MULAN (2020) - Disney's Biggest Bruh Moment

  • Published on: 19 September 2020
  • so..the Mulan live-action remake.. ya, it doesn't get much worse than this...

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    0:00 - Intro
    0:23 - Part 1: Controversy
    4:16 - Part 2: An Alternative
    5:14 - Part 3: Mulan (2020)

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  • Runtime : 30:9
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  • Shameem Ahamed SHAIK
    Shameem Ahamed SHAIK   15 hours ago

    My little baby sister really loved the original Mulan, so when the new live-action was released I put it on the tv but thank God the Movie stopped streaming after a few minutes to the intro. The wifi was very slow for some reason.

  • Lily Ovalle
    Lily Ovalle   1 days ago

    There are some theories trying to explain why Mulan cut her hair. Some claim that she was trying to pretend she was a younger guy, so her petite physique would be justified by her being a teenager.Another one I've heard is that she was pretending to be a criminal because then nobody would ask why her dad never talked about having a son.I mean, they aren't canon, but these theories are a good crack at trying to make sense of the scene.

  • Gaijin Oni
    Gaijin Oni   1 days ago

    Jet Li needs to fire his agent 😂. I don’t know why he agreed to this 😅.

  • Fluffcake
    Fluffcake   2 days ago

    The original was already really good despite some inaccuracies, but still nevertheless a great classic. The live action remakes don't stop coming, I just want National Treasure 3 and not Pinnochio or Little Mermaid please oh god

    HZDM YXWY   3 days ago

    Is this a history lesson I thought it was supposed to be entertaining what the hell

    HZDM YXWY   3 days ago

    Oh you’re lying China wouldn’t do that that’s fake news bro

  • Wasteful Buzzkill
    Wasteful Buzzkill   4 days ago

    1:58 I read 1984 a few months ago and god damn that is the exact thing they do in the books.

  • Sagar Singh
    Sagar Singh   1 weeks ago

    This video is not about how bad the new Mulan is. Its about how good the original was.

  • Constantine Crusader
    Constantine Crusader   1 weeks ago

    Imagine having concentration camp, stuff like auschwitz we think left behind with ww2 and our corporate warlords say " thanks for the opportunity" to this. I'm sorry that you make me hate you in my guts murica

    GRUMPY ORGRE 23😎   1 weeks ago

    This movie tries to represent those who are different but in reality was filmed right next to a place where they frown upon and toture those who are different such irony

    GRUMPY ORGRE 23😎   1 weeks ago

    The most shamless thing to come out of America and the west pandering to China since sweatshops, Hawai and cheap labor

  • Template Gaming
    Template Gaming   1 weeks ago

    Hmmm where have I heard people being sent to residential schools before oh yeah Canada and look how that turned out

  • ㅤ
      1 weeks ago

    no way i never knew there was a mulan 2

  • NovelTea
    NovelTea   1 weeks ago

    Bro, China is a messed up country

  • Icer 702
    Icer 702   2 weeks ago

    Loving someone in power is not OK, but Stockholm syndrome is. I’m learning so much from Disney!!!

  • sdab
    sdab   2 weeks ago

    holy shit IP man was in this piece of garbage? WHY

  • Dziewiąty
    Dziewiąty   2 weeks ago

    This movie really is RPG video game, she even aggro the trebuchet

  • goldkged 13
    goldkged 13   2 weeks ago

    Deadass Elvis would become a world history teacher💀

  • DaRealPolitikZ1JR
    DaRealPolitikZ1JR   2 weeks ago

    Also something great in the animated version the live action one probably did worse or left out(I'm not certain as I won't bother to watch it) mulan and the general love interest were building up the romance before he knew she was a woman. But still liked her when he found out. So it's strongly implied he's bisexual. I know Elvis pointed it out but only briefly and I didn't see any other comments mentioning it

  • Salandityrannus
    Salandityrannus   2 weeks ago

    The original film felt realistic. Mulan is a woman, so she's not as heavily muscled or as strong as the men she's fighting against, so instead she uses strategy and wits. The 2020 film... completely abandons this aspect.

  • Liam Tolentino
    Liam Tolentino   2 weeks ago

    The thing that I loved so much in the 1998 movie was how it showed that what made Mulan so special was her ability to think creatively and critically in certain situations, like how she used the weights to climb up the log, fired a cannon into the mountain to cause an avalanche, and especially that whole ending scene where she devised a plan to save the emperor. It made her feel like an actual character with real strengths and weaknesses rather than just a generic strong female character. For this, she was always my favourite Disney princess character growing up because she taught me the value of hard work and dedication and fighting for what you love and that no matter what weighs you down, you can always get up and even use the things weighing you down to actually help you. The fact that this character that was meant to be an inspiration to young girls continues to inspire me, an adult male, just shows how well written she is. That's why the 2020 adaptation disappointed me so much. They took a character that I admired and looked up to since childhood and made her into a boring, overpowered protagonist with no unique traits other than that she has super magic kung fu powers or whatever. Even my little sister found the movie boring, and she's a huge fan of Mulan. I really don't have much more to say about the live action one because it was just so uninteresting, especially compared to the 1998 animated film which I can talk about for hours.

  • Sparkie
    Sparkie   2 weeks ago

    I'm feeling certain the trebuchet was a midievil weapon that didn't even exist in China or in this time periodAlso I wanna point out this looks like one of those boot leg North Korean films like pulgasari directed by North Korean dictator Kim jong il

  • Henry the F1 Guy
    Henry the F1 Guy   3 weeks ago

    I don’t want to think Niki Caro making CCP propaganda was her fault. I think Iger forced her into portraying tibetans and Uyghurs as bad guys rather than having mongols or Huns in this!

  • Samuel Grant
    Samuel Grant   3 weeks ago

    "Pessimistically intrigued" sounds like me when almost any "remake" comes out.

  • VashTheStampede
    VashTheStampede   3 weeks ago

    That's why I tell my girl to put her hair up. She'll perform better 😂

  • Todd -
    Todd -   3 weeks ago

    China is a virus on the world

  • Magical Mercy
    Magical Mercy   4 weeks ago

    Plot armor is more powerful than any set of real armor! Even if you totally just threw away your dad’s armor because lying is too hard or some crap!

  • X6drip
    X6drip   1 months ago

    i think movie companies should hire Elvis to review their movies while their in development so they don’t end up like this

  • Mr. Tsunami
    Mr. Tsunami   1 months ago

    Maybe now we'll stop seeing soulless remakes of old, classic cartoons!Pinocchio: Ahahah... Accepting Fate

  • Gowls
    Gowls   1 months ago

    he said it. mulan 2 was waaaaaaay better than this live action remakle.

  • Ilya Kupriyanov
    Ilya Kupriyanov   1 months ago

    C'mon, man, you know she puts her hair down only because it looks cool and empowering. The only thing modern Disney movies can do is show off.

  • fullofwork
    fullofwork   1 months ago

    Later, mulan is hired as the number 10 in the japanese soccer team; in which her kicks makes much more sense

  • First Last
    First Last   1 months ago

    a woman fighting among men is unrealistic.

  • First Last
    First Last   1 months ago

    I believe the word you're looking for is eugenics.

  • PogoDarnexx
    PogoDarnexx   1 months ago

    Jet Li knows how to Bend Fabric! xD But yeah, I don't like that movie as well, rather stick with the Cartoon. Wait, there is a Cartoon Mulan 2? xD