi   2 years ago

    just change opening music please it's kinda cheesy

  • Carl Rood
    Carl Rood   2 years ago

    If you haven't seen the sketches from The Carol Burnett Show, go find them, especially anything with Conway and Korman. It was the great thing about taping before a live audience. Conway always did what he could to make Korman crack up and it just made the whole thing funnier. They were a great pair. I'm surprised they never did some movies together.

  • Deagle7298
    Deagle7298   2 years ago

    They created a character with a story arc so loved and portrayed as a hero, parents named their children after Daenerys and then turned then her into Hitler. Fans loved this character so much and the writers shit on her knowing that. What would it be like if Luke Skywalker turned into Vader at the end of Episode 3 movie.

  • Abdullah Wosaibi
    Abdullah Wosaibi   2 years ago

    "It's a dragon show, c'mon" well said Dan 😂 what people often seem to forget

  • Kristina Dniprenko
    Kristina Dniprenko   2 years ago

    Hi guys! I would just like to mention that when speaking of Ukraine, it is improper to say "the Ukraine". It is simply Ukraine. The reasons why are many, and a quick google search will provide some great articles on the subject, including one from Kyiv Post titled, "Honest History Episode 11: Saying ‘the Ukraine’ is more than a mistake." I've heard the slip on Screen Junkies News before, and I know that everyone on the team is super respectful and inclusive so I thought that it would be appreciated to have the gaffe pointed out. Cheers!

  • Ashlie Love
    Ashlie Love   2 years ago

    Sorry Dan, we know what happens at the end of Game of Thrones. All the leaks were right.

  • Marvee78
    Marvee78   2 years ago

    No matter what GoT was a great success for HBO. They wouldn't be doing the prequel show(s) otherwise. Beniof and Wise and their success with GoT is a big reason why HBO can't let go of this cash cow. Yes the writing has been problematic as the seasons have progressed, and yes it has been irksome at times, even to the point of making a fan fume, but partly that is not the showmakers' fault. They have had to make the difficult choices. The production, staff and actors have done their best. People have to just wait for the books for their ideal resolution. It is always a good idea to keep book storylines and show storylines apart. Movies and tv shows usually can't surpass original material anyway, let alone an unfinished one. It would be a real shame if GoT fandom becomes as polarised as the Star Wars fandom.

  • Rory C
    Rory C   2 years ago

    D&D should have a coffee cup in each of their star wars films. Then it could be called the mocha trilogy, ala Edgar Wright and his Corneto trilogy. It's right there. Take it you fools.

  • A Team
    A Team   2 years ago

    Theses lazy dumb writers are fired. Anything they are a part of is no longer allowed in my presence.👎

  • Arthur B
    Arthur B   2 years ago

    Two things firstly I'm loving GoT atmsecondly they should rename the show Fandom Universe News or F.U.N.

  • ちよ
    ちよ   2 years ago

    wheres roth? I miss her :(edit: she's wearin a lotta hats ^^ hope to see her soonnn!

  • The Finder’s Keep
    The Finder’s Keep   2 years ago

    This should scare people because the final season of GOT is the first time they had to be solely responsible for story arcs and they are failing miserably without any source material... so how are they going to create a Star Wars trilogy from scratch when they couldn’t land the GOT properly

  • avtolick
    avtolick   2 years ago

    "Everyone on twitter is joke-writer now". "Everyone on youtube is showrunner/producer/editor/writer now". "Everyone on internet is like have legitimate "real job" now".

  • MandarinFOU
    MandarinFOU   2 years ago

    Talking about coverage in the media : RIP Machiko Kyo.

  • MandarinFOU
    MandarinFOU   2 years ago

    So you will be doing Because Science...but animated...great...I wish you could talk about indies or foreign cinema ? Well, hope it will please people.

  • BlerdUp
    BlerdUp   2 years ago

    Yay, Danielle quarterbacking again ^ ^

  • James Patterson
    James Patterson   2 years ago

    I'm pretty sure HBO announced that the last two seasons would be short, 13 episodes total, in the first half of 2016. Then it was announced D&D would be taking on a Star Wars project in January 2018. Even if the deal between D&D and Disney was in the pipeline for 6 months, it seems obvious that the choice to shorten the ending of GoT was taken well before anything between D&D and Star Wars was a consideration.

  • Lisa Mortini
    Lisa Mortini   2 years ago

    Joe Starr needs to youtube "In The Air Tonight + Cadbury ad". He'll thank me later.

  • mrpepre
    mrpepre   2 years ago

    can't believe anyone can watch this drivel, red letter any day

  • Mike L
    Mike L   2 years ago

    DnD were there from the START. They were show runners from the START. They have been making dumb and bad decisions for years. They were the ones who wanted a zombie polar bear and kept pushing it until HBO gave in. It was announced they would be working on star wars ages ago and people were happy because GOT was good then.

  • Whimsy-chan
    Whimsy-chan   2 years ago

    You clearly aren't on the reddit leaked spoilers thread that accurately gave away ep4 & 5. Ep 6 is going to end in a shitstorm of disappointment XD

  • tyler bucks
    tyler bucks   2 years ago

    The hosts not verbally abusing their audience that don’t like the new game of thrones season? Collider take notes

  • RoseBoot
    RoseBoot   2 years ago

    I don't watch Game of Thrones so please don't try to be pessimistic to me about Star Wars. I just became a fan from the new movies and the expanded canon. I'm giving them a chance.

  • TheSiemek
    TheSiemek   2 years ago

    Any cultural product: existsDisney: heavy breathing