It's Bedtime - NSP

  • Published on: 16 October 2020
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    Animated by: Dalton Brown @TheSmashToons

    Music Credits:
    Written by: Dan Avidan, Brian Wecht, and Jim Roach
    Produced & Engineered by Jim Roach
    Assistant Engineering and Editing by: Jerik Centeno
    Recorded at Sunset Sound and Santa Monica Recordings in Los Angeles, CA
    Mixed by: Thom Flowers
    Mastered by Randy Merrill at Sterling Sound, NYC

    Ninja Sex Party
    Vocals: Dan Avidan
    Keys & Synths: Brian Wecht

    Drums: Havve Hogan
    Guitar: Lord Phobos
    Synths & Keys: Doctor Sung
    Bass: Commander Meouch

    Additional Guitars: Jim Roach

    Dan Avidan: Danny Sexbang
    Brian Wecht: Ninja Brian

    Amazing/Handsome Manager: Brent Lilley


    Little child, close your eyes
    You’re like an angel in the moonlight
    While you’re dreaming
    A new day waits for you
    Let this lullaby carry you through

    It’s Bedtime! (It’s bedtime)
    Let my army of demons rock you to sleep
    It’s bedtime! (It’s fuckin’ bedtime)
    Have sweet dreams while I rev my jeep

    I see you’re still awake for some reason.
    Was it the guitar solo? Was it the demons?
    Yeah. People have told us that before.

    Little child, just relax now
    Let Brian play some gentle sax now
    I’ll use this jackhammer
    Right outside your door
    The vibrations will help you sleep for sure

    It’s Bedtime! (It’s bedtime)
    Let the laughter of Satan close your sleepy eyes
    It’s bedtime! (It’s fuckin’ bedtime)
    Fighter jets tearing across the skies
    It’s Bedtime! (It’s bedtime)
    There’s a boatload of pirates and they’re fighting police
    It’s bedtime! (It’s fuckin’ bedtime)
    Here’s a carnivorous beaver and it’s hungry for meat

    Do you ever think about how ghosts can’t be stopped by anything?
    Do you want to see a slideshow about where meat comes from?
    Apparently lots of venomous snakes can open doors. Who knew!?
    Check out my airhorn!

    It’s Bedtime! (It’s bedtime)
    Let the hellspawn of Zagoth mellow all of your dreams
    It’s bedtime! (It’s fuckin’ bedtime)
    Here’s one last bloodcurdling scream


  • Runtime : 3:16


  • VHScott
    VHScott   7 minuts ago

    Guys, I think it might be bedtime.

  • Kado Harp
    Kado Harp   1 days ago

    Heavy tenacious D vibes with this one

  • SloMo Gecko
    SloMo Gecko   2 days ago

    I didnt know Danny could summon the Burning Legion. How long has he had this power?

  • Koben Evans
    Koben Evans   2 days ago

    Did anyone else see the moon at the end

  • Sober Lemon
    Sober Lemon   5 days ago

    I wanted this to be full of hilariously terrible jokes, but for whatever reason I kinda wish they went a little more hardcore on the guitar? Like if as the kid was drifting off to sleep the first time they just let out this epic death metal roar/gurgle/growl? Idk maybe it’s just me 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Vord Joncus
    Vord Joncus   6 days ago

    Plot twist: this was a dream Dan was having.

  • Michael C.
    Michael C.   6 days ago

    I know this is late, but anyone wanna upload a 8 hour version of this for me to sleep to?

  • BradTheIndecisive
    BradTheIndecisive   1 weeks ago

    ALL ABOARD! Cries the engineer, Sleepytime junction is so near.

  • Random Fandoms
    Random Fandoms   1 weeks ago

    Sleepytime Junction walked so that It's Bedtime could run.

  • Victor Blüd
    Victor Blüd   2 weeks ago

    I would love NSP to make a musical version of Sam Jackson's "Go The Fuck To Sleep".

  • Bumpkin
    Bumpkin   2 weeks ago

    Aawwww always puts me right to sleep probably shouldn't have listened to I while driving though!

  • Djjffj Idiffi
    Djjffj Idiffi   2 weeks ago

    This whole time I was questioning why he was there until the end

  • Jack Rose
    Jack Rose   2 weeks ago

    Just noticed the Gurren Lagann teddy bear. This video just gets better every time I watch it.

  • Jack Rose
    Jack Rose   2 weeks ago

    This is everything that Enter Sandman wasn't. And it's absolutely legendary.

  • Jack Rose
    Jack Rose   2 weeks ago

    Sax riff was garbage. Two thumbs down. The rest was absofuckinglutely glorious. Rate 11/12 burgers and 9.7 eagles per freedom.

  • pastelpaw
    pastelpaw   3 weeks ago

    This poor kid is going to need therapy for years

  • Gundam Kid
    Gundam Kid   3 weeks ago

    This just experienced Vietnam at it finest

  • World of Variations
    World of Variations   3 weeks ago

    I swear to god, if my baby end up a born metelhead, this will be their bedtime song.

  • Angie
    Angie   3 weeks ago

    It’s the advance version of sleep time junction. Sorry Chris you aren’t sleeping 😂

  • Jhakri
    Jhakri   4 weeks ago

    But we already have Sleepy Time Junction, we don't need a second bedtime song.

  • Sybil Chapados
    Sybil Chapados   1 months ago

    I honestly expected that after they were told that the demons were the problem, they would be replaced by biblical angels.

  • RequiestaDeSilencia
    RequiestaDeSilencia   1 months ago

    I'm playing this if I ever have kids.Before the space time hole rips open to save you all.

  • Rayben
    Rayben   1 months ago

    My drunk ass already on the edge, "im getting sleepy lol"

  • thirdwheel1985au
    thirdwheel1985au   1 months ago

    I die at 3:06 every time, just the way Ninja Brian is crouched behind that wrecked piece of furniture (I think?) flipping the bird.

  • Totally legit YouTube moderator

    Honestly that would be awesome to have Satan himself take time out of his busy schedule to help you fall asleep. It’s like having Elton John coming over to teach you piano lessons or Achilles teaching you how to fight. It’s like having the entire Monty python group coming over to help you write a funny presentation for a school project.

  • Septic-Spades
    Septic-Spades   1 months ago

    Of course the kid's not gonna sleep, who could sleep when you have a front row seat to your very own NSP concert?

  • Alexander Knott
    Alexander Knott   1 months ago

    I accept as canon that Dan is this kids dad and he’s just trying his best

  • xander phillips
    xander phillips   1 months ago

    this is exactly what my ADHD is like when i'm trying to get to sleep

  • TwoShadez
    TwoShadez   1 months ago