What Is Gemini Home Entertainment? - Inside A Mind

  • Published on: 21 December 2020
  • Local58 has not only inspired many people to create their own works, but has managed to create an entire new genre online surrounding mysterious VHS tapes and TV channels that supposedly never existed. Gemini Home Entertainment has managed to grab a hold of those themes and take them in a different direction to others. Sit back and relax as we dive deep into the universe that is Gemini Home Entertainment.

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    Remy Abode
    Gemini Home Entertainment: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9YXCCz-A28lxhMA-ArfBaA

    Lethal Omen All Endings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UzILjsPgKW8
  • Runtime : 26:17
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  • Mr. Grey
    Mr. Grey   1 days ago

    the story is almost like dead space imo almost has some similarities but has a lot of difference when it comes to infecting a planet

  • Armed Kitsune
    Armed Kitsune   2 days ago

    Is it just me or is the inside a mind intro kinda a bop ngl

  • Wolfe Addams
    Wolfe Addams   2 days ago

    Lieutenant Commander Data was kind to narrate for you....The Borg must all be regenerating. or they got bored of humans & went home 🌌

  • Cpt_Jade
    Cpt_Jade   3 days ago

    I’m waiting for part 2.

  • death-by-ego
    death-by-ego   5 days ago

    I just assumed the AI was a fan of Dirty Dancing and the works of Eric Carmen

  • Intern_Dana
    Intern_Dana   1 weeks ago

    i feel bad because this video is so well made, and this series was actually starting to scare me but whenever one of these things mention a native american entity, i tap out. it just feels gross

  • VesselUnknown
    VesselUnknown   1 weeks ago

    I cant tell if this is an independent ARG, or a dead space teaser.People turned into monsters with large scythe-like tentacles designed to commit murders and increase their numbers.Seriously, Connect the dots.

  • CrazyKirby
    CrazyKirby   1 weeks ago

    The video, Our Solar System. The preview of all the planets on the screen you can see an extra planet, right before Pluto you can see the Iris.

  • Qibli Oasis
    Qibli Oasis   2 weeks ago

    This sounds like schizophrenia was an arg

  • HML
    HML   2 weeks ago

    Jamie please make another video on this, there has been 3 new videos since and the latest has a crap ton of lore.

  • Erwin Bogumil
    Erwin Bogumil   2 weeks ago

    I love that paprtially these are instrucitonals for monsters, I can hardly imagine a bunch of Woodcrawler getting togethe in front of an old TV to be trained on how to enter homes

  • fuckass
    fuckass   2 weeks ago


  • dumb memes
    dumb memes   2 weeks ago

    There is a skinwalker at the McDonalds counter

  • Demios
    Demios   3 weeks ago

    13:28 tbh that scared the shit out of me

  • Gab nerd
    Gab nerd   4 weeks ago

    Woodcrawlers are skinwalkers on steroids lol

  • Missingtextures
    Missingtextures   1 months ago

    if i had a nickel for every time i got interested in an arg involving the sun being blocked out,alien creatures and screaming being used to lure out humans i'd have 2 nickels,which isnt a lot but its weird that it happened twice

  • Shane Hickman
    Shane Hickman   1 months ago

    I want to make a arg to make the story of a mystical thing that hunt down a hunter

  • Tomato TCG
    Tomato TCG   1 months ago

    As a Minnesotan I can confirm all those animals

  • Hisfriend
    Hisfriend   1 months ago

    This is my favorite entertainment comedical infomertial video

  • Fauna
    Fauna   1 months ago

    I hope Inside a Mind covers The Mandela Catalogue

  • Tell Teo
    Tell Teo   1 months ago

    Wow this sounds like something I’d make for a school project about life and ecosystems

    BOB IS MAD... RUN   1 months ago

    They uploaded 2 more videos which are REALLY interesting and have a ton of lore. Will you make a video on those too?

  • misf1ted
    misf1ted   1 months ago

    Do a vid on john rose arg it's kinda gone viral today on r/arg it came outa nowhere

  • Kay Trout
    Kay Trout   1 months ago

    Little bit of a twin peaks vibe here

  • awsumguy7680
    awsumguy7680   1 months ago

    Nobody even gonna mention the logo of Gemini home entertainment is the planet Neptune which they said is infected.

  • redfoxy980 Peli
    redfoxy980 Peli   1 months ago

    This has just happened, but I was browsing the channel to see what it was about. And all of a sudden there was this same image (found you) in the browsing history, like right next to it. Has this happened to anyone else?This was really scary.

  • Muslim Cheems
    Muslim Cheems   1 months ago

    hey guys that thing in the ocean kinda looks like among-

  • egg
    egg   1 months ago

    I hope he sees the new GHE videos

  • Kitty Kat
    Kitty Kat   1 months ago

    The narration over the video is so good that I thought it was in the actual video. It was not

  • Zhonglim
    Zhonglim   1 months ago

    Can we just agree that the lethal omen videogame's trailer music is a damn bop?