MULAN (2020) - Disney's Biggest Bruh Moment

  • Published on: 19 September 2020
  • so..the Mulan live-action remake.. ya, it doesn't get much worse than this...

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    0:00 - Intro
    0:23 - Part 1: Controversy
    4:16 - Part 2: An Alternative
    5:14 - Part 3: Mulan (2020)

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  • Runtime : 30:9
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  • Dr Barnes
    Dr Barnes   21 hours ago

    Mulan shouldn’t have been made

  • Slava Satonin
    Slava Satonin   1 days ago

    I had to shut it off after the first 5 minutes. Even the original Suicide squad made it longer on my screen :)

  • Skynyrd Jesus
    Skynyrd Jesus   1 days ago

    As a massive military nerd, everything about these battle scenes makes me wanna have an aneurysm

  • Chong Li Yang
    Chong Li Yang   1 days ago

    if you think climbing up a wall is bad, wait till you see actual chinese tv shows.

  • Donovan DeLozier
    Donovan DeLozier   1 days ago

    there's one thing to be said in Liu Yifei's defense in the Hong Kong police statements. Her family is Chinese, and she is very publicly known. So it is safe to assume the CCP has a metaphorical gun to their heads if she ever said anything publicly against the party or what they endorse. So there's doubt on whether or not she actually personally believes in police brutality or has to say she does for the sake of her families lives and livlihoods.

  • Peyton Campbell
    Peyton Campbell   2 days ago

    That intro Star Wars clip was the best thing out of both of the movies.

  • The Rat Kid
    The Rat Kid   2 days ago

    I haven't watched the original Mulan but this seems like it's some kind of bad manga where everyone has superpowers that got a live action remake.

  • Some Random Dude
    Some Random Dude   3 days ago

    I don't think it's possible to make a movie worse than this. It looks and sounds like a really bad school project

  • Susan Sucks
    Susan Sucks   3 days ago

    i mean china censors our movies and gamesso we censor chinese mainland and ppl easy..

  • Ivan Mozgovyy
    Ivan Mozgovyy   3 days ago

    What exactly was she trying to hide under that leather corset again? I can't quite put my finger on it. Get it? Because there's nothing

  • Joe Momma
    Joe Momma   4 days ago

    I love Chinese culture but god I hate the Chinese government... they disgust me.

  • ajre82
    ajre82   4 days ago

    The remake had CCP stink all over it. I know producer interference is a thing in movies, but this was on another level.

  • Brandon Jamison
    Brandon Jamison   4 days ago

    Hey the live action beauty and the beast is good in my opinion

  • Chris Butler
    Chris Butler   4 days ago

    "Mickey Mouse is a three-fingered son of a bitch who has no soul" - Charles Bukowski

  • Eargulp
    Eargulp   4 days ago

    It’s actually quite hilarious to hear that China does exactly what we do. Bombing mosques and calling Muslims “terrorists”. You can word for word replace China with the USA in that part of the video.

  • Sussy Balls
    Sussy Balls   4 days ago

    Idk as an Asian kid I loved Mushu now I’m not Chinese but I like Eddie Murphy as Mushu and I think he’s a key factor in Disney Mulan AND NO MUSIC!Like I’ll make a man out of you idk it’s just a jam

  • Paul Mathews
    Paul Mathews   5 days ago

    I wonder if that bad China stuff is real or just American Propaganda.

  • Johnny Speedboat
    Johnny Speedboat   5 days ago

    I know that they didn't give a shit about this movie and just wanted a cash-grab, but this is the dumbest move ever on Disney's part. The one Disney movie that actually has a chance at being a good live-action movie with its themes, characters and music, and they decided to throw it all away. What the shit.

  • dan hemmerling
    dan hemmerling   6 days ago

    This could've been really short. Just say Disney and you can end it there.

  • D. K.O.
    D. K.O.   6 days ago

    Disney = Mary Sue stories.... no need to watch them anymore.

  • Nekotico
    Nekotico   1 weeks ago

    aside all the shit behind the movie, it was the first movie of dysney i felt in love for reall cuz there is not shitty songs in between. Aside all the jokes 14:22 they went with the style of narrative like tyger of dragon wich was one way to talk about legendary characters back on the yeah on that kind of stories all have like " super powers" (?) but it was to try to make the martial artist like super strong and op at what they do cuz they are like legends and they can cut bullets with a sword and catch arrows with the tip of the fingers...

  • maryam tanveer
    maryam tanveer   1 weeks ago

    I would ❤️ to here more of ur reviews on future Disney remakes, cause it’s kinda sad that Disney is losing there soul.

  • Arson
    Arson   1 weeks ago

    The thing about the witch telling Mulan is a liar for posing as a man feels transphobic to me but I'm not trans so I don't have much of a say in the matter

  • Indie Lab
    Indie Lab   1 weeks ago

    they had so much chiiiiiiiii in ancient times that mongols clapped their ass cheeks

  • Djlaw56
    Djlaw56   1 weeks ago

    My wife is chinese and her aunt refused to watch this film because of her political views she really despised the actress as she has family in hong kong

  • Speculative Dude Reviews

    When she asks to be executed, would have been seen as EXTREMELY selfish because it was considered a lesser punishment. Being expelled from the army would have been seen as dishonorable. So asking to be executed would have resulted in public shaming and prison before execution.

  • Xun Liu
    Xun Liu   1 weeks ago

    Every you say is based on report, but you don’t have to show the reliability of your “report” because you are speaking China dirty in a western culture dominated community and it automatically gives you a moral righteous pass

  • ArcherGoblin
    ArcherGoblin   1 weeks ago

    Wow.....I am so happy i haven't see this movie

  • Der Zylinder
    Der Zylinder   1 weeks ago

    1:15imagen third reich in the second world war just be like. "well, that thing with the jews, thats ok its just counter terrorism"

  • hun23nam
    hun23nam   1 weeks ago

    I just can't stop thinking about the resemblance between xi jin ping and the actor who played Mulan's father in the live action