Shaq on NBA Superteams - 'I'm From the Era Where Guys Wanted to COMPETE'

  • Published on: 18 July 2019
  • THE ODD COUPLE - Chris Broussard & Kelvin Washington (in for Rob Parker) react to Shaquille O'Neal's recent comments on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE saying he wouldn't join the Clippers or Lakers right now for the sake of the league to maintain competitive balance.

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  • Sir smokes a lot Samson

    Wait from Orlando, to Lakers to Miami to Boston, I’m sure he just wanted to compete

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams   1 months ago

    I have no issue with lebron leaving to go get help. But then you keep moving and keep moving and keep moving. And then if your gonna move at least win lol. Don't lose 6 times in the process 🤣🤣🤣

  • Mr. Pakers
    Mr. Pakers   4 months ago

    That time shaq go to lakers kobe was still a rookie

  • R Good
    R Good   9 months ago

    Boobie Gibson? Lol.

  • R Good
    R Good   9 months ago

    Ran from Orlando and bounced around chasing championships and failed.

  • JustA Messenger
    JustA Messenger   11 months ago

    Shaq never joined a super team. Not once. He joined some good players but no super teams. That point early on was super exaggerated.

  • Edwin Luján Hernández

    Why didn't he stay in orlando then.... I know he went to LA because they offered more money... But he played for like 5 teams after that

  • Donnie T
    Donnie T   1 years ago

    That was a great discussion b4 the calls.

  • Donnie T
    Donnie T   1 years ago

    Whoever the other dude is, he's clearly saying what he thinks. Not factual information. Chris counterpunched the hell out of him with that Shawn Marion fact.

  • ValiantVisions 314
    ValiantVisions 314   1 years ago

    So the Bulls weren't a super team? Lakers, Celtics, Spurs, etc....

  • Waltei 1
    Waltei 1   1 years ago

    The Warriors wasn't a superteam until Durant went their/ the other players just turned into good players. Shaq didn't know what Kobe would become.

  • Anthony Burge
    Anthony Burge   1 years ago

    difference between before lebrons decision and after is, the best players wanted to beat the best players now the best players wanna play with the best players, the competitive drive doesnt exist like it used to, if it was always like that then you wouldve had duncan leaving the spurs to join the lakers after losing in back to back playoffs, webber of sacremento joining the lakers, everyone joining the bulls in the 90s, every star of other teams joining magic and bird in the 80s, lebron if he wanted to leave cleveland to win and not get an easy path should not of gone to miami, then durant making the weakest move in the history of all sports joining the already nearly unbeatable warriors making it literally impossible to beat them, if i was warriors fan before they got good i wouldve been pissed off and embarrassed whsn durant went there, durant is still ringless to me, as ric flair always be the man, you gotta beat the man...not f'n join them!! pfft, nba players mentality is weak as piss now days

  • Militarize
    Militarize   1 years ago

    In Orlando he also had Grant so he had 2 other stars with him.

  • OHiWONder Gaming
    OHiWONder Gaming   1 years ago

    And Golden State is lopsided, but 2011-2014 Miami and 2015-2017 Cavs aren’t?

  • OHiWONder Gaming
    OHiWONder Gaming   1 years ago

    Shawn Marion was better than Steve Nash before he got there! They were in the playoffs in 2003, but due to injuries, trades, and coaching changes, they missed the playoffs in 2004. Steve was good, but he was nothing special when he joined Phoenix in 2005! Shawn Marion was among the best two players in the league! Amar’e was already a promising Star and was GREAT in 2005! Steve Nash owes his success to D’Antoni, Amar’e and Shawn Marion too! Let’s stop pretending like he was just THAT guy!

  • blue chi
    blue chi   1 years ago

    Stop it!!! Stop it stop it. Shaq was drafted to an expansion team. And when he went to the lakers the lakers where straight trash. Lets stop it. Give shaq his props. Stop the bullshit.

  • redtesta
    redtesta   1 years ago

    starts off about trading instead of what shaq said about competing and basically going after it how they did in his ear. Convo goes right into lebron and shaq had penny... smfh

  • Fullmetal
    Fullmetal   1 years ago

    Its not that its player operated its that the best players are the same teams

  • Fullmetal
    Fullmetal   1 years ago

    This other guy is embarrassing himself

  • Phaino
    Phaino   1 years ago

    Shaqs Lakers team was a Super Team

  • busshead boss
    busshead boss   1 years ago

    Shaq is right all these super teams is rubish, the game will get bored becuz super teams playing againts normal teams no competition,

  • MrOunce3
    MrOunce3   1 years ago

    These analyst are trash!!!!

  • MrOunce3
    MrOunce3   1 years ago

    Amare was a problem in New York too. And Marion was on the championship Dallas team. This dude talking out his ass!

  • MrOunce3
    MrOunce3   1 years ago

    Shac didnt join no Lakers for Kobe. And he damn sure didnt join no rookie for help.

  • Herb Young
    Herb Young   1 years ago

    Straight facts. Media created insecurity with players and toxicity of fans with title talk.

  • o-man thomas
    o-man thomas   1 years ago

    Shaq was at Lakers before Kobe was drafted

  • Rashad Richardson
    Rashad Richardson   1 years ago

    shaq... kobe.. carl malone... gary payton... d fisher...rob horry.... rick fox... phil jackson???? oh but wait, they still lost.

  • jermaine simms
    jermaine simms   1 years ago

    The people crying is the useless nba GM'S because the players put together better teams than them and they have like 7 years to show a player something and can't do it

  • Young DBARNUM24
    Young DBARNUM24   1 years ago

    12:24-12:35 by this logic there is no ways Lebron could ever be the Goat. Thanks Chris for making this point indirectly even though you didn’t want to

  • whobitmyname
    whobitmyname   1 years ago

    A) The Celtics do not belong in that graphic. B) Ryan Hollins is what happens when you throw a magic 8-ball off a cliff.

  • Oc reed
    Oc reed   1 years ago

    Agree with chris penny kobe & wade were not establish superstars while lebron teamup with every establish superstar/allstars, shaq was pretty much out his prime when he played for the suns, cavs and celtics

  • Walter Olivera
    Walter Olivera   1 years ago

    Deangelo for Simmons would be fucking amazing , as a warriors fan I would love Simmons on the team but I don't see the Sixers doing it

  • voiceisclear
    voiceisclear   1 years ago

    oh ok so... you, kobe, malone, and payton wasn't a superteam?

  • MsSoulGlo
    MsSoulGlo   1 years ago

    Not true Shaq was on a superteams with the Lakers when it was him, Kobe, Glen Rice, Gary Payton, Karl Malone. These athletes talking out of both sides of their mouths, there always have been superteams throughout the history of the NBA, be it thru trades or the draft

  • cam
    cam   1 years ago

    He would do that and not win so whatever

    THEIGGOD   1 years ago

    Shaq didn't play on a superteam. Penny was drafted after Shaq. Kobe wasn't Kobe when he signed with the Lakers! And D-Wade wasn't established.Superteams are when superstars who are established join together. Not when an organization drafts great players or players develop together! 💯

  • Marlon Hines
    Marlon Hines   1 years ago

    Finally!!!!!!!! Thank you everybody can’t win a chip. It’s entertainment at the end of the day.