“Jester” Official Clip | Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings

  • Published on: 09 September 2021
  • Well, that explains a lot. :exploding_head: Take a look at this exclusive clip from Marvel Studios’ "Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings," only in theaters NOW! Get tickets: Fandango.com/ShangChi

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  • Runtime : 1:9
  • marvel comics


  • Jacob Underwood
    Jacob Underwood   2 days ago

    He went from one of the worst characters in the MCU, to one of the best.

  • NAV
    NAV   1 weeks ago

    How they revisited this was amazing

  • WeirdStuffCorp
    WeirdStuffCorp   1 weeks ago

    Not gonna lie, Ben Kingsley’s Trevor Slattery is a much better character in this movie than in Iron Man 3

  • Morris
    Morris   2 weeks ago

    Morris is the best

  • Eric Lerma
    Eric Lerma   3 weeks ago

    I am convinced! Morris is my favorite character in the movie. Love that little ball of chaos.

  • sheila
    sheila   3 weeks ago

    The plot is predictable and boring. The storyline is almost the same as other Asian films, it's just that the video editing is good.

  • Lyoko Comic Dubs
    Lyoko Comic Dubs   4 weeks ago

    With the Trailers and the Promos, they did a good job hiding Trevor in this movie! I was worried that they would forget about him, but nope! He's in the movie and with a good amount of screentime may I add.He doesn't hog up too much of the film and he's there whenever the humor is appropriate in the scene. So, you're most likely be satisfied with Trevor in this movie.

  • jh k.a.
    jh k.a.   4 weeks ago

    I would die for Morris

  • OddOneOut665
    OddOneOut665   1 months ago

    I firmly believe Trevor chose to stay in Ta Lo to entertain the Village and to care for Morris. Not like anything is waiting for him back Home, wherever that is...

  • F2P Player
    F2P Player   1 months ago

    Morris is officially my favorite creature in the MCU

  • Eric ng
    Eric ng   1 months ago

    Imagined to act freaking out of a green stuffed animal while they were shooting this scene, Simu and Nora acting is so good 😂

  • LoneStarWolf Entertainment

    Someone on Reddit suggested that Shang Chi’s Sister (I can’t remember how to spell her name) should hire Trevor to announce the fights in her Tournaments with his Mandarin Voice and I would love that!

  • LoneStarWolf Entertainment

    I knew they would do something to reference the events of Ironman 3 but I was not expecting this, a surprise to be sure but a VERY welcome one.

  • Abilon
    Abilon   1 months ago

    super good movie

  • Duane Atlas
    Duane Atlas   1 months ago

    Ben Kingsley is totally underrated in this movie. An incredible performance and hilarious.

  • Priyanshu Priyank
    Priyanshu Priyank   1 months ago

    Clip clip daaal daal kr puriii movie yhii dikhaooge kya 😂

  • Bianca Ivascu
    Bianca Ivascu   1 months ago

    What's with the MCU and animals all of a sudden? First Goose in Captain Marvel, then Sparky in WandaVision, then Aligator Loki in Loki, Alexei in Black Widow and now Morris in Shang-Chi. I don't even want to imagine what else will appear in Eternals and we know Hawkeye will get a dog in his show.

  • Jk 07
    Jk 07   1 months ago

    Chinese influence is increasing in other nations flim industry we stop it as a viewers it's not so great stop watching flims which have Chinese influence in it.

  • Elaine Turner
    Elaine Turner   1 months ago


  • God of Evil
    God of Evil   1 months ago

    Back in 2013 I was soooooo pissed because Ben was an actor I knew very well. And he was playing arguably Iron Man’s biggest foe. And then “nah sorry he’s just a druggy actor.” But then Shang Chi was all like “you want the Mandarin? Well how about I give you one of the GREATEST MCU VILLAINS EVER! right up there with Fisk, Kilgrave, Thanos. I don’t even care that he A: Never met Iron Man. B: Didn’t even refer to himself as the Mandarin. He was still one of the greatest villains the MCU have ever had. Not to mention that I’ve unfortunately never seen the actor in anything else before. Oh and Kingsley was amazing as always. “You see Morris too?!”

  • JediKrazyKevin
    JediKrazyKevin   1 months ago

    Nice going marvel. Less than a week of the movie releasing and you post spoilers lol (dont worry I seen the movie)

  • Hoang Ngoc
    Hoang Ngoc   1 months ago


  • Tayza wolf !
    Tayza wolf !   1 months ago

    This is a pretty big surprise/spoiler that I’m disappointed they released this clip publicly.

  • The8347135
    The8347135   1 months ago

    lol they edited out the Liverpool FC logo on the scarf

  • Marchel Bianca
    Marchel Bianca   1 months ago

    I can't stop cracking up every time I watch this clip..."Where's its face?"😂. Love the movie, so amazing👌. Def one of my Marvel faves!

  • May
    May   1 months ago


  • Klaus_Dark Phoenix
    Klaus_Dark Phoenix   1 months ago

    great ideas >> Shang chi Mythology secret land setting = PV WARHammer 3 concept to TaLo [ 大羅 ] 秘境魔物之遠古戰爭 構圖!