Minecraft Hardcore, But There Are Custom Structures

  • Published on: 22 May 2021
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    In this Minecraft video I play on a hardcore world, but there are custom structures that you can find! These have new mobs, new challenges, and new powerups for me to obtain!

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  • Runtime : 21:51
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  • Anna Dzedone
    Anna Dzedone   9 hours ago

    you said that your axe broke but it was a shield i luaghed hard

  • MD_
    MD_   2 days ago

    i literally never seen someone get diamonds faster than SB737

  • yassine lefkih
    yassine lefkih   3 days ago

    Drink some milk and say good bye to the bad omen effect !

  • Kevin Van Coller
    Kevin Van Coller   1 weeks ago

    All that hard eork and then you just jump in the void😅

  • Oscar Chen
    Oscar Chen   1 weeks ago

    7:50 If there were any villagers, they should speed away as soon as it makes a risky opening.

  • mayonnaise
    mayonnaise   1 weeks ago

    47 sec into the vid and he alr has diamond armor😐

  • Maia Kober
    Maia Kober   1 weeks ago

    Whats the Name off the Mod I wanted to Play this the Moment I saw the thimbnail

  • Ostaxx
    Ostaxx   3 weeks ago

    How do you come up with these advancements? Did you make custom ones?

  • abel still uploads
    abel still uploads   4 weeks ago

    Usjehhdy sees jwyiwuehysuw8 in new Orleans after a great 5sysh7swu8z

  • Roan's Stop Motions
    Roan's Stop Motions   1 months ago

    He said there was no boss at that catle thingy but i saw a name tagEdit: its the first castle not the one at 11:09

  • Ashwani Arya
    Ashwani Arya   1 months ago

    illusioners make clone of themshelves and drink potion of invis, you can see it if you turn on your particles, they rnt hard to kill if you know that :)

  • manjulamalviya
    manjulamalviya   1 months ago

    sb like : where did that skeleton came from others be like : udid not broke the spawner

  • Zaltear
    Zaltear   1 months ago

    Day 1 and he already has diamond armor, what a legend

  • Zaltear
    Zaltear   1 months ago

    Sb737 is my fav minecrafter

  • Rowena Mendoza
    Rowena Mendoza   1 months ago

    I will predict the future this video will reach 5 M views

  • Rowan
    Rowan   1 months ago

    terraria 2.0

  • Paul_6.0
    Paul_6.0   1 months ago

    How this datapck/ mod called? 😅😁

  • gamer jiji
    gamer jiji   1 months ago

    The items on the wall is a crafting resipi

  • ZachAttax!
    ZachAttax!   1 months ago

    i love it when you play hardcore

  • JaYdEn
    JaYdEn   1 months ago

    U should be in the dream smp by now bro u killed 30 withers

  • mons0427
    mons0427   1 months ago

    Its funny youve missed countles gold blocks