Every Time Ernie Johnson Looked Ready To Quit

  • Published on: 02 August 2020
  • How does he put up with these guys? 😂
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  • Runtime : 5:26
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  • LinearStudio
    LinearStudio   2 days ago

    4 million a year .....to do this??!!! Ernie will never be ready to quit.

  • Shaun Holt
    Shaun Holt   4 days ago

    2:53 I wasted a post-it note. 🤣🤣🤣

  • BigFish LilBoat59
    BigFish LilBoat59   4 days ago

    First clip Chuck did that shh on purpose 😂 about a minute after you cut it they were all laughing their asses off at Shaq being extra sensitive

  • Plague Doc
    Plague Doc   5 days ago

    Shaq is such a baby in the first clip lmfao.

  • Coool Cat
    Coool Cat   1 weeks ago

    Love this crew, hope they keep going for a long time

  • You Mad? Be Happy
    You Mad? Be Happy   1 weeks ago

    When chucks comments about myles leonard arent no where near the comments leonard made sheesh

  • Fetti Ink Neak
    Fetti Ink Neak   2 weeks ago


  • Paddy
    Paddy   2 weeks ago

    I just hope Ernie has a long life so that he could continue this show.

  • d genesis
    d genesis   3 weeks ago

    Chuck really said New York Knothings 💀

  • Mr Magoo89
    Mr Magoo89   3 weeks ago

    “Thank you Dan Marino for making Ernie cry”😂

  • Geechee Sean
    Geechee Sean   4 weeks ago

    Charles barkley is an idiot...or at least he gives off idiotic vibes when he speaks

  • Akinbobola
    Akinbobola   1 months ago

    This title is misleading. Anyway chuck funny as usual

  • MrShanester117
    MrShanester117   1 months ago

    I think Ernie loves his job more than anybody on earth 😂

    KENDRICK H. RHEE   1 months ago

    Barkley’s real life IQ compared to his bball IQ is drastic...........

  • Rj williams
    Rj williams   1 months ago

    All u white ppl look alike to me. If Erie said that about black people the entire world would come down on him.

  • Darkstarscream 1
    Darkstarscream 1   1 months ago

    The silent organisation neurobiologically fire because yoke initially guard save a spotted foxglove. two, squeamish burn

  • Sami
    Sami   1 months ago

    The f’k he has to complain about. He has the best job in the world. This shit is comedy, he doesn’t even do shit. What a dummy.

  • D M
    D M   1 months ago

    Charles Barkley once again with the double standard for racism. If Ernie said that, it would be the last day he had that job.

  • Cop -1975-
    Cop -1975-   1 months ago

    U white guys all look the same to me...🤒🤒

  • Papa Molly
    Papa Molly   1 months ago

    Imagine Ernie said all black people look alike.

  • KassiusOH
    KassiusOH   1 months ago

    Kenny is so quick witted with adding fuel to any fire that starts 😂😂😂😂😂

    JASON COOPER   1 months ago

    Chuck had the Blazers making the finals but not the playoffs 🤔😅😅😅😅

  • deiondre0
    deiondre0   1 months ago

    2:53 When Ernie said "I wasted a Post-it note" I felt that

  • Gio Chapo
    Gio Chapo   1 months ago

    If Ernie said all blacks look the same it would be a issue wtf

    ATBxPHANTOM   2 months ago

    All you white folk look alike to me . Lowkey racist af. If ernie would of said all you black folk lol alike to me. It would of been a uproar

  • tom lathrop
    tom lathrop   2 months ago

    Ernie hands down has the best job in the world and hasnt thought 1 second about quitting

  • Sam Taylor
    Sam Taylor   3 months ago

    “All you white fellas look the same too me” .... and if that was the other way around?

  • Johnnie Purvis
    Johnnie Purvis   3 months ago

    Title is so wrong. Ernie loves chilling with the bros.

  • A A
    A A   3 months ago

    Yet to even watch the video and I already know chuck is the protagonist of this video 😂

  • Marlon Nonya
    Marlon Nonya   3 months ago

    How many times have you guys going to put up the same video

  • Love & Success Follows Me

    He gotta deal with an Idiot Barkley and big baby Shaq. That gets tiring. But he loves them like family.